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currently coveting: lariat necklaces

Much as I love a good statement necklace, my day-to-day wear definitely leans more delicate than daring. So I’m thrilled to see that lighter, sweeter styles are making the rounds these days. Particularly these lariat styles, which have the bonus of feeling like a fresh alternative to the usual pendant fare, but still provide all that “wear every day” delicacy I’m after. Plus, let’s be honest: a little cleavage-enhancing accoutrement never hurt a girl.

So many have popped up on my radar lately, I couldn’t resist sharing my favorites.

Lariat necklaces, via Shopping's My Cardio

Ariel Gordon diamond lariat / Jennifer Zeuner “Love” lariat / Zoe Chicco Pave V lariat

Aren’t they just divine? My girl Ariel Gordon nailed the classic version, which can be customized with any two stones – though honestly, the all-diamond option is too divine to tamper with. It just doesn’t get any better. I love that it’s delicate enough to pair with nearly anything, since I can definitely see this beauty getting daily wear at my house.

Jennifer Zeuner is heavy into lariats right now, and they’re all goodies. In fact, she has so many options, I almost couldn’t choose a favorite for this piece (see, eg, this diamond star version, which is completely wonderful). But this “Love” style is so original and fun, it had to come out on top. I’d wear it with a casual crewneck tee,so the letters really stand out.

And then, just when I thought these couldn’t be topped, I fell hard for an Instagram from the amazing Zoe Chicco. I was over the moon when she told me she was just about to debut it…along with a brand-spanking new website (fair warning: it is dangerously good). This style has a bit of an Art Deco vibe, maybe a wink and a nod to Gatsby, but it’s still thoroughly modern and unbelievably wearable. I’m envisioning this beauty dripping down from the neckline of a sexy wrap dress. Talk about turning heads!

What do you think? Painful as it would be to choose, I think I might have a favorite. What’s yours?

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