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calling the trends: a one (wo)man band

warning: this is going to be one of those experimental, round-about posts i warned you about.

i’m calling it right now:  musical pendants are going to be this year’s bird/feather/owl necklace of years past.  mark my words.

over the last couple of months, i’ve found myself repeatedly bookmarking necklaces made with whistles.  can’t really explain why, but i’ve just been loving the look.  it started with a link i came across somewhere for a non-profit called falling whistles.  they sell these beautiful whistle necklaces:

and all of the proceeds go to help kids in the congo learn how to work against war instead of becoming part of the ongoing conflict there (ie, be whistle-blowers, get it?).  good, right?  so maybe now i’m associating whistles with happy, good-doing types of things.

anyway. other whistle necklaces followed.  (this one from mothhouse is especially good🙂

then, i was browsing shopbop’s latest lookbook the other day (one of my personal favorites, incidentally – take a peek), and they were featuring this harmonica necklace:

so fun, right?  in the whistle family, but more fun at parties (ahem, and better to annoy office-mates).  like the whistles, i love that it’s a little bit whimsical, but still just looks like a cool long pendant until you get up close and squint.

plus, it happens that i have a soft spot for harmonicas.  when i was just a wee shopper-to-be, my grandpa gave me a harmonica for christmas one year.  he’s in the hospital this week, and since my sweet grandmother passed just four months ago, i’m feeling a pretty heavy nostalgia pull here. so, you can imagine how hard i fell for this little pendant.

right. but sadly, it instantly sold out in the color i liked (you can still grab gold or black, though).

now, this is where the obsession kicks in.  something i like sells out in milliseconds, and suddenly i can’t live without it.  add on the sentimental-ness, and it got ugly.  so, i started scouring the web, and may have come up with something i like nearly as well from a lovely little etsy store called sora design.

what this one lacks in sleek, streamlined hipness (the shopbop version has that in spades), it more than makes up for in old-school girliness.  it even says “little lady” on it!  and it’s only $38.  i do think i may ask for a slightly longer chain length, but etsy peeps are usually super accommodating.

since i missed out on the shopbop version, i’m going to do my best not to make that mistake twice.

so, what do you think?  musical necklaces for spring?  here’s hoping they stay at least a bit original, and don’t end up becoming this year’s version of the ubiquitous bird, leaf and feather necklaces from years past.

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