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my big fat birthday list

Friends, it’s my birthday week! (Yes, I get a whole week – I’m that girl, and I’m not even sorry.) This is a milestone birthday for me, and it’s the first one that’s made me squirm in my seat a little bit. Do I dare even tell you my age? Let’s just say I’m switching boxes on the ol’ “how old are you” survey question, and I am not at all happy about my new box.

Shoving aside the thoughts of impending age, a birthday is still big news in my house, and I’ll take any excuse to make a wishlist. Sure, it’s 90% pure fantasy, but you’ve got to dream big to win big, am I right?

For my bod: Printed pants are falling all over themselves to get into my closet, but I love that these Rag & Bone Raja jeans are a bit different than the standard-issue fare. I think they’ll last a bit longer, and be more wearable too. And it’s no big surprise that a Vince cardi would make its way onto my list, but this especially splurge-y, leather-trimmed version is making me so happy this fall. There are actually two styles floating around out there (here’s the second), and I’m torn. What’s your fave?

For my jewelry box: My earring collection has stagnated in a big way. I need some color in my life! Okay, these Pade Vavra druzy studs aren’t technically color, but I think sparkle should count, don’t you? If not, these sweet little gold-dipped studs from A Merry Mishap are an easy bargain and

For my arm: A major item on my list is a new bag for fall. Don’t get me wrong, I swoon for my Chanel. But she’s not exactly an everyday bag. I’m thinking either navy or grey for my fall addition. Dream version? Lanvin’s For Me, a navy/black combo I’ve been swooning over for months. Reality version? I’m still dreaming about Gryson’s Ruby satchel, and crossing my fingers a navy version will appear.

For my toes: Still stewing over the latest from Pied Juste (a new line by the ousted Sigerson & Morrison) – just can’t decide where to start. Oh-so-on-trend ankle strap oxblood flats, or a cutout suede mini-wedge? Decisions, decisions.

For my belly: What girl doesn’t want candy for her birthday? Vosges is so my jam when it comes to splurging on sweets – I’ll take a box of caramel marshmallows and one of their new Wink of the Rabbit caramels, please.

Happy (almost) birthday to me!

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luxe or less: kirna zabete style genius

every so often, an email hits my inbox and i just exclaim “yes, exactly!” when i open it.  such was this email i received yesterday from kirna zabete.  kz is every new yorker’s secret source for the latest and greatest in fashion lovelies, this fantastic store is finally offering its designer wares online.

i think each and every one of their picks is a flawless, investment-worthy choice…and, if you can swing it, you absolutely should.  if nothing else, you should at least spend some time playing on their site…there are so, so many lovelies to ogle.

but i love this look so much that i’m going to give you some budget-friendly ways to get the look…so that you can look as hot as this picture without walking the streets begging for spare change to finance your fashion.

i love this version of the tie-neck blouse from banana republic (in the lovely purple, not that blah tan color), and it’s just $69.  equally lovely is this version from marc by marc jacobs, marked down to $78 at nordstrom.  but best of all is this stunner from roberto rodriguez, which i may even prefer to the original, on sale for $200.

and if those loooovely lanvins just don’t fit the budget, i’d swap for this version from bloch london for $163 – gorgeous (and a perfect match for the banana republic top above!)!  for an even better steal, i have to admit that i would never have thought to check here, but plus-size site silhouettes has a quite lovely satin cap-toe flat (in sizes 7-12) for a cool $40.  i’d go for the wine color, i think…perfect for this time of year!

the clutch is vastly more complicated, as i adore their choice and hate to mess with it.  so…how about if i find the exact same alexander wang clutch for you at 50% off?  yep…$325 at shopbop.  don’t say i never did anything for you!

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