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designer 101: katie ermilio

I recently came across the delicious designs of Katie Ermilio, and knew immediately she was something special. If nothing else, she has some serious street cred when it comes to style, as she’s the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier. Not a bad pedigree for a designer.

Katie’s designs are fun, bright and incredibly wearable, with a great mix of street-ready contemporary looks and party/formal styles (that would also make the most amazing bridesmaid dresses in history). Want to take a peek at some of her genius?

{CLICK THROUGH to see all of my favorites from her Spring ’12 line…as well as a little sneak peek at Fall 2012 at the end}

Aren’t those amazing? She’s only 26 years old, friends. I can hardly imagine what awaits this talented woman. She has such a rich appreciation for color, and a serious skill for making fabric do exactly what she wants it to do. Best of all, she knows the value of adding a special detail or two to a piece that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

As of now, most of her pieces are made-to-order only, which means a steep pricetag (though not as bad as you might expect). You can, however, find a few of her pieces on Shopbop, and I’m told more are on the way. So, keep your eyes peeled…and your mitts off that black and white coat from her Fall line. Dibs!

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