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all in the details: bendel’s classic bangle

{Editor’s Note: I’m thrilled to introduce the first of a few new faces you’ll be seeing here over the summer! You’ve met Kate (of the fantastic blog Anonymous Chicbefore, but now she’s here to stay with a weekly column showing off her favorite accessory du jour and how to make it work in your closet. Also, she’s Canadian, so she gets to do lovely things like spell “color” with a U. Give her a warm welcome, won’t you?}

Hi, I’m Kate! Like many of the readers of Shopping’s My Cardio, I’m a bit of an accessories junkie. Handbags, shoes, jewelry – my outfits more often than not revolve around the details as opposed to the actual fashion. But incorporating a new piece into your routine can throw any of us for a loop. So, every week I’ll be here to give you the how-to on making those little details the star of the show. I hope to leave you with plenty of inspiration!

In a summer full of stacked bracelets, rocking a wrist full of bling has become common practice. It’s a trend that I’m glad has become all the rage – as someone who’s been stacking bracelets since her mid-teens, the vast selection that’s now readily available adds a little extra glee to my shopping excursions. Which is why I was surprised to be drawn to this classic enamel bangle from Henri Bendel – it makes such a statement, the rest of the arm party is almost unnecessary!

Henri Bendel Rivet Enamel Hinge Bangle, $88

With its basic white enamel and gold patterned printing, its size makes it the kind of piece that can handle being a statement all on its own. It’s also an excellent multi-purpose piece that would be equally at home with a classic button down and slacks for work, or worn casually with a white tee and jeans for the weekends, when you need something to give that errand outfit a little extra oomph. The white and gold combination means that while still being relatively subtle, it transcends fundamental colour palettes and will work well with matching or mixed-metal jewellery. And darlings, it’s also hinged – which makes it a winner as you’re not required to dislocate the bones in your hands trying to slide it onto your wrist (especially if you’re like me and suffer from a disproportionate palm-to-wrist size ratio).

Now while it’s easy to pair with those aforementioned basics, where this bangle would really make an impact is with a trend that every store from Target to Neiman’s has picked up: brightly coloured pants. Whether it’s red denim or dusty yellow chinos, coloured pants can often prove to be the focal point in an outfit – which is why the details can often be a little tricky to balance. That’s where this bangle from Bendel’s does just the trick: enough of an accessory statement to stand up to bold bottoms, but not too busy to be distracting.

For the foundations of this outfit genre I’d go with great poppy-red cropped jeans (or whichever colour you’ve chosen to rock), a black or navy t-shirt, and a washed-out denim jacket.

Denim Jacket, Eddie Bauer, $80 / Piper denim in Flame, Talbots, $80 / Navy tee, Old Navy, $9

For the rest of the details? Counter the sweet bangle with a chunky gold watch, and a long pendant or a fine embellished chain-link necklace. Hair up? Go with some basic gold studs. Hair down? Some small to mid-sized gold hoops. Add a simple dark toned bag (coordinate with your tee) and nude-toned flats so as not to distract from the pants…

Fairytale Hoops, Gorjana, $40 / Forget Me Knot Earrings, Juliet & Co, $25 /
Pyramid Pendant, House of Harlow $65 / Layton Watch, Michael Kors, $250

Whether sporting a bold style trend or just adding a little oomph to classic staples, I always stick to the philosophy that with any outfit it’s all in the details. Looking forward to spending some time with you! ~ Kate

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cheap thrills: fall coat bargains

My weakness for a good coat is a poorly-kept secret in these parts – you’ve all seen me covet one pricey version after another over the years. While I often advocate investment-quality outerwear, I’m a big believer in finding room in your closet for a few great bargain finds too.

In general, my advice is to scrimp on trendier styles, and save your splurge for something classic – a camel overcoat or a black trench, for example. But none of us can survive an entire season without a little variety – after all, for at least 5 months of the year, all anyone sees of me is a coat, a pair of jeans, and my shoes. So that coat has to count! And that means having options. I wish I could splurge on each and every one, but until that lottery win happens, here are a few of my favorite bargain finds for the season.

1. Talbots has some gorgeous fall coats this season, and they’re all on sale right now (up to 50% off full price styles through the end of today, in fact!). I fell hard for this blue tweed overcoat when I first spotted it – the cut and that rich fabric make this look infinitely more luxe than it’s $220 pricetag.

2. Le Train Bleu is one of my favorite under-the-radar spots for trendy pieces at bargain prices. Owner Bria has a knack for tracking down pieces that look and feel one-of-a-kind, at prices that never fail to shock me. This bold plaid double-breasted style is one of my favorites of the season, and it’s only $113!

