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cheap thrills: thredup’s got a brand new bag

{Editor’s Note: The following is sponsored by my friends at thredUP, but opinions and picks are all mine. As always, thanks for supporting these wonderful businesses that keep the lights on at SMC!}

If there’s anything I love more than a new bag, it’s a bargain. So when I heard that thredUP was adding handbags to their fantastic online consignment offerings, I may have gotten a little giddy. Right on trend, nearly-new bags, 100% authentic (I checked – they’ve hired experts to make sure), marked down as low as 1/4 of their original retail price? Where do I sign?

A few of the (too) many styles I’m coveting this morning: thredup handbags Read on

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six fall scarves worth splurging on right now (and a few steals)

This morning, I put on my first scarf of the season, and I’ll admit – I was a little giddy about it. Sure, I love the patterns, the soft textures, the way they fall just so. But if I’m honest? Mostly, I’m excited because this brings me one day closer to the time of year when I can basically wear the same outfit every day. I add a different scarf and, not only does no one know, but I never fail to get compliments. I’m telling you, friends – get an arsenal of fall scarves together, and your wardrobe worries are history.

The trick with scarves is to go big and light – I’m talking huge, voluminous scarves with soft textures and stunning patterns. Why? Well first, the bigger the scarf, and the lighter the fabric, the easier it is to wear – just wrap copiously, and let the fabric drape the way it wants to. Next, look for big color and striking, intricate details. Adding color near your face makes you look younger – I swear, it’s true – and brings out your eyes in the way a grey cardigan sadly never will. Plus, when you’re wearing a work of art, the rest of the outfit just sort of blends seamlessly into the background. So, you can wear that black Vince tunic sweater three times in a week, and no one’s the wiser.

Sure, getting that oversized, light-as-air, gorgeously-patterned scarf often means a splurge…but I’ve snuck a few steals into the mix too.  Read on

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asked and answered: icelandic adventure

Oh, how I adore reader mail….

Dear Shopping’s My Cardio:
I have a fabulous trip to Iceland planned for February (yes, February) and I will be spending a few days in Reykjavik.  I have heard that Icelanders are very fashion-forward and I don’t won’t to look like an American tourist in New Balance sneakers and a Helly Hansen fleece while I am there. Any suggestions for winter chic in a cold cold land? And no, I also don’t want to look like Lisbeth from Dragon Tattoo….
 ~ A Loyal Reader

While I question the timing (brr!), Iceland has become the hot new destination (pun sort of intended) for adventurous jetsetters. A few months back, Iceland’s tourism board ran some amazing travel specials, and several of my friends jumped at the chance to be exotic on a budget.

But then, there’s also a fair contingent of SMC friends who reside in the Great White North, so I thought perhaps they wouldn’t mind a little primer on staying warm in style.

To start, spend some time on Google Images looking at celeb style at Sundance. Sure, it’s aspirational, but it’s also a great starting point for chic cold-weather wear. For the most part, it consists of skinny jeans tucked into Sorel boots, down parkas or shearling, great chunky scarves and a fabulous pair of sunnies to shield your eyes from all that sunlight bouncing off the snow.

{Images c/o Marie Claire, PopSugar and Ralph Lauren}

Pack your bags with staples like denim (I’d take one boot-cut and one skinny/jegging) and a couple of great sweaters (one pullover, one cardigan). Add a few classic layering pieces, like a plaid flannel shirt in a modern color combo or a perfect long-sleeved tee (my favorites are from LA Made). Take a pair of Sorels – I love the aprés ski vibe of this grey flannel version – and a second weather-friendly pair (thick-soled Fryes would be perfect, or a biker-style rain boot is a fun upgrade). For good measure, toss in a long-sleeved sweater dress that can double as a tunic during the day and a dinner dress at night.

To top it all off, you’ll need a couple of knockout scarves, a great pair of sunnies (aviators are my current favorite), and the perfect down parka to keep you warm – just be sure it has enough shape to keep your curves intact. I love the idea of opting for a white parka over the usual black – it instantly adds a hefty dose of style to your look. Brooklyn Industries is genius at making a puffer that flatters – the waistline on this version is unbelievably slimming, and the super sale price doesn’t hurt.

