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steals & deals around the web

A few lovely little markdowns have crossed my path this morning, friends…thought you’d want a heads-up.

Any killer deals on your radar today? Share with the class!

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sale spy: deals you should know about

Friends & Family at Saks!
 A whopping 25% off (20% off jewelry) through 4.28.13 with code FRNFAM2. This is the time to splurge on that Burberry trench, friends. Or maybe those Rag & Bone boots you’ve been eyeing for a year and a half. Shop fast, the good stuff will go early.

Piperlime: 20% off most sandals (and a few other goodies) with code PEDI. Last day on this one, but they have some fun styles from Sol Sana, Joie and those Sam Edelman booties you see absolutely everywhere. (Seriously digging the sprayed-white sole on these ones.)

J.Crew: In what is fast becoming totally predictable news, J.Crew has 25% off sitewide again through 4.28.13 with code SPRINGBEST. Cardmembers can make it 30% off with code CARDSTYLE. Their sweaters aren’t what they used to be, and their pants only fit 5% of the time. But this may be a good excuse for a new classic button-down and some denim shorts.


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sale spy: mastering clearance stores

Editor’s Note: My helpful hints today on iVillage are all about navigating Black Friday – when to dive in, when to bow out, and how to prep for battle. In that spirit, I thought I’d have our Sale Spy, Roxanna, give you some tips on my retail Achilles’ heel: the clearance store! I have yet to master these bargain bastions, but now that I have her tricks in hand, I just may give it another try!

Sale Spy’s picks: Leather Combo Blazer, Cut 25, $346.99 (reduced from $495) / Crossbody bag, Steve by Steve Madden, $46.80 (reduced from $78) / Medici Coat, Anthropologie, $149.95 (reduced from $298)

Roxanna K.K. ~ Everyone can shop in ritzy boutiques. With their racks of carefully edited merchandise and judicious use of white space, they’re a piece of cake. But only die-hard sale hounds can shop at clear-out retailers like Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. This is where you become a shopping ninja.

Now I know many people are overwhelmed and intimidated by these stores – the unending racks of jumbled up merchandise shoved together like sardines, the fluorescent lighting, the nonexistent service. But trust me – there are amazing deals to be found here, people. It just takes a little courage and a lot of chutzpah. Luckily you have your trusty Sale Spy to guide you through the process so that you, too, can score the best finds without developing a migraine in the process:

Read on

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currently coveting: grass green

I didn’t set out to look for pieces in this beautiful, almost-jade, not-quite-kelly grass green hue. In fact, I didn’t even realize how perfect the match was until I noticed both windows open in my browser. But I haven’t been able to stop myself from daydreaming about this color ever since. It’s the perfect summer shade, don’t you think?

Floral blouse, Boundary & Co, $68  / Studio Sandals, Madewell, $148

Even though it’s polyester, I’d love to see that top paired with a pair of denim cutoffs or a bright yellow skinny jean. And those shoes? Well, what wouldn’t they be amazing with? Pink comes to mind…something pale like strawberry ice cream or bright like raspberry sorbet. Really, you couldn’t go wrong.

Darn it, now I’m craving ice cream.

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! As usual, there’s no rhyme or reason to this week’s list, though I am noticing an abundance of ultra-bright color. It must be summertime.

The hubs and I have some fun travel plans over the next few months, and I can tell you there’s nothing I’d rather be toting my travel gear in more than this bold blue weekender bag. I love the bright hue, the tribal vibe and the leather trim, and I have a feeling it’d be light as a feather.

It’s still a little early to be thinking fall trends, but this ladylike silk blouse from Madewell will be just the thing with those below-the-knee skirts this fall.

After spotting this beautiful street style image from Atlantic-Pacific

…I can’t stop thinking about adding a chic pair of bright pants to my denim-centric wardrobe. While I’m normally terrified by the idea of a capri, these candy-colored versions from J.Crew look more like an ankle-grazing length than a mid-calf affair, rendering them infinitely more stylish. Now, to pick a color!

And, now that I think about it, that emerald blouse would look pretty amazing with any of these – especially the blue. Be bold, friends!

While I was never a big fan of Gretchen Jones while she was on Project Runway, I have to admit that her new line of jewelry for Piperlime is good. A lot of the pieces miss the mark by *that* much (a spiked earring that would be so much more amazing if the post weren’t dead center, and a long necklace that would be strikingly perfect if the pendant pieces were a bit further down the chain), but there are some styles I’m seriously contemplating. But…no returns allowed on these pieces, so I’m proceeding with caution.