3. I almost can’t believe this chic leopard print coat is only $55, but it’s true. The darker animal print is infinitely more wearable than some of its flashier counterparts, and the cut makes this perfect for day or evening (I’m a big believer in pairing dressy coats with casual ensembles).

4. Red is such a great color for cold weather – all that black and grey can be depressing, but it’s impossible not to be happy when you’re wearing red. The tailoring of this classic military-style wool topper is what makes it stand out from the crowd. No one would ever believe you spent under $100 for this beauty.

5. In general, I’m skeptical of J.Crew’s “online factory outlet”. The prices never seem that outstanding, and I hate stores that have pieces that are especially made for their outlet. But my personal griping aside, this hip little peacoat offers an awful lot of style for $146 (with code MUSTHAVE) – I love the faux fur collar, and the army green hue is a perfect weekend neutral. {Update: Looks like MUSTHAVE isn’t valid today, but in my experience, if you call and ask, J.Crew will extend it for you as a courtesy.}

Any bargain fall coats on your radar? Share them in the comments – I love a good cheap thrill!

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styled alternatives: cardigan fall 2011

Have you seen all of the goodness going on at CARDIGAN this fall?

Sigh…I’m pretty sure it’s love. But, truthfully, I’ve always been smitten. Designer Lynne Hiriak has a way with creating the most covetable, classic cardis and striped sweaters – her styles have become a staple in my closet. But this season seems especially wonderful – all of those cozy, chunky knits and bold colors have me ready to curl up by a fire with a hot cup of cider.

While I’d happily snatch up absolutely anything from this collection, a couple of favorites may have made their way to my closet recently. This pretty polka dot Stella crew ($198) is the perfect step forward now that I’m feeling a bit stripe-weary. Wearing it feels just like pulling on your favorite menswear sweater – thick, warm and comfy – but this packs an infinitely superior style punch. Wearing it with jeans and a tee (you’ll want to layer, since it’s wool) is a no-brainer, but I love the idea of taking this up a notch with some warm fall colors.

Paired with: Rachel Comey Mars boot, $385; Rag & Bone Malin pant, $290; Old Navy chambray shirt, $29;
Botkier Brinks shoulder bag (again, I know- it’s just so good!), $425

As is always the case with this brand, the cardigans steal the show. I’ve gotten a compliment (or three) literally every time I’ve left the house in this beautiful Daphne cardigan ($298) – the fair isle knit is so perfect for cold weather, and oh, is it warm! I’ve paired it with everything from summery silk dresses to an all-denim look (it works, I swear!) with my Frye Engineer boots. Since casual is a cinch with a piece this classic, I thought I’d show you how to dress it up a bit.

Paired with: Linea Pelle clutch, $195; Oasis leather skirt, $160 (loving the leather skirts this season!);
Proenza Schouler silk tee
, $187; Scout & Catalogue scarf, $118; Frye Naiya platform moc, $173.

You’re feeling warmer already, right? One little tip: these are built for a very oversized look, so if (like me) that doesn’t work for you, you’ll want to size down. (Always a nice ego boost as well, right?)

Do yourself a favor and peruse CARDIGAN’s fall lookbook…if nothing else, the pictures are transportingly lovely, and it will give you oh-so-many styling ideas for the season.

Mostly, though, it’ll make you crave sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters.

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chic on the cheap: weekend casual

* editor’s note:  last day to enter that amazing mother’s day giveaway!  don’t miss this one…i’m so loving hearing your mom stories (though i promise not to tell if you keep the prize for yourself!).

i’m tiptoeing through my bookmarks this morning, and lo and behold, i came up with a bargain-full ensemble that i’m pretty excited about.  


i’ve been searching high and low for a blazer i liked that (a) wasn’t too expensive, (b) was a little bit unexpected, and (c) was the right cut for my body type.  the reality is most boyfriend blazers are just not that flattering unless you’re very petite.  they eliminate any hint of a waist or hips, and bulk up your shoulders considerably – resulting in a look popular with linebackers the world over. but this three-button twill blazer from old navy is just $25, and i think it might be perfect.  the buttons are high enough that the lapel won’t bulge if you’re well-endowed up top.  the waist is nipped in, and the length is great for layering.  plus, it’s $25.  roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned to get the boyfriend blazer look without the disfiguring side effects.

i’d pair it with a classic, liberty-style floral print top – this topshop version is a great option for $50.  the floral is a great balance against the more structured jacket, and the colors blend without being sickeningly matchy.  you could also try this top from forever 21, though i’d probably go with a floral that doesn’t include yellow if you pick the yellow blazer (the seersucker would be fun, though).  

picture-112   picture-122   picture-132

pair it with one of these beautiful floral tin necklaces from the little black rabbit, which i’ve been coveting something fierce. the dogwood (right) is perfect if you’re nervous about the mix-and-match, but i love mixing florals, and this is a great, safe way to give it a try!

add all of this to your favorite denim, or an a-line or pencil skirt (royal blue would be great, as would black or white), or even a slouchy cuffed short that’s already in your closet, and you have a pretty fantastic outfit for right around $100.  not a bad shopping trip at all, i’d say!

