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this just in: sale on sale at shopbop, saks & more

  • Shopbop — Take an additional 25% off sale with code 25MORE, including an impressive selection of Equipment silk, if you’re in the market (through 6/26). sale at shopbop
  • Saks — Take $75 off $350 (aka, 20%) off any purchase, sale or otherwise, with code SAKS14 – they have some amazing markdowns on boots, if you’re feeling like prepping for fall (through 6/26).
  • Net-A-Porter — Final clearance markdowns today, no code needed. I’m crying in my soup that this amazing 2-in-1 Vivienne Westwood LBD is gone in my size.
  • Neiman Marcus — An additional 40% off a very decent selection of sale picks, no code needed. Any time I can score a classic Armani cocktail dress for $250, it’s a good day.
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summer sale season! (and my picks)

All of those Memorial Day deals in your inbox felt crazy, I know. Too good to resist. But if you did, if you were patient, your virtue is about to be rewarded. Shopbop, Barneys, Saks and Net-A-Porter all launched their summer sales today, and there are goodies aplenty. Read on

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best bets from the fall sales

I had other plans for today, friends, but the sales this morning…they’re just too, too good (for all of the codes, from Shopbop to J.Crew, check out my Facebook feed and its never-ending stream o’ deals). I thought I’d share a few of the many, many items lurking in my shopping cart this AM.

Read on

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Is it 100 degrees where you are too? Terrifying. So, you’ll forgive my brevity today if you picture me blogging on the couch with a hot laptop sitting on my legs. Let’s get straight to business!

Net-a-Porter got a new fall delivery today, and I’m choosing to ignore the heat by coveting a few fall goodies.

Cashmere two-tone sweater, Clu, $305 / Leather-trimmed cardi coat, Vince, $485 / Wool peacoat, Burberry Brit, $1195

Of course, in reality, that Vince coat might make me look a little like an off-duty judge. And the Burberry peacoat is completely the wrong color for a pale girl like me. But I still think they’re gorgeous.

But then I have to ask about this: are we really doing dickies again? Granted, this one is pretty hip. And it’s by Miu Miu. But still…dickies?

Sigh. I hope not. In the category of great sale finds today, if you happen to be a student, know a student or want to be unscrupulous and exploit the completely illegitimate code I happen to have in my possession (email me), you can take 20% off at Topshop this weekend. Just sayin’.

Koko ballet flats, Topshop, $80 / Rhinestone triangle set, Topshop, $18 / Epaulette silk tee (also in white), Topshop, $110

Our intrepid Details columnist, Kate, alerted me to serious fashion news: the lovely ladies behind Sigerson Morrison have finally re-emerged with a new line! Enter Pied Juste, being sold exclusively at Anthropologie right now. Get a peek and buy early – their prices are pretty well guaranteed to go up in future seasons.

Last but not least, it’s Pinterest time. I’m always looking for a new way to tie a silk scarf…I find them uniquely challenging. But the Duchess has it nailed here. I’m assuming she has staff to follow her around and ensure it doesn’t budge, as whenever I try this, it’s a constant struggle to keep it from slipping off my neck and into my cappuccino. Still, the result is impeccable. And if you want your own “official Olympic scarf”, you can find hers right here.

Have a wonderful weekend, all! Stay cool, and I’ll see you back here Monday, when you’ll get to meet the first of our new guest writers. Can’t wait to make the introductions!

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summer sales make me feel fine

Everyone talks about Memorial Day sales, but not me…I wait until the day after, when the fun really starts. Today: Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. Tomorrow: Barney’s. Let the games begin!

A few ideas to get you started at Net-a-Porter…remember, they only hold sales twice a year, so this is an event! Anything that doesn’t sell now will head over to The Outnet, but the best pieces are definitely snagged this week.

Rag & Bone blazer, $225 / Day Birger et Mikkelsen linen dress, $100 / Etoilé Isabel Marant jacket, $247 / Alice by Temperley dress, $182

MiH Marrakesh shorts, $56 / Tory Burch Camelia espadrilles, $129 / 10 Crosby Derek Lam printed pants, $167 / Equipment silk blouse, $145

On the other hand, can we all collectively agree that no one will ever buy these frightening pants? Terrifying, even on a model!

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on my radar: athena procopiou

I came across Athena Procopiou‘s incredible scarves in one of my (too) many fashion mags earlier this year, and I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind since. You know I love a good scarf, friends, but these? It’s almost too much beauty to take.

