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gift guide: nichole robertson’s finds for the francophile

{Editor’s Note: This year, I’ve asked a few of the people whose style I spend all year admiring to share their holiday wish lists. Stay tuned – we’ll have a new expert every day for the next two weeks!} french gift guide

I was about to launch into a long story about how much I love Paris. But really, who doesn’t love Paris? Who isn’t fantasizing about jetting off to the City of Lights at the first available opportunity? And therefore, who wouldn’t want a chic Parisian souvenir for the holidays? Nichole Robertson is one-half of the duo behind Obvious State, and the incredibly talented photographer/author of Paris in Color, her gorgeous (and Daisy-approved) series of color-themed snaps of her daily life in the City of Lights. Yes, you heard me. Her daily life. Because you see, besides being a bestselling author, Nichole gets to spend a few months a year living in Paris – eating croissant, drinking café au lait, and imbibing in that quintessentially French je ne sais quois.

Nichole is also seriously committed to supporting the wonderful world of handmade, so brace yourselves for some highly covetable Etsy finds in this lot. And PS: if anyone’s looking for a gift for me? I’ll take those Obvious State black & gold Paris prints, please.

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friday finds

Ha! As if I could “find” anything in this mess of a house. Moving is so not conducive to my hyper-organized style. My living room is like something out of Hoarders, my kitchen looks like a bomb hit at my local Williams-Sonoma, and don’t get me started on the state of my closet. I can’t even get to my shoes!

But, I’m making progress. And if nothing else, I’m back to blogging. Which really, is not nothing at all. So, shall we talk Friday Finds?

First up is the highly-talented Nichole Robertson’s much, much-anticipated new book, Paris in Color (from Chronicle, of course). I am obsessed…and much too tempted to take an X-acto knife to the thing and frame half its pages. There are oodles of photos of this gorgeous tome floating around the www this week, but none as cute as mine:


I am almost sorry to tell you about this find, because it’s biggest problem is just that: it’s really hard to find. Also, not cheap. But Philip Kingsley’s styling products are a serious obsession at my place these days. I use the Smooth Cream for frizz-free curly hair days, and the Preen Cream (this site has a killer price, and free shipping) for blowouts that last at least an extra day, sometimes two. Totally worth the hunt.

Spotted this J.Crew linen tee via the lovely blue moss girls, and am now obsessed. Slouchy, bright, and just the thing to throw on when you’re feeling style-less. Since I have at least another two months of long sleeves before summer arrives in Portland, I think I’m entitled to a little treat, don’t you?

To say that the very last thing I need right now is something else for the kitchen would be a massive understatement. That said, I am in love with this measuring cup from Terrain (via creature comforts), and it needs to be mine.

And last but not least, my weekly Pinterest pick. Truth be told, I haven’t been anywhere near prepared to Pin this week, but I hope to remedy that by catching up on my 800+ unread blog posts over the weekend. For now, I am borrowing a pin from Nina Garcia, a seriously awesome pinner. In the midst of moving chaos, nothing looks better to me right now than a room that’s utterly blank and serene.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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