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the best summer denim (for grown-ups)

Now that it’s June, I think it’s finally safe to talk summer style, don’t you? I get all weird and conservative in the summer – I just can’t abide all the spaghetti straps, micro-shorts and midriff-bearing tendencies that warm weather seems to elicit. I’m an adult, damn it, and it’s time to start covering up. So, for me, I’ll ignore the climbing mercury and stick with my usual uniform of denim, (short) sleeves and (very light) jackets…okay, and the occasional dress.

But I’m not a total stick in the mud – I’m definitely in favor of a change in fabrics, textures and colors this time of year. Because really, even though I don’t necessarily want to wear shorts and minis all season, I think dark-wash denim is equally absurd in mid-July. So, what’s a stylish girl to do but add a few completely necessary summer denim staples to her arsenal?  Read on

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styled alternatives: the fancy skirt

i have a family wedding to attend this spring, and i’m dreading dropping serious change on a dress that i’ll wear once and will then wither at the back of my closet.  instead, i’ve been thinking about the value of separates.  picking up a formal skirt that can be repurposed in any number of ways feels fresh, but it also feels smart.  i’m thinking that this skirt from the rodarte/opening ceremony collaboration might be an absolute necessity.

sure, at first blush (sorry, i had to…), this looks a little formal for anything but an evening event.  but bear with me:

on the left, we have the wedding-guest ensemble…pitch perfect for any non-black-tie wedding, i think.  but i’ll have endless options to restyle that skirt and use it all year long.  that stunning blush shade, tinted with gold metallic, is pitch-perfect for warmer weather, and the semi-sheer, floaty crepe gives this a beautiful shape. it’s a little short, particularly for a knee-showing-phobe like me, but i’m thinking if i size up, it might just work.  and the pricetag ($325) doesn’t feel that out of the budget realm for a special event…after all, i’d pay that much for a dress, i’m sure, and the skirt is endlessly more versatile.  it could so easily be paired with a sleek black top and nude pumps (and maybe that sweet little bow belt?) to make it event-worthy, or a simple nude tank for cocktails, but it will also be amazing for day.  the trick is to keep the rest of the look simple and ultra-casual – let the skirt steal the spotlight.  add a white tee, denim jacket and perhaps some rachel comey booties, and you’re set!

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