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wear sunscreen!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, everyone! I’m taking the hubs to his very first rodeo…I’m pretty excited about it. With plans to spend an entire day out in the sun, I couldn’t help thinking that it might be the perfect time to remind you to bust out your sunscreen this weekend…and, if it’s more than a year old, replace it!

A few of my favorites to slather on every 3-4 hours over the next few days:

From left: Clinique Sun SPF 50+ face cream, $18; Tocca SPF 30 sunscreen towelettes (bonus: they smell unbelievable!), $28; Phyto Plage L’Originale Protective Beach Spray, $22, and
Hair & Body Wash
(both do amazing things for your hair, sun or not), $18

See you back here Tuesday!

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beauty buzz: phyto hair care

have i told you all about my most recent hair drama?  if you follow me on twitter, you probably saw the whole nasty mess play out…and otherwise, you may have heard the shrieks if you were within about 100 miles of portland.

some time ago, i dyed my hair at home as a product test for the blog.  i was unhappy with how it turned out, but it wasn’t “bad”…just dark.  and so, i was too cheap to do anything about it.  instead, i stewed for a few months, and then finally got a bug to fix it…again, via DIY methods (fool me once…).  i headed to the drugstore, picked up a box of loreal excellence (can you see where this is going?), and when i was done, my hair was red.  carrot top red.  not only that, but i had a nice bright orange streak running along the top two inches, where the roots from my prior color job had grown out.  it was bad, friends.

first, i turned to the beauty mavens at lucky magazine, who swore my problems could be remedied by immediately washing my hair in baking soda and baby shampoo.  i decided to do them one better, double the stripping potential, and make it baking soda and dandruff shampoo.  my scalp was not pleased (fyi, that combo, especially after coloring, really burns!).  and the color didn’t budge.  so my next call was to my stylist.  i was in her hands the next day, and she fixed the problem, but it took two separate color processes and a bleach to repair my bad decision. at this point, my hair was so dry and brittle, and my scalp was in so much pain, i knew i needed drastic help.

cue the wonderful world of phyto hair care, which has somehow managed to rescue my abused hair and return it to (almost) its former state of glory.  i went with the ultra-nourishing system, given my troubles, and am now absolutely hooked.  i’ve started applying the pre-shampoo oil once a week when i wake up, then showering maybe 15-30 mins later, when i wash out the oil, use their phytokarite hair mask like a daily conditioner, and finish with phyto 9 as a leave-in conditioner/styling protector.

not to get all infomercial about it, but i can tell you i was genuinely sure my hair was completely beyond repair, that nothing was going to help…and this stuff did. imagine what it could do for your hair if you hadn’t started out with the mess i did.  the system is a little pricey, but the products last forever.

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