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smc interviews: tim gunn

So, first, I have to break the bad news…I didn’t get to meet Tim Gunn in person after all.

Wah-waaah. I know. But I did get to talk to him on the phone! Here’s how it all happened (I can’t believe I have actual celebrity dish for you!): Tim was coming to Portland to host a Lucky Brand Jeans event, and his PR folks contacted me to see if I’d like to interview him before the event (um, YES!). After our lovely chat on the phone last week, Tim asked me to attend the Lucky Brand event, and to let his people know I was there so he could meet me (!). Convinced we were destined to be BFFs, I showed up, dressed to the nines, of course. But alas, his schedule (or more specifically, I suspect, his handlers) had other plans. So, I had to settle for sitting 6 feet away while he expounded on everything from the tortures of warm-weather dressing (he shares my hatred for capri pants and showing too much skin) to that bitch, Gretchen, from season eight. Not a bad consolation prize…especially when paired with our phone chat. But I’ll admit, I was a bit blue.

{Photo by my darling hubs. Yes, that’s me, over in the right-hand corner. You can always spot me by the sunnies
perched on my head. And PS, aren’t those red jeans adorable on Tim? }

Minor setbacks aside, it turns out that, in person (and on the phone), Tim is every bit the poised, well-mannered guy you want him to be (if considerably skinnier). But he also loves to dish, just a little bit. He has some fantastic stories about behind-the-scenes wars with Heidi and the other Project Runway judges, which entertained me to no end. He’s nothing if not honest, but he has that rare gift for delivering the truth in a way that doesn’t make you hate him. {And as a bonus, it turns out the event wasn’t a total loss: Lucky Brand actually has some extremely cute summer wares, and is offering 20% off online today. Score!}

I know, I know, blah, blah. “Get to the part where Tim tells us the secrets of the fashion universe,” you’re thinking. And so, I shall. But be prepared…it’s long. He’s a chatty guy, that Tim Gunn. I edited for length, but not for content – I didn’t want you to miss a thing! So, this is the world’s longest blog post. You’ve been warned. Read on

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friday finds

happy friday, dear readers!  i hope you enjoy this week’s collection…i may not be able to stop myself from buying nearly all of this week’s finds, but fortunately, i think i’m priced out of at least one.

i got an email that my lovely le train bleu is celebrating its ninth birthday this month (by offering 30% off sitewide! code is “number9”), and couldn’t resist a stroll through their virtual racks.  it could be these amazing photos, but i’m going absolutely crazy for this bande a part coat, and have been trying to convince myself that adding just one more to my closet can’t possibly hurt.  it’s not a lie if you believe it.

loving this mod reinterpretation of a classic strand of pearls from etten eller. you could pair this with the preppiest of looks to give it just a touch of downtown edge, without letting go of your uptown roots.

i noticed this ruffle cardigan in the gap recently, and did a double-take because it seemed so out of place.  it reminds me so much of a piece by clu or 3.1 philip lim or alexandar wang, but there it was, right in the middle of the gap and selling for $79.50.  they’re calling it a cardi, but it’s really more of a jacket to my eye.  what an amazing transition piece for spring…jeans and tees now, obviously, but how sweet layered over a floral dress in the summer, as a fashion-forward alternative to the biker jacket everyone else will be wearing.  that hazy purple is still around in stores…but i’d move fast.

and last but not least, did you hear that john robshaw had designed some pieces for lucky brand jeans?  as usual, his block print fabrics are utterly dreamy to look at, and i confess that i’ve always wanted to swathe my entire body in one of his quilts.  these new styles will be considerably more chic than wearing a quilt, and unbelievably perfect for summer.  my favorite is this tunic dress – i’m dying to be a tunic girl like tory burch.  i’d never wear it solo, as i am not 17 or a runway model.  but i do love it styled with denim shorts or a slim pant.

have a great weekend, everyone…and happy valentine’s day!  i hope you have the good sense to buy yourself some chocolate and flowers in celebration…that’s what it’s all about, after all.

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