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travel in style: paris

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   That incredible Paris light in the Place des Vosges. All photos by me (or Mr. SMC).

Where does a person even begin when writing a Paris travel guide? I mean, there are entire books about this. How can I possibly sum it up in one story? So, I’ve taken a different approach. I’m assuming you can find the Eiffel Tower without my help, and that you know a day trip to Versailles is a must if you haven’t done it before. Instead, I’m taking you on a tour of my Paris. The restaurants I love, the shops I go back to again and again, the sites that are maybe just a bit off the path. Even if Paris isn’t on your horizon, I hope this will give you just the ‘virtual vacation’ you need today. And when you finally book that dream trip, I’m hoping perhaps you’ll take this list along and we can be travel buddies. Enjoy!

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now this is an urban outfitters i can get behind!

wow, i’m not sure what’s going on. normally i just don’t appreciate urban outfitters – going to the store feels a bit like coming home from college for the weekend and swinging by your old high school, only to realize you’re already hopelessly unhip and out of place.  but in the last few days, i’ve spotted several things that have made me swoon.

i’m a longtime fan of andrew holder, so i’m thrilled to see (thank you, cafe cartolina!) he has two brand new prints available at UO.  they’re both huge (one is nearly three feet tall), and such great examples of his work.  in fact, i coveted his original edition of the jellyfish print (which i promise you will be on my wall soon) for ages, and nearly cried when i realized it was sold out (not that i could have afforded it).  so, as you’d imagine, this new edition is making me extremely happy.

and, from fish to birds:  i’m apparently strangely attracted to both this week.  after owning my iphone for more than six months, i’ve still been unable to find a cover i didn’t hate.  these are actually skins, not true covers, but they’re lovely, aren’t they?  and isn’t that penguin just the cutest thing?  as soon as i spied it, i knew it was by joanna mendicino – she can just do no wrong in my eyes.

and then there are the shoes.  i’m still bitter that the rachel comey diffusion line wasn’t available in my size.  but now they’re carrying some very stunning marais suede gladiator sandals – also not in my size, and equally fabulous.  sigh.

the one low point:  i was going to point out these blue stacked heel sandals, but the color in the catalog (left – sorry it’s horribly blurry) was this fabulous, bold shade, and on the website (right), it’s, well, more blah than bold, don’t you think?  the whole thing has left me feeling sort of iffy about these.

but the rest is good, don’t you think?

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