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SMC interviews: lauren moffatt

i have been so excited to introduce this latest interview!  lauren moffatt is one of the hottest contemporary designers in fashion right now – her looks are coveted by everyone from cameron diaz to sofia bush, and with good reason.  lauren has an amazing ability to design pieces that are both relaxed and sophisticated, and completely unlike anything else out there.  i jumped at the chance to chat with her, and find out exactly what makes this superstar designer tick!

ShoppingsMyCardio:  How did you get started in fashion?  Tell us your story!  

Lauren Moffatt:  For as long as I can remember, I’ve looked forward to getting up in the morning and figuring out what I was going to wear.  I began making clothes when what I wanted wasn’t in the marketplace.

SMC:  I have to ask – I’ve heard that you once lived on a boat?  There must be a story there – I’d love to hear how that came about, and how it’s influenced you (if at all!).   

LM:  I did!  I lived on a sailboat in the Hudson River.  It was such a fun time of my life, and really enabled me, financially, to start the business.  The laid-back, bohemian lifestyle definitely influenced my aesthetic.  

SMC:  Your designs are incredibly popular with the celebrity set – do you design with that group in mind?

LM:  I don’t.  I design for myself.  Luckily, the pieces speak for themselves, and have become popular with stylists and celebrities.

SMC:  I love your designs because I think you have a really strong point of view.  Can you tell us a little about where your designs are coming from, and who your ideal customer is?  Are you designing for a certain woman, or a lifestyle, or something else entirely?   

LM:  I design things that I would like to wear.  They are effortless-looking, while still being special.  I never like looking too “put together,” and our collection reflects that.  Our customers are women who value not wearing something everyone else has.  They mix old with new, messy with neat, and the outcome is just a cool look.  

SMC:  When you actually sit down to design, what do you need around you to be creative?  

LM:  A cup of tea!

SMC:  Tell us about your fall collection – what are some of the key styles you’re most excited about, and what’s your favorite piece from the fall line?

LM:  The high-waisted skirt, the boyfriend blazer and the ladylike minidress are all great silhouettes for fall.  My favorite piece has to be our long wool military coat!

SMC:  I’d love a little sneak peek at spring trends – can you give us an idea of what to expect from your line?

LM:  A lot of gray, with pops of bright color.  Also, you’ll see short silhouettes, but more body-conscious looks.

SMC:  Other than your own designs, what are your three favorite items in your closet right now?

LM:  A fabulous Stella McCartney dress, a pair of perfect vintage Levi’s, and a hand-printed silk scarf from a New York flea market.

SMC:  If you could design for any person, living or not, who would you choose?

LM:  Kate Moss

SMC:  What one style secret do you wish you could teach every woman out there

LM:  Accessories make the biggest difference in your look.  It’s so important not to over-accessorize, but what a great scarf, or bangle, or even just a fabulous pair of earrings will do for your outfit is huge.

SMC:  Last, a few easy ones:

  • Eggs or waffles?  Eggs (but Benedict!)
  • Polaroid or digital?  I’d love to say Polaroid, it’s so much more romantic, but digital.
  • High tea or happy hour?  Definitely high tea.
  • Shorts or skirts?  Skirts
  • Go out or stay in?  Go out!!

lauren, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us and share a few fashion secrets! you can check out lauren’s entire fall line at her website, or shop styles online at shopbop!

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