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friday finds

it’s that time, dear readers…happy friday!  of course, the promise of those two blissful weekend days is a bit offset this week by losing an hour to the monster that is daylight savings time.  but it also means spring is on the horizon, and i’m more than ready!  and now…friday finds:

now that i’ve unleashed the beast, it seems there’s no end to my spring bag coveting streak (um, i just typed the word “spreak”: apparently, my brain’s hybrid of spree/streak.  shall we start a trend? perhaps not.).  this cute little crossbody from asos popped up on my worldwide wanders this week, and i’ve had the window open on my browser ever since.  seems like a good stand-in for the kate spade crossbody, especially at 1/4 the price. bags under $100 don’t even count in the budget, right?

it’s not often i see something that makes me want to call a “do-over” on my completely lovely and wonderful wedding day.  but oh, if only jessie randall had been designing these beautiful bridal shoes back then

i’m starting to feel like it’s all stripes, all the time, everywhere i turn.  but i also can’t deny that they’re everywhere because they’re just that good.  this top from madewell caught my eye this week, mostly because it’s a bit of a change from the traditional breton stripe, but no less versatile (and less scary for those of you that still fear the horizontal stripe).  plus, they’re offering free shipping with no minimum through sunday (code is SHOPAWAY)…and we know that’s always a powerful shopping incentive for me.

in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, and haven’t seen all of those other bloggers waxing poetic about the fabulousness that is forestbound, allow me.  i’m not sure i’m a recycled-canvas-tote kind of girl, but i can tell you the newest pieces in their shop (they always sell out lightning fast) have me really wanting to try.

and, speaking of etsy, i went on a little vintage housewares search spree this week, and am suddenly obsessed with these beautiful dansk enamelware pots.  this one’s a little banged up, but that bright orange is just so cheery!

i hope you enjoyed this week’s exceptionally random list, friends.  have a fabulous weekend!  i’m off to seattle for a couple of days to visit a dear friend and hear the amazing dr. angelou speak again (i’m like a groupie, i know).  hope you have something equally lovely planned!

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spring peek: loeffler randall

i know it’s hard to think spring when fall just started.  but yesterday was absolutely freezing in portland, so i’m looking for any excuse to remind myself that open-toed shoes are on the distant horizon.

loeffler randall sent over this preview of their spring 2011 collection, and really, how could i not share the gorgeousness with you?

LR SS11 High Res Images 030LR SS11 High Res Images 016


clockwise from top left:  lilane in desert, $695; ginerva in tobacco, $550; lila in orchid, $295; noelle in metallic snake, $525

bring on spring!

i’m going to be stashing away my pennies for that stunning ginerva sandal – something tells me it’s going to be a very hot number for spring.  maybe by march, i’ll have amassed enough spare change to splurge.  fingers crossed!

oh and, by the way…that pink metallic snakeskin sandal (sigh, is there anything about that description you don’t love?)?  other than being utterly divine, it’s actually from loeffler’s brand new bridal collection.  i never wanted a wedding do-over…but those shoes are giving me serious vow renewal pangs.

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ready for rain!

there’s not much that could make me wish for rain in a city like portland.  but leave it to loeffler randall to manage it!

loeffler boots

i can not get over how much i love these sweet little rain boots loeffler randall debuted today!  the tall boot, a rubber version of their now-famous matilde boot, is my clear favorite – that back zipper detail is just beyond.  but the short version is perfect if you like a bit of edge in your style.  best of all, you could so easily pull either these off as an all-day shoe…so no more toting heels in your handbag on rainy days.

they’re not quite a bargain, at $198 and $168, but when you remember that the original matilde runs about $700 these days, it’s a drop in the bucket that’s definitely worth your rainy day savings.   if you’re so inclined, i suggest you splurge while you can…no question, these will be sold out long before the first winter storm descends.

now, to work on convincing myself that my overworked hunter boots deserve a break!

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friday finds: new shopbop accessories to covet

i’ve been cruising the “what’s new” section at shopbop a little too much this week, and there are more than a few accessories that i just can’t get out of my head.

starting at the top, from left:  loeffler randall meg booties ($575) that i still can’t figure out how i’d wear, but love nonetheless.  if there’s one thing on this list i’ll actually end up buying, it’s this vanessa mooney dagger necklace ($140), which would be absolutely beautiful layered with a longer pendant necklace – i think jewelry’s trending that way for fall.  gara danielle druzy ring ($144), just because it’s blingy and pretty.

as for the bottom row, from left: halston heritage stingray satchel ($495), an unbelievable steal for a style so luxe and unique, and i predict it’ll be gone in an instant.  tory burch eddie beaded flats ($175), which would look amazing peeking out from trouser jeans, or with a flippy black skirt right now. loeffler randall’s shearling lowe boots ($695) are a serious splurge, but they’re also a serious step up from uggs, with all the cozy warmth!

happy friday, everyone!