Brooklyn Industries Zermatt puffer coat ($139) / Pendleton cardigan ($100) / Sorel Norquay ($150) / Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody ($138) / LL Bean flannel ($40) / Cashmere henley sweater ($107) / Juicy Couture rain boot ($125) / Guess aviators ($50) / Muk Luks convertible gloves ($21)

A few bonus tips:

  • Layer – after all, you’ll be inside a fair bit too, and you’ll want to regulate that temperature. And make sure the coat you pack is lightweight, so you can tote it through indoor venues without breaking a sweat.
  • Take a tiny crossbody bag like this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs ($138), so that when you’re carrying that down coat around, you won’t lose feeling in your arms
  • Warm socks are key. Do yourself one better and pick up a pair of fleece-lined tights (I found mine at Nordstrom Rack for under $10). Use them at night to keep your legs warm in that dinner dress, but you can also layer them under denim if the cold is too much to take.
  • Don’t be afraid of prints. A bold pattern on a cardigan will make repeat wears more pleasant – just steer away from trite Nordic themes. Go with tribal, stripes or mod, and you’ll be ahead of the tourist pack. (Plus, you’ll want to score a Fair Isle knit as a souvenir, no?)
  • Skip the jewels. Pick a favorite simple pendant and a stud earring, and leave the rest home. Chunky bangles are a mess with gloves, and statement earrings will only get caught on your scarf.

Do any of you frozen tundra-dwellers have any words of wisdom to add for our stylish friend?

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styled alternatives: the tuxedo jacket

I love a good tuxedo jacket. Love them every single time I see someone wearing one, whether casually on the street or all dolled up on the red carpet. I love them in black, in white, in blush…just love.

So, are you surprised to learn I don’t actually own one? Me too. As much as I love them, I had two problems. First, I wasn’t entirely sure what a casual girl like me would do with one once I had it in my hot little hands. And two, I hadn’t found perfection. Until I spied this version from EmersonMade, that is.

I fell hard for this beauty, friends. Can you blame me? Yet even through the haze of retail lust, I hesitated – I just wasn’t convinced I could make it work. But fashion is the mother of invention (or something like that), and EmersonMade kindly offered to let me take my best shot. I’m always up for a challenge – especially one this fun!

Friends, this is the tuxedo jacket to end all tuxedo jackets. First, the white is perfect – so much cooler than black, I think. Only it’s not really white. It’s a deep, warm cream that’s utterly perfect for fall/winter. It’s also linen, which scared me a little. But it turns out that rough, nubby texture is exactly what this jacket needs to keep it grounded, and to give it maximum style portability from casual to dressy. Plus, the construction is that of a jacket far pricier than this $238 price tag. Fully lined, sharp shoulders, fabric-covered buttons – definitely structured enough to be a serious closet workhorse.

And it’s proven to be a workhorse indeed. As it turns out, this beautiful jacket is the easiest thing to style since the grey cardigan – but infinitely hotter. I’ve been wearing it with everything (and I do mean everything) from a silk shell (this emerald version from Zara is my current fave) and dark denim (I’m partial to J.Crew’s Matchstick) to a men’s-style grey tee and busted-up boyfriend jeans.

{Let’s see…top by Topshop, but I prefer the Zara version I mentioned (and which I actually own), jeans by J.Crew, earrings by Gorjana, bag by Olivia Harris – love! – and scarf by Pucci.}

I even tried it with my favorite tuxedo pants – and it’s flawless, thanks to the luscious cream color (trying to match blacks being nearly impossible, of course). But the best transformation of all was what it did for my LBD (remember the one from LK Bennett?). It took that dress from sexy to structured without missing a beat, making it instantly perfect for a work holiday party/theatre evening/red carpet. This beauty is definitely earning its keep.

{Since I know you’re dying to know: Sequined top by Vince, black tuxedo pants by Burberry, emerald earrings from Gerard Yosca, velvet clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs, and shoes by Vince Camuto}.

If you have holiday events ahead (and really, who doesn’t?), this is an absolute must. Nab it now and save yourself a holiday season full of wardrobe stress – the answer will nearly always be this jacket, no matter the occasion. Just be sure to do a good job checking the measurements on this piece (thank god for websites that post product measurements, don’t you agree?) – I ended up going down a size.