I almost never swoon over baby/kiddie goods (I’m pretty sure I’m missing a gene), but these prints from Heather Ross are a little too perfect. They’re called “Cranky Princesses” – hysterical! Now I just need some little girls to buy them for…

And now, I’m off to spend a fun, relaxing weekend with my BFF, who’s coming to town. I can’t wait! Hope you have something equally fun in store.

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friday finds: a hint of spring

happy friday, everyone!  i don’t know how things are looking where you are, but it’s been a whirlwind week of weather here in portland.  we went from blizzards yesterday to clear blue (and sunny!) skies this morning.  and so, i’m holding on to the hope that winter was just getting one last blast out of its cranky system, and praying for warmer days ahead.

speaking of spring, we can finally start looking forward to a higher waist, and a wider leg on our denim this spring.  can i get an amen?!  this pair of jeans popped up in my shop it to me alert (if you’re not trying it, you really should) this morning, and they’re definitely worth pointing out.  now, i don’t pick favorites when it comes to my denim…it would be like choosing a favorite child shoe.  but i can say with confidence that these paige hidden hills in twilight are the most comfortable jeans i own.  that’s not true of all of the hidden hills jeans (i have a few) – just this particular wash.  it’s due entirely to the fabric blend, which contains almost 20% spandex.  in other words, they’re essentially yoga pants you get to wear out on the town.  and now they’re on sale at piperlime for $119.  i’m seriously considering a back-up pair.

i’m still not totally on board with madewell…i’m annoyed that a brand that’s supposed to be a younger, cheaper version of j.crew is every bit as pricey, and i’ve had mixed luck with their pieces thus far.  but i am swooning so severely over their fernwood dress, i’m either going to lose consciousness or gain credit card debt.  one look at it, and i can hardly wait for spring.

as a rule, i tend to be skeptical of most clothing/accessories you can buy at macy’s (oh, the snobbery!).  but i spotted this rachel roy necklace in my worldwide wandering this week, and i’m a fan.  it’s a nice middle ground between last season’s gargantuan statement necklaces and the itty bitty pendants you’ll be seeing everywhere for spring, which makes it the perfect piece to buck the trend without going overboard.

and, speaking of jewelry, i can’t head off for the weekend without showing you christine mighion’s new weekend collection.  i love all of her designs, so it’s no surprise that i love this collection too.  it feels so casual, comfortable and clean – just like a perfect weekend.  and there are styles under $100, which is seriously remarkable from a fine jewelry designer.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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deal of the day: 30% off at gap & co this weekend!


here’s some exciting friday news:  gap is running its annual “give and get” event this weekend, in which you get 30% off at old navy, gap, banana republic and piperlime (this is a new, and very exciting addition!). plus, for every dollar you spend, gap donates 5% to one of several associated charities, and you get to choose which charity.  just head to the give and get website, sign up, choose your charity, and get shopping – use your discount online or in-store, as many times as you want!

while all of the charities are amazing, i’m going with the global fund, which works to eliminate AIDS in africa.  last year, gap was able to give $585,000 to the global fund via the “give and get,” so you’re definitely shopping for a worthy cause.

so, get signed up, and let me know what you’re buying!  i’m still stuck in piperlime heaven, deciding just how many shoes i can reasonably justify.  but i’ll be on to old navy next…time to stock up on some necessities.

happy hunting!

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what i want one of these days…

i am not a boot girl, or a heels girl, or a (gasp) athletic footwear girl.  i may love them all in theory, but the reality is that i wear flats.  every day, rain or shine, my go-to shoe is the ballet flat.  however, now that i’m living in a much brisker climate, i think it’s time to admit that i may have to turn in my flats for the winter, in favor of something a touch more weather-friendly.  but, as i’m also living in a much less fashion-forward climate, none of my heeled boots are going to do the trick either.  so, i’m faced with the dilemma of purchasing potentially very expensive footwear that i know may never actually leave my house.  but i want to give it a go.

what i want:  these amazing taupe riding boots at barneys (left, $480) are calling my name oh-so-seductively…as are these equally stunning grey belted boots (center, $480) from coclico (the pics at shopbop are vastly superior, but the price is lower at piperlime, so they win).

what i bought:  for now, i’ve taken the hubs’ advice, and picked up a pair that’s more budget-friendly (cough, cheaper, cough) to test my fashion flexibility.  these cognac suede boots (right, $133 after discount) remind me a lot of the classic campus by frye, but at less than half the price (especially when you factor in the $25 discount AND the free vogue subscription with purchase promotions at endless right now).  this way, if i manage to make the style work for me, well, it’s splurge-city, baby. 

i’ll keep you posted on whether my attempt at a recession-friendly fashion decision paid off…

Vogue and Endless.com Special Offfer

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