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a banner week, and it’s only wednesday

it’s getting to be a pretty epic week here in stumptown…all of my favorite things in life are magically converging, to the point that i finally had to share.

first, i finally (FINALLY!) have internet and cable again, after a considerably long time in the dark after our move.  i’ve never really considered myself to be a person that thrives on the .www or on television…but it turns out, i was wrong.  in fact, we even got hbo…and as i was scrolling through my newfound options, my head nearly exploded.  the technology, she is good.

earlier this week, i got to check out sex and the city 2 with my friend, the fabulously talented westmama.  while we were both sorely disappointed in the fashion, the interior design was pretty much awesome.  and really, let’s face it, even a so-so two hours with carrie and the gang still makes for an excellent afternoon.

if you’re feeling extra loyal to the fab foursome, i have to admit that there are some fun merchandising options floating around.  how cute are those little foldable after-party flats?  and i have to admit, i’m sort of tempted to nab that stiletto pendant by dogeared…since i adore the heel but hate the discomfort, maybe this is a good way to declare my loyalty without sacrificing my toes.

then, yesterday, i visited the one-week-only pop-up shop for le train bleu, one of my favorite online window-shopping haunts.  let’s just say the “window” part of that sentence went, well, out the window when i stopped by.  an hour later, i emerged bleary-eyed but sated, with an unbelievably flattering new dress, and some fabulous new jewelry that i may not be cool enough to wear, but i plan to try anyway.

if you’re in portland or nearby, the shop’s open through sunday…there are loads of one-of-a-kinds and severely discounted goodies that are not to be missed.  and if you’re not local, well, you should still buy the dress online (looks like code hellooooosummer is still working for 40% off as of now).  it’s not much to look at on a mannequin, but on a person?  very, very good…and a total steal.  in fact, it’s only slightly less wonderful than this one i mentioned a few weeks back.  sadly, trying that one on was one of those times i wished for a slightly smaller chest. if you’re more proportionately endowed than i am, i can not overstate how awesome the eskell dress was when i tried it on.

and if all that wasn’t enough, now i’m headed out to hear my all-time most idolized person (we’re talking “what one person would you invite to your fantasy tea party” idolizing here), dr. maya angelou, speak tonight.  yeah, i really should have led with that one, as it’s definitely topping my list at present.

yep, good times in the land of eternal rain…seriously, isn’t it summer yet?

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giveaway reminder AND weekend read: letter to my daughter

first things first:  have you seriously not entered our fab giveaway from shannon nicole yet?  you have all weekend, but just do it now, before you lapse into a sugar coma tonight from eating all of the leftover candy (or, in my case, the candy you hid for just that purpose).  entries close sunday at midnight…so hop to it!

now, as for our weekend read: 

maya angelou is very high on my “if you could have tea with anyone, living or dead” list…it’s pretty much her and hillary clinton.  i just think she’s amazing.  letter to my daughter was written as that “here’s what i’ve learned in my life” everyone wishes their parent would write for them, only better expressed.  “i have all along known that i wanted to tell you directly some lessons i have learned and under what conditions i had learned them.”  see?  dedicated to all of her “daughters” (she actually only has a son by birth) everywhere, this is a must-purchase for all of you…trust me.

every time i read maya angelou’s writing, i sit up a little straighter, i’m a little more kind (for a while), and the world just looks better.  what more can you ask from a literary experience?  this is a weekend read pick that you should read, and then pass on to a woman in your life that you love…i know i will be.

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