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off the rack: london edition

london shopping, via shopping's my cardio

Friends, I have so much to tell you about the wonderful time I had in London last week! But first things first – I know you want the scoop on my retail adventures, and goodness knows there’s plenty to tell. In four days, I managed to hit Portobello Road, Liberty of London, Harrods, Topshop, Selfridges, the V&A Museum shop, Cath Kidson, and of course Boots. To say nothing of the sightseeing, eating, theatre and my afternoon at the Four Seasons. Exhausted? Yep. Worth it? Totally.

While I catch my breath, I thought I’d show you a few of my favorite finds from London. Don’t fret – after some very careful sleuthing, I’ve found spots you can nab each and every one of these goodies right here in these United States.  Read on

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on my radar: athena procopiou

I came across Athena Procopiou‘s incredible scarves in one of my (too) many fashion mags earlier this year, and I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind since. You know I love a good scarf, friends, but these? It’s almost too much beauty to take.

Athena’s modern, ethereal designs have a bold, graphic quality that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve loved all of her collections, but her latest, Frida, is inspired by all of the beautiful, swirling colors of southern Spain – think flamenco dancers and Feria. They’re all made of a supersoft modal/cashmere blend, so they’re light as a feather, but still cozy and enveloping. Obsessed doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m dreaming of these scarves day and night, and counting the days until I can make one mine.

If you’re feeling flush, head to Net-a-Porter, Liberty of London or even Anthropologie (where, gasp, I just spotted one on sale!) to check out your options.

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liberty of london + target = love!

i literally can. not. wait. for the liberty of london/target collaboration to hit stores this sunday (3/14).  as in, i start bouncing up and down in my chair if i think about it too much.  yep, my husband is about to be living in a sea of chic, kitschy floral…and you know, i have not a smidge of guilt!

for those that aren’t familiar, liberty of london is an amazing, iconic department store based in (surprise) london.  they’re best known for their stunning textiles, especially their signature bold florals.  for their collaboration with target, they’ve lent their signature patterns to everything from lingerie to teacups…and i’m thinking i’ll need (at least) one of nearly everything in the collection.

to tide me over until sunday, i thought i’d share a little sneak peek of my favorite pieces from the collection:

(all photos graciously provided by target corp)

yes, the shopping list is long, i realize…fortunately, nearly everything in the collection tops out at about $50, and most is much, much less than that.  so really, my hubs should be thrilled i’m saving him so much money.  right?

see you at target this sunday!

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loving liberty

i am so, so in love with all things liberty.  for those who aren’t familiar, liberty of london is an amazing, utterly unique department store in london that’s been made famous by its iconic fabric prints, used by designers all over the world.  each one is timeless, gorgeous, and always stylish.

i’ve been meaning to share this latest incarnation of liberty goodness for a while – a collection called “prints charming,” in which they’re retooled some of their most gorgeous and classic prints into household goods and fashion accessories.  so lovely!  literally every piece on that page would be extremely welcome in my house (ahem…you know, if anyone from london is looking to send me a gift for my birthday this week!).

i think my favorite liberty collection is their scarf line…they’re just extraordinarily gorgeous (and sadly, priced accordingly…but a girl can dream!).  i still can’t believe i didn’t splurge on one the last time i traveled to london.

and, just when i thought i couldn’t love liberty prints any more than i do, they just launched a collaboration with hermes, and the resulting collection of cotton scarves is just divine!

each one starts with liberty’s classic cotton fabrics, and is screen-printed with hermes’ classic ex libris pattern.  honestly, i’m not sure if i’d wear them or frame them.  alas…at $130-230 each (with current exchange rates), this is probably not a dilemma i’ll face in real life, but it’s fun to dream.  check out a lovely pic of the new hermes/liberty display right here.

here’s hoping i’ve converted at least a few new liberty fans with all of this lovely eye candy!

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