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get gifting: on the cheap

happy hanukkah, everyone!  for those of you not frantically rushing around to find a gift before sunset, tonight is the first night of hanukkah.  and so, in honor of the festival of lights, today’s gift guide is full of ideas perfect for friends, loves, and family, but the common thread is that each and every one is under $30…and that’s a list i’m guessing you’ll want no matter what holiday(s) you’re celebrating this year.  because if you thought christmas left you feeling broke, just imagine stringing it out for eight craaaazy nights!

postcardenPicture 11Picture 15

Picture 10Picture 12

Picture 14

Picture 16

left to right, from top: angela adams address book and notepad sets (so, so beautiful in person), $14-15; postcarden “season’s greetings” pop-up card, $13; clinique “connect the gloss” interchangeable lip gloss set, $25; cast iron owlet (literally impossible not to love), $18; tocca crema mani viaggio hand cream trio, $18; vosges bacon chocolate chip pancake mix, $12; michelle armas signed antonia 2011 calendar, $30; allo-allo french tea towel, $15; origins “peace of mind” on-the-spot relief (great for men and women – i’m obsessed!), $10; international rescue committee blankets, school supplies or first aid kits, $20-28; happy socks (!), $10; modern madness moustache mug, $14.

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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the sweetest snail mail ever: postcarden

when the creator of these adorable little postcardens emailed me a while back, i instantly fell for the idea.  it’s a postcard that opens up into a pop-up silhouette of a building, cityscape or apartment, and it arrives with a packet of seeds to plant inside to create a darling little mini-garden.  the results are so sweet, and so creative, i couldn