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black friday exclusive: 50% off kara ackerman’s judie bangle

You know how I’ve been telling you all week that I had the solution to your holiday shopping woes? About how I had teamed up with a favorite designer of mine to come up with a gift that would work for absolutely every girl on your list, from your mom to your sister to your BFF? And how it was going to actually be affordable besides?

Well look, just look, at what the incomparable Kara Ackerman cooked up for you all:

I can’t tell you how much I love these bangles – I wear mine almost daily. Buy a handful, and you’ll instantly check off a stack of gifts on your holiday list (and, hopefully, a couple of extras for yourself). Or, make your significant other’s gifting significantly easier, and let him know these are up for grabs.

Hmm. Now that I think about it, I might need to add the lapis to my growing collection. And the turquoise. I’m sure Santa won’t mind a little help.

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friday finds: my arm party

Do you know about the “arm party” phenom? Of course you do…stacked bangles haven’t been this big since Madonna. But I’m a little too, um, something, to rock the full arm of plastic bracelets like I did when I was 12. Plus, most of us have jobs now, that necessitate both typing and not looking like we just came from an all-night dance club, which means the full-fledged arm party just isn’t practical for most of us.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sit this one out. No, I’ve honed my arm party to a carefully-calculated science, friends – it’s the perfect balance between fashion and practicality, and I promise – totally, utterly wearable.

Here’s my formula:

{First my feet, now my arm…what’s next? Full body shot? Imagine!}

Yep, that’s my very own arm. See? It’s like arm-party-lite. It still makes the statement, while keeping your wrist free to conduct business as usual. Want the details on all that beautiful bling? Of course you do.

Those delicious gem-studded bangles are from Kara Ackerman – the green prehnite at the top is my favorite, with the rose quartz running a very close second. If you love them, you are going to loooooove the party Kara and I have cooked up for Black Friday (that’s what we like to call a “teaser.” You’re on the edge of your seat, right?).

The studded bangles, and that gorgeous rose gold leather wrap bracelet are all from Gorjana, a perennial favorite of mine for making luxe, on-trend pieces you can actually afford. That leather wrap is especially wonderful because it fits trim to your wrist. Layer it closest to your hand, and it will keep everything else from sliding down (and from banging on the desk while you type).

There are a few vintage bangles mixed in there, which you can find for about $1 at just about any thrift shop. And the sparkly crystal ones are from J.Crew, though I don’t recommend them as they’ve snagged about 800 of my sweaters.

Last but not least is the big chunky watch. Mine was my grandfather’s, so you can’t possibly get that cool, I think. But Michael Kors makes my absolute favorite menswear-inspired watches – if you don’t already have one, it’s a must. The big watch really anchors this look, and takes it from Material Girl to Thoroughly Modern Millie. Or something like that. Just make sure you put fitted bracelets on either side of the watch to protect it, or the watch will clunk around and end up getting scratched. Lesson learned the hard way, friends.

What do you think about the arm party? Are you ready to give it a try? Be bold, my friends…and mighty bracelets will come to your aid.

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currently coveting: kara ackerman jewelry

originally, this was going to be a “worthy splurge” post, all about how important it is for every woman to have a piece of fine jewelry in her collection that she bought for herself.  it’s empowering, and it feels amazing to treat yourself so well. (i still have a silver tiffany ring i bought myself way back in my early 20s, and i cherish it purely because i did it myself!)

i planned to use as an example this stunning diamond pave hinged bangle from kara ackerman, a designer i’m coming to love more with every new piece she releases.  this bangle stole my heart at first sight, and has been on my wishlist for ages, but i imagined the price being prohibitive.  when i saw it was $400? for diamonds?  that’s a worthy splurge indeed.


but then, the bangle was featured in instyle magazine this month, and proceeded to sell out…in three days.  and i was so sad i hadn’t shown it to you!  i emailed the designer, asking about restocking plans, and she did me one better: she’s re-created the bracelet in an equally stunning white topaz, for half the price.  and truly, after chatting with kara about this one, neither she nor i can tell the difference at a glance.  really, i know $200 still isn’t pocket change…but i couldn’t, in good conscience, cast this lovely as an unattainable splurge, now could i?

of course, if the diamond version just means more to you (and believe me, no one would understand that better than i), kara tells me she’ll be glad to make one for any of my readers if you give her studio a call.  but otherwise, just tell yourself that the diamond version suddenly went half off!

i can’t leave you with just one of kara’s beautiful pieces…her entire site is just full of covet-worthy beauties, all at prices that i found shockingly fair.  so, a bit of eye candy for you:

from top: judie necklace, $475; white topaz stacking rings, $100 ea.; tortoise shell cuff, $400; audrey mini pave diamond studs, $300.

happy coveting, friends!

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