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stalking the sales: neiman marcus steps it up for spring

neiman marcus is having a spring sale so good, it’s making me reconsider my longstanding boycott of their online store (a very long story involving a dispute over some ill-fitting prada shoes which had not been worn, i don’t care what they say.  but i digress…).  anyway, the sale is fabulous, especially with regard to spring shoes.  you get to take an additional 25% off the discounted price of everything that’s already on sale, plus free shipping at any price (with code SHOPNM).

if you haven’t splurged yet this season, may i suggest:

from left to right:  michael kors bristol wedge, $118 from $225; antik batik gladiator sandal, $108 from $215; loeffler randall brynn thong, $163 from $325; cole haan air phoebe woven rope sandal, $84 from $168; prada espadrille wedge, $193 from $385; stuart weitzman leather wedge espadrille, $163 from $325; tory burch lizard-print reva flat, $118 from $235; tory burch espadrille flat, $58 from $115;  joie wingtip flat, $149 from $198.

not to mention all of the lovely, lovely loefflers on sale, and some elizabeth and james stacking rings i’m seriously considering.

just don’t test out your new shoes on a hardwood floor…trust me on this one.

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loeffler love, spring ’10 edition

in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, i thought i’d send a little valentine to an old love.  loeffler randall and i have had a perfect love affair since they launched, as my regulars will undoubtedly know.  but we hit a rocky patch in spring & fall ’09, and i’ve been angst-ridden ever since.  it’s hard to say exactly where the love went – loeffler changed, i changed, and i guess i just lost that lovin’ feeling.  but i’m thrilled to announce that we have finally reconciled, and the love is stronger than ever for resort & spring ’10.  even if you can’t indulge, this is valentine’s day (eye) candy at its finest.

from top left: idris navajo sandal, $375; belinda snake print platform pump, down 30-ish% to $332.50; sydney birdcage flat in stingray, down 50% to $225(!); shireen studded flat, $395; carlie mignon twist sandal, $325; anna woven platform, $725 (i know, i know…but it was too pretty not to include).

oh, and here’s a little valentine for you all – one of my best frugal fashion tips: don’t let loeffler’s splurge-worthy pricing get you down!  this is is one of my favorite lines not only because they make stunningly amazing shoes, but because they routinely get marked down astronomically at the end of the season.  so, if you fall in love, hang in there and google regularly, paying special attention to small, indy boutiques.  i’ve scored some unbelievable (under-$100!) deals that way.  like, say, these blue python athena flats for $225 at lamb’s ear shoes, or these sable pale gold sandals for $112 at confederacy. (whoops, i’m sorry…did those sell out suddenly? cough, cough…)

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splurge-worthy? loeffler randall yvette cut-out pumps

i have to admit, i’ve been less than enthused with loeffler randall’s offerings this year.  they’re just not doing it for me like they normally do.  even this shoe, their yvette cut-out pump, just looked out of place to me when i first spotted it.  but then i saw it being worn, and i’m beginning to see the light.

i do love the tri-color, and suede is always a favorite of mine.  i’ve finally warmed to the shoe bootie, and that probably explains some of my newfound respect for this shoe.  the cutout was concerning me, but then i saw some photos of it being worn, and i actually think the cutout gives a more light, delicate look to this, which most shoe booties really, really lack.

good, right?  a vast improvement, i thought.  plus, i have to admit i’m really in love with that zipper detail on the back.

in all, they’re a major splurge at $575, but i think they’d make a pretty amazing addition to your closet – one that would stay a standout for years.

so, what do you think of these?  are they splurge-worthy to you?

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a beautiful day (of sample sales)


for those of you still stalking the online sample sales (and really, aren’t we all?), i thought i’d let you know there are some pretty fantastic options out there this morning.

at gilt, choose from loeffler randall shoes (!), alexis bittar jewelry and perfect-for-spring clothes by tibi.

at ideeli, there are killer deals on gerard yosca jewelry and a handbag line i hadn’t seen before, called trace – lately, i’m big into the unlabeled bags, so this is particularly appealing to me (as are the low prices).  fortunately, the green one i was loving is gone now – a penny saved.  but the very pretty purple hobo is still available…for the moment.  as is a very gorgeous orange satchel that looks much more expensive than its $160 pricetag.

if you’re still looking for the not-so-elusive invite into any of these clubs, allow me.  just click here for a gilt invite, or here for ideeli.  and happy friday!

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