Athena’s modern, ethereal designs have a bold, graphic quality that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve loved all of her collections, but her latest, Frida, is inspired by all of the beautiful, swirling colors of southern Spain – think flamenco dancers and Feria. They’re all made of a supersoft modal/cashmere blend, so they’re light as a feather, but still cozy and enveloping. Obsessed doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m dreaming of these scarves day and night, and counting the days until I can make one mine.

If you’re feeling flush, head to Net-a-Porter, Liberty of London or even Anthropologie (where, gasp, I just spotted one on sale!) to check out your options.

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random rant: stella mccartney for net-a-porter


important disclaimer:  i happen to adore this t-shirt.  i’ve been obsessed with cloud prints, patterns, paintings…anything cloud-ish for as long as i can remember, and i did a little “ooh, pretty!” gasp when i saw this.  

but it’s $495.

really, stella? are we doing $500 tees now?  i guess the real question is whether we were ever doing $500 tees, but especially now, when people are being even more frugal and cautious…is anyone out there buying a $500 t-shirt?  i mean, i’m sure it’s a completely wonderful t-shirt.  i’m sure the cut is phenomenal, the cotton is organic, and the dye is made from some sort of extremely rare vegetable that stella is personally growing in her backyard, and can only be harvested using the feathers of a dodo bird or something.  so maybe, assuming that’s the case, it’s “worth” $500.  but does that mean you’d buy it?

for those of us living in the real world, i did find a few alternatives.  bop basics makes a really gorgeous burnout tee that looks amazing up close, and comes in a very appropriate sky blue color.  for the graphic element, check out this considerably more mod cloud print tee at threads for thought.  and, of course, there’s always that sweet air tee by terra which, i have to admit, i think looks more like a $500 tee than stella’s version.

my question to you is this:  is there any scenario in which you’d consider buying a $500 t-shirt?

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spring sales…let the games begin!

**editor’s note:  don’t forget our  fab lillybee shoe giveaway this week.  enter here!!


i sort of can’t believe i’m telling you about new spring markdowns when there was frost on my car this morning.  but hey, the deals don’t lie.  shopbop, saks and net-a-porter have all begun their spring markdowns, so if you’re jonesing for some color after months of drab grey, get out your amex.

but, because we’re being frugal this season, i wanted to stick to picks that were a really good value, either in terms of longevity or in terms of impact.

that tibi dress above scores high in both categories.  it’s marked down to $213 at NAP.  it’s silk jersey, and i just can’t get enough of that graphic yellow pattern – definitely hot for spring, but it’s not going to look dated in a year or two.  the buttons and ruffle detail keep it trendy and work-appropriate, but i’d love to see this one unbuttoned at the top with a sexy, lingerie-style cami underneath.  i might even experiment with leaving the whole piece unbuttoned, belting at the waist (with something other than the tie-belt it comes with), and adding a sexy rocker legging and gladiator heels.

i admit, the yellow suede tory burch jacket isn’t exactly a steal at $416.  but, it is suede…i’d be skeptical if it was too cheap.  and this one really does have endless potential for spring, without being overly trendy – this definitely falls in the “if you’re going to buy one piece this spring” category.  wear it now with jeans, or dark neutral slacks at the office (just stay away from black, please…no bumblebee ensembles).  in fact, i might even try pairing this with a plaid or windowpane pant from winter and a contrasting top underneath.  what i love about this piece is that the shaping and cut make it perfect for work or weekend, and it will even work as a topper for a summer dress you’re dying to break out now.  throw it on, add tights, presto!  (hmm. as long as we’re browsing, don’t miss this plaid steven alan shirt, please…doesn’t exactly scream spring, but it’s perfect enough i’m willing to overlook that.)

and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that mega-jewelry is still huge for spring (no pun intended) – particularly the statement necklace.  the great thing about this piece is that you can use it with anything from a work suit to a tee-and-jeans ensemble to instantly add some mod to your look without breaking the bank.  my pick is this archive bow necklace from the shopbop sale.  i’ve been just loving the multi-chain necklaces this season, but they’re a little more punk than i can pull off.  but this one is perfectly preppy, completely office-friendly, and will dress up anything from a suit to a tank with impeccable style.

and after you finish browsing (or buying), come back and tell me how you splurged…or what you’re dreaming of for spring.  i’d love to know what’s on your must-have list!


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