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vegan chic from olsen haus

ever since i saw cameron diaz wearing these lovely sandals in the april vogue, i’ve been pretty obsessed with them – well, with the whole perfectly summer look, really.  and, since it’s the first pair of vegan shoes i’ve ever really fallen for, i figured this was a great chance to prove i actually can be eco-conscious sometimes (apparently, as long as it involves absolutely no sacrifice on my part).

photo courtesy vogue magazine, april 2009

it’s taken me this long to finally track down these sweet goliath sandals, but designer olsen haus finally has a website!  at $99, these are such a great, reasonable option for a chic sandal (if not quite a ‘cheap thrill’).  i absolutely love the blend of black and tan leather stacked on the vamp, and the geometry of the ankle straps.  it’s definitely one of my favorite sandals of the season.

if you’re one of my eco-friendly readers, olsen haus is definitely a go-to for chic vegan styles.  they have a few great options ahead for fall too (though some are a bit over the top, i have to admit).  but i love this blue faux-suede pump and, naturally, this magenta flat.

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