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sweet steals: metallic pumps

i have to admit, i was crushing pretty hard on these metallic pumps even before i saw the price.  my favorite heel heel height (2.5″), goes-with-everything rounded toe, slightly lowered vamp for just a bit of toe cleavage…perfection!  my favorite is that bronze shade on the left, which i may have to pick up even though i have no earthly use for them here in granola country.  but the silver is going to be fantastic for spring (they’ll go perfectly with all of those pastels).  tough call.  

then again, at $19.99 (don’t you just want to give the fab people at old navy a great big kiss?), i think you could pretty safely pick up both colors.  for those of you living in more cosmopolitan parts of the world, this one should be a no-brainer.

Women's Sale at Endless.com Shoes & Handbags

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deal of the day: 30% off at gap & co this weekend!


here’s some exciting friday news:  gap is running its annual “give and get” event this weekend, in which you get 30% off at old navy, gap, banana republic and piperlime (this is a new, and very exciting addition!). plus, for every dollar you spend, gap donates 5% to one of several associated charities, and you get to choose which charity.  just head to the give and get website, sign up, choose your charity, and get shopping – use your discount online or in-store, as many times as you want!

while all of the charities are amazing, i’m going with the global fund, which works to eliminate AIDS in africa.  last year, gap was able to give $585,000 to the global fund via the “give and get,” so you’re definitely shopping for a worthy cause.

so, get signed up, and let me know what you’re buying!  i’m still stuck in piperlime heaven, deciding just how many shoes i can reasonably justify.  but i’ll be on to old navy next…time to stock up on some necessities.

happy hunting!

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deal of the day: velvet-trim satin top from old navy

at least once during the holiday season, i have a wardrobe crisis.  the year i was wearing a beautiful ivory cashmere sweater that i spilled a diet coke on while getting ready, or the red sequined skirt that i put my heel through when i foolishly put shoes on first.  so with the holidays getting close, i need an emergency holiday outfit (e.h.o.) in my closet. 

this satin top from old navy is a perfect choice – at $20, if the only place i wear it is the local wine bar, i can live with that.   the colors are perfect for the season – in this lovely shade of wine, it guarantees no one will notice my tendency to spill my cabernet.  but it’s also a standout in deep blue, and a classic in black.  a few other things i love?  straps wide enough to wear a regular bra, and cinching below the bust line to slim my waist.  one word of advice:  the top runs big, so order accordingly. 

oh, and with the friends & family discount going on this weekend at old navy, that $20 top is actually only $14…at that price, you can afford to buy this one in all three shades!  have fun at those parties and remember when that wardrobe crisis hits, don’t panic –  just have an e.h.o. at the ready, and you’re set!

~ j

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deals, deals everywhere…

it’s getting to be that very special time of year:  friends & family season!  while i normally save sale roundups until the end of the week, some of the best deals are expiring, and all are too good to miss.  so!

  • from 11/13 to 11/16, take 30% off sitewide at old navy, gap and banana republic for their annual friends & family event – plus, they’ll donate an additional 5% of your purchase price to charity.  use code B6BQLJDLGF8W at checkout.  i’ll admit there’s not a lot i’m after right now, but i am loving the jewelry at banana republic right now, and i think this is my green light to buy a few pieces.  (thanks to J for sharing this one!)
  • shopbop is also offering 30% off sitewide (well, except for sale, jewelry and accessories) – it started this morning and is good through thursday at midnight.  use code EARLYGIFT at checkout.
  • not nearly as exciting by comparison, but as long as we’re sharing, you can save 20% on all sweaters at jcrew through thursday at midnight.  use code SWEATERS at checkout.  i’ve been bummed to see the quality of j.crew’s cashmere decline of late, but this cozy academy cardigan looks like it might be the exception.
  • sephora’s friends & family is going on through 11/22 as well…20% off sitewide with code FF2008.
  • more friends & family goodness at restoration hardware:  20% off from 11/13 – 11/16 with code FFR2008.
  • and, one more – zoe is offering 40% off all coats, jackets and sweaters through 11/18 with code 8331064.  i’m sorely, sorely tempted to stock up on some lovely inhabit cashmere…if i can stop myself from picking up a cozy moncler down coat.

i think we all owe it to the economy to take advantage of a few of these…don’t you agree?

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