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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends – I have so much to show you for this week’s Friday Finds! Apparently, I’m having one of those weeks in which I’m all about pattern. There are worse things.

I may be the world’s only naysayer on the maxiskirt/dress trend, but I just don’t get it. Or, I didn’t…until I tried on this silk version at Madewell on my SF trip last week. It is un-be-lievable in person – the holy grail of maxi skirts. Sadly, floor-length silk felt a little impractical for rainy Portland, but if you’re in a more temperate climate, nab this the second it goes on sale.

Speaking of silk (well, polyester in this case), while I had high hopes for the Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s collaboration, I only managed to find one thing in the entire collection that I liked: this delicate zigzag blouse. Those high collars are no good on me, but if you don’t have that problem, this is lovely, and a perfect layering piece for fall.

There’s so much Vogue love in the book world this fall…I hardly know which way to turn. But I’m a sucker for a coffee table book with both substance and style, making Nostalgia in Vogue (available in Oct) and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (covering her years at both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar) my picks. Nostalgia in Vogue is a collection of the best Nostalgia columns from the magazine’s history – always a favorite series of mine – paired with some stunningly memorable photo shoots. And if you’re a Vreeland fan, the latter is simply a must – so many fantastical, avante garde photo shoots are reproduced and paired with her inimitable outlook on style.

My sweet friends over at Hammocks & High Tea just launched a few new patterns, all of which are utterly delicious, as Martyn Lawrence Bullard would say. (It’s possible I’m watching too much Bravo these days…) But then there’s also the matter of their new scarves…and, as you’d expect, the combination of supersoft silk and bright color is making me very, very happy.

I’ve been obsessing about these LL Bean Signature trousers since I first saw their fall linesheet over the summer. So far, best trouser of the season if you ask me. Now that the weather’s (almost) cooperating, I’m dying to rock these with a chunky sweater or my Vince moto jacket.

And, last, with all that practicality, we need a bit of fantasy to start the weekend, don’t you think? All of the gorgeous enameled azure and gold in Tiffany’s new Picasso Venezia collection is making me positively giddy. It’s like Van Gogh meets the Medicis…bright, opulent, and definitely a showstopper.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone…see you back here next week!

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not your dad’s ll bean

yeah, i can’t quite believe it either.  but as strange as it sounds, i’ve been excited about the launch of ll bean’s new venture since i first heard about it months ago.  they’re calling it their “signature” line, and i’m hoping it will be a better-tailored, slightly more hip reinterpretation of their best ideas.  it’s still top secret, but i have visions of cropped field jackets, fitted flannels and the perfect striped cashmere sweater dancing in my head.  that could all just be wishful thinking, of course, but they’ve released a couple of preview pieces that have left me optimistic:

this classic leather tote looks like something your favorite writer would carry, or maybe something you inherited from a very stylish dad.  it’s perfect for work, travel, magazines, knitting…anything, really…and you can just tell it will get even better with age.

ooh, and it looks like they just launched a slideshow on the new site that’s equally hope-inspiring.

check out that chambray shirtdress…definite potential, don’t you think?  (i can’t quite believe that chambray is back…am i the only one with serious chambray memories from junior high?)

anyway, until the full line launches, you can grab that luxe leather tote for $189 on the new ll bean signature website, and then hold your breath along with me for the launch of the full line in march.

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