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beauty buzz: a very dry winter

Friends, dryness is not typically something one complains about during a Portland winter. But it’s been so dry here, I’m starting to have post-traumatic flashbacks fond memories of growing up in Utah, where things were so dry, nosebleeds were a way of life.

Of course, even if you’re not living in a bizarre dry weather triangle, I’m running a humidifier nonstop, but as you might expect, it’s barely making a dent. My skin and hair are not pleased, and they’re being quite vocal about their unhappiness – frizz, flaky skin, general ickiness. It’s not pretty. But I’ve found a few saviors that are getting me through this dry spell (ha!) with remarkable results, so I couldn’t help sharing.

I’m a lifelong fan of Living Proof’s styling products, so when I fell for their new Restore shampoo and conditioner, I wasn’t surprised. Except I was. Because I have never, ever found a shampoo that actually improves the condition of my hair. Ever. Nor have I ever been able to get away with using “regular” conditioner (instead of a hair mask). Lately, my hair has descended into dangerously dry, frizzy territory, but these products managed to bring it back to life. More than that, my hair has almost returned to its lustrous, pre-processed self – even with all that flat-ironing I’ve been doing.

Post-shower, I’ve been adding a dose of Moroccan Oil to my hair, and then a dollop of Philip Kingsley’s Smooth Cream, which is my new favorite multitasker. Apply to wet hair, allow to air dry, and watch easy, beachy (non-frizzy) waves appear. Apply to semi-dry hair, blow your hair out as usual, and watch yourself get an extra day out of your style (and no obnoxious flyaways). Genius!

Then there’s the problem of my skin. I almost exclusively rely on Eucerin for my body lotion – I just haven’t found anything else I love as well. But for my face, I wanted to add moisture without just slathering on more night cream. The solution was Nude Skincare’s Replenishing Night Oil. Just a few drops applied before my nighttime moisturizer, particularly to more troubled spots (nose, I’m looking at you), and my skin is so very, very much happier. I was a bit scared to try an oil, but there hasn’t been a single breakout to report. On really dry days, I’ll even apply a bit over my makeup – it soaks in without leaving a trace, and is an instant cure.

If you have any tips or tricks to add, I’d love to hear them! Leave your ideas in the comments, won’t you?

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beauty buzz: sizzling summer essentials

when the temperature climbs, my normally fastidious skin care and makeup routines go right out the window, along with every ounce of patience in my being.  i’m forced to pare down to basics, because i just can’t stand being cooped up in a steamy bathroom for any longer than absolutely necessary. so, i thought i’d take a moment and share my current shortcut routine for summer.

Picture 3

okay…well, that photo doesn’t really look like a shortcut, does it?  but trust me.  compared to the time i’m willing to spend when the weather’s cold, i’m downright neglectful of my face this time of year…when, arguably, it needs my help most!  fortunately, my shortcuts seem to keep my skin as happy as can be expected in this heat.

for face care, this year i’m hopelessly devoted to skyn iceland’s glacial cleansing cloths and that olay pro-x system i told you about last week.  and i’m still head over heels with skyn iceland’s SPF moisturizer for day – that tingly cooling sensation seriously lasts for hours. it’s the only thing that gets me through some of my mornings without a/c! i honestly wish all of my products came with the same chilly goodness.  (note to self: must start storing eye cream in freezer.)  on real scorchers, i top it off with clarins uv plus SPF 40…a fair-faced girl can’t be too careful, and this stuff sinks in beautifully, leaving no trace of oil.

as for makeup, my recent discovery of armani beauty‘s newest products simply couldn’t have come at a better time. i start with my old reliable, benefit’s lemon-aid (or my new, higher-maintenance love, laura mercier’s undercover pot, but we’ll talk more about that later).  from then on, it’s all armani for me this summer.  their face fabric ($48) is the lightest foundation i’ve ever tried.  the texture is incredible – it virtually disappears the moment you put it on, is perfectly mattifying, and truly doesn’t budge all day.  their soft lash mascara ($28) is utterly foolproof, curls lashes without forcing me to break out the lash curler, and doesn’t make your lashes feel like deadly weapons.  add a touch of their unbelievably cute “eyes to kill” eyeshadow palettes ($59) (i especially love the bronze coral set for summer, on just about any skin tone), and you’re basically done.  it works as a liner and highlighter (if i have that kind of energy), with perfectly pre-selected shades i don’t even have to think about.  i top it all of with my new favorite cheap beauty thrill: carmex’s new moisture plus.  $3 at your neighborhood walgreens, and seriously, it’s now all i’ll use. burt’s bees doesn’t live here any more!

when it comes to hair, i’m looking for something seriously simple – i want as little to do with my hairdryer in july as humanly possible.  i’ve told you before about wonders of living proof’s “no frizz”, and especially in summer, it’s a life-saver when i just can’t bear the thought of styling. plus, their new refinishing spray gives me at least an extra day’s life from my blow-dried styles, and works so much better on my perpetually dry hair than dry shampoos that are supposed to give the same benefits.

last but not least, i know this might not seem like a beauty essential, but it truly is.  while i’m horrible about getting my 8 glasses during the rest of the year, i’m like a camel in fill mode when the weather gets hot – i can’t leave a table without downing 4 glasses of water.  thankfully, i discovered this sweet little PUR built-in water filter when we moved (great new house, ancient fridge).  it was only about $45, a bargain i wasn’t expecting, and it was insanely easy to install. it’s been running nonstop in my house ever since, and saving me from my water snobbery (before this, i was about to resort to buying fiji water by the case!).  all that h20 has definitely been saving my skin this summer…my face doesn’t need nearly as much moisturizer when i’m hydrated, which means less to sweat off later in the day.  definitley a win/win.

so, now i’m wondering…other than a staffer feeding you frozen grapes poolside, what are your summer beauty must-haves?

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