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must see: midnight in paris

How was your weekend, friends? I spent mine doing a couple of exciting things, which I’ve miraculously managed to combine for you. First, I saw Midnight in Paris, the new Woody Allen film. It was actually the first Woody Allen movie I’ve ever seen (I know, hold your gasps…I didn’t see Princess Bride until college either.), and I adored it. Combine the recent resurgence of my obsession with Paris, a longstanding girl crush on Rachel McAdams, the costume awesomeness of the roaring ’20s, and some of my favorite artistic geniuses (cameos from Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali), and really, there was no way I wasn’t going to love it.

The other thing I did this weekend is take a Photoshop class from the insanely talented Bri of Design Love Fest! Very exciting, I know. So, bear with me while I play around a bit with some images from that beautiful movie and do my best to try out my newfound skillz.

What do you think, friends? Anything was going to be an improvement, I suspect. While I was in the class, I was thinking that Bri’s fancy little writing tablet was overkill for little ol’ me. But now, I’m thinking of all the fun I could have had, say, drawing a little arrow to point out that yummy Chanel jacket Rachel McAdams is wearing in the first shot, or writing a little note about how much I adore Marion Cotillard’s wardrobe throughout. Hmm…maybe the husband will finally get to buy me a tech-y gift!

How was your weekend?

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