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momo baby giveaway: and the winner is…

comment #27, from jen, who said:

I love it! My choice would be the personalized outfit with ugly dog…what can I say? I’m a sucker for an ugly dog!!

sweet! i have to admit, the ugly dog was my choice too. nice call, jen! now, you just have to email me by sunday night at editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com, and we’ll get you all set up with your prize!

thank you so much to all of you for entering – i hope you didn’t mind the switch-up too much! next month, we’ll plan something that’s sure to please the die-hard fashion girls 🙂

and a huge thank you to momo baby gifts for sponsoring this – i was so thrilled to come across a store for baby presents that i actually loved!  so much easier than trying to find the least boring thing at babies ‘r us, don’t you agree?

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shoppingsmycardio giveaway: momo baby gifts

’tis the season, dear readers – as soon as the spring sunshine hits my windows (finally!!!!!), i know there’s one thing that isn’t far behind:  shower invitation season.  when i was in college, it was bridal showers (hey, i’m from utah), but over the last few years, it’s baby shower invites that overflow my mailbox.

so, this fab giveaway, from the very kind people at momo, is for those of you with kids, those of you who know kids, and those of you who are inevitably heading to a shower (or three) this spring.  momo designs fantastic, creative and thoughtful – often even personalized – baby gifts that are sure to make you the MVP of any baby-related event.  and i’m thinking we could all use a little free pass on our next gifting obligation these days.

what you’ll get:  your choice of absolutely any gift set on momo’s website – you can check them all out here!  and hey, if you’re not at all interested in contributing to a short person in your life, that set of hawaiian print duffels would be absolutely perfect for summer weekend getaways…kid or no!

each set is completely personalized – you get to choose the color and style of every component.  i admit, in the gifting category, i’m pretty in love with the personalized outfit/uglydoll combo (though there’s a really decent chance the uglydoll would stay with me!).  but they’re all pretty fantastic – momo is definitely my new, easy go-to for chic baby gifts.

so, to win!

1. head to momo’s site and check out the gift sets,
2. drop a comment on this post telling me which one you’d choose if you win,
3. (optional) share the contest on your blog, your facebook, your twitter, or your favorite forum, then come back & leave a second post telling me where/how you shared,
4. be here friday to see if you’re the lucky winner!  (you do have to be present to win – we need to reward the faithful!)

good luck everyone!!

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