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asked and answered: stylish shoe storage

Friends, one of you sent me this question back in January, and I am incredibly tardy in responding. But in my defense, it wasn’t that I forgot, or that I had more important things to do. No, it’s that it was a genuinely tricky query, and I needed some time to marinate on the best options.

The attached photos you may recognize as Jenna Lyons’ closet.  I love the shelving she uses to store her shoes and would like to recreate it in my own closet but I don’t want to spend a fortune. I’ve tried to find some shelving that looks nice…..not so industrial but no such luck. Any suggestions?  ~Jaime R.

{Photos c/o Trulia}

See what I mean? Jaime wants me to do better on a closet storage option than Jenna Lyons? Talk about a tall order. And so, I just sort of pushed her question to the back of my mind, where it’s been rolling around aimlessly for the last month (or two).

But, I think I finally have a suggestion that will work brilliantly. Those shelves you see in Jenna’s closet are actually glass, with powder-coated metal framing. I’m guessing it’s the frame you’re not crazy about – and, to be honest, I’m guessing those shelves are commercial display models, so you don’t have to worry. You’d never be able to find them anyway.

I trolled all sorts of home design stores looking for solutions, but I think they’ll all still have that industrial bent you don’t love. Then it hit me, like a bolt from the blue: floating shelves are what you need. Glass would be the closest to Jenna’s look, but I think it depends on the space and your personal preferences. A few parameters:

  • The shelves need to be at least 10″ deep; 12″ if you wear anything larger than a size 9 shoe. Just remember, the deeper you go, the more cautious you have to be about installing – they’re at a higher risk of ripping out of the wall if you apply too much weight.
  • Most glass shelves aren’t very long, so you may need two per row to fill a space. You’ll have more length options if you go for a non-glass option, so it just depends on the look you’re after.
  • Please, please make sure you enlist some help when hanging these. They need to be anchored in a stud to support your shoes, and that’s not something you want to DIY unless you’re experienced.

If you play your cards right, you should end up with something that looks a bit like this:

{Images c/o Architectural Digest / FloatingGlassShelves.com}

As for sources, your best bet for glass (after an exhaustive search) is Home Depot – they have every shape and size you could ever wish for. If you’re after a non-glass option, IKEA has dozens of choices in everything from wood to laminate to metal, and it’s hard to argue with their prices.

If you don’t love this option, I heartily recommend the current issue of Lucky, which includes a fantastic how-to section on closet storage ideas (including some great shoe storage options). It’s definitely worth a look before you make any decisions.

One last tip: Jenna has her shelves incredibly overloaded…which makes me both envious and stressed out. Leave some space between your shoes, and you’ll have a much cleaner look.

Good luck, Jaime! I expect an update when this project of yours is completed.

Have a fashion, beauty or design question that’s leaving you stumped? Send it my way, and I’ll do my best to sleuth out a solution. editor {at} shoppingsmycardio {dot} com

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currently coveting: unearthen pyramid watch

I spotted these beautiful watches in the February issue of Lucky, and have been obsessing ever since.

These are by Unearthen (their entire site has some fantastically edgy pieces), and I particularly love that each piece is one of a kind – I think they start out as vintage specimens. As always, the rose gold is my favorite, but they’re all beautiful, and perfectly nail that pretty/edgy balance I’m always striving for. I love my menswear watch for everyday wear (it was actually my grandfather’s, so it gets bonus points for sentimentality), but this would make such a fantastic counterpoint, particularly for dressier days.

If you love it too, you can score 35% off (taking it from $500 to $325) with code LUCKY7 (which I’ll probably get in trouble for telling you, but hey, it’s called good journalism, people).

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the chain gang: katharine sise


multi-chain necklaces are huge this year, no question about it.  and i admit, it’s one of the few spring looks i’m really loving – it’s kind of refreshing, actually, after all of the trend-bashing i’ve had to do this season.  when you’re breaking out those sweet spring dresses and tanks, what better way to keep the cute and the preppy from getting out of control than by adding one of these necklaces.  part rocker, part just good sense (layering jewelry is always ultra hip, and ultra hard to successfully accomplish), i’m dying to pair one of these multi-chains with everything from a tee to an evening dress…i love nothing more than a little versatility.

after an exhaustive search (just like with every trend, there are a thousand incarnations of this one), i’m pleased to report i think these versions from designer katharine sise are, by far, the best of the bunch – and i’m not alone.  lucky magazine used her designs in three separate styling pages in their march issue, which is all but unheard of!  normally, katharine is my go-to designer for much sweeter, classic styles, but her venture into multi-chain territory is sheer genius.  not only are these the perfect combination of tough and sweet, but check this out:  each necklace is built to be worn multiple ways.  i asked katharine to explain, and she kindly obliged:

I wanted to create something “tougher” and more substantial.  For me, putting on one of these multi-layered pieces makes me feel like my look is complete.  I love that these pieces can be worn in different ways, depending on your mood or what you’re wearing.  You can wear them short and chunky, or, you can remove the pin, pull a strand (or two) behind your neck and wear them long and loose.  In that long and loose position, you can pin the pin through the front so that the piece is in the shape of a men’s tie, with the chains cascading down the front.

i can hardly wait to get my hands on one of these lovely pieces.  at first glance, i was wholeheartedly in love with the version above on the left…but the more i hear her talk about how many ways there are to wear the other version, well, it makes the decision much harder.  hmm…i may just have to have both.

head to katharine’s website and view the “mary tea” collection to see all of the variations on this lovely theme.

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deal of the day: andrea brueckner makeup bag

i’ve been in the market for a new cosmetic case for a while now – something slim and chic to throw in my purse on a daily basis.  the one i have now is about 15 years old, no lie – it’s from coach, before they moved production to china and things went all to hell.  the leather is so soft and so perfectly broken in, i just haven’t had the heart to retire it.  well, that and the fact that am completely unwilling to splurge on the one i really want, since i know it’s going to take a daily beating.  even my excessive spending has its limits.

fortunately, i’ve finally found the perfect solution.  this gorgeous metallic case from andrea brueckner boasts sinfully soft leather, classic styling and a very accommodating size (9″x5″).  but it gets even better…use code lucky3, and you’ll get 25% off, taking it down to an impossible-to-pass-up $30 pricetag.  but grab it quick – a code from lucky means it’ll be gone before you know it. 

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