And PS – if you want one, order it by Thursday, 11/9, and get as much as 20% off by being EmersonMade’s Facebook buddy. What, you weren’t already?

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falling for: marc by marc jacobs

It’s been a considerable amount of time since I really fell hard for a Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. In years past, the collection has become a bit too juvenile for my taste – though I love the aesthetic, it’s time to admit that I’m no longer 19.

But this fall’s collection is just a touch more grown-up, a bit more refined, and I’m smitten.

The genius of the whole collection, in addition to being adorable, is that it’s incredibly cohesive. Each and every one of those pieces could be mixed-and-matched to dazzling effect – the warm caramels with the vivid emerald green and a hint of tomato red to keep the whole thing from being too serious. In a perfect world, the entire collection would be mine…but if nothing else, those two bags and maybe the color-blocked cardigan definitely deserve a prime spot in my closet.

Check out the entire runway collection here, or skip the middle man and shop it right here.

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style stalker: matches fashion

I have these weeks when I think I’ve seen all the fashion there is to see, and nothing will ever excite me again. This is, of course, great news for my bank account, but it’s terrible news for the writer in me. And so, whenever despair hits, I give myself a couple of days off, pray for a new copy of Bazaar or Vogue to land in my mailbox, and – when all else fails – turn to European fashion sites. That nearly always works…especially since most either don’t ship to the US or they charge so much I can’t bear to even think of buying.

Today, I’ve been browsing Matches, a much-lauded, painfully chic department store in London. I think of it as the British version of Barneys. They’ve recently started shipping to the US – but fortunately, shipping is $45. Just enough to restrain me from impulse buys, but reassuringly available if I found something I really and truly couldn’t live without.

But the best news? Every single one of those pieces is at least 50% off, and the vast majority are under $300. Plus, you get an extra 20% off with code MFR2985 – talk about temptation!

A L C blue dress, $269
3 1 Phillip Lim dress, $543
Marc by Marc Jacobs geometric dress, $133
DAY Birger et Mikkelsen sleeveless dress, $230
Beyond Vintage top, $237
DVF Bryssa top, $162
DVF Brutus leather jacket, $578
Cacharel floral print skirt, $230
3.1 Phillip Lim gold pants, $232
Anya Hindmarch peacock feather shoes, $144
Lanvin handbag, $995
Sophia Kokosalaki gold bracelet, $285

One little tip: when browsing these sites that are bound to tempt you, start in the sale section. Since European styles tend to hit the US a bit later, their end-of-season castoffs are your brand new ideas. Plus, you’ll see a more edited (less overwhelming) selection…and, hello, sales are always a good thing! Just do make sure you’re shopping in your native currency…it’s easy to think something’s a steal in GBP, only to be bitterly disappointed when you see the USD on your credit card statement.

Happy hunting!

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gettin’ the blues

blue is always one of my absolute favorite colors, especially in fashion.  but this year, i have it particularly bad.  i’ve been feeling the itch for a new handbag, and while i’m sorely tempted to splurge on the anya hindmarch of my dreams, this marc by marc is oddly appealing to me.

it’s nothing new…in fact, this style has been around for years now.  but i’ve always sort of had my eye on it from afar, and lately, the siren call is getting louder.  that said, i’ve been “off” designer bags recently, and have found myself leaning more toward less-known brands.  but this MbyMJ faridah hobo just seems like the perfect addition to my bag collection.  i never seem to fall for black bags, but i’m long overdue for a new basic.  this ink blue would be a perfect alternative, and ideal with my near-constant wardrobe of jeans (plus, no annoying transfer color from my denim).  i used to have a phobia about mixing navy and black…but then i realized how often i wear black with denim, and realized i might have been onto something all along.

this bag is light as a feather (marc recently changed the leather he uses for all of his lines), the slight coating on the leather means it will resist at least some of the constant winter rain, and the style slouches beautifully when worn (slouch being a highly important factor in oversized bags).  it will be easy as pie to throw on my shoulder and forget about, which is key for me these days.

oh, and it’s 25% off (through today only) if you grab it at saks via their friends & family promotion.  use code FRIENDS2 to take this one down from $448 to $336, then tack on free shipping with code OCTSHIP9 (hint: nordstrom will also price-match this one for you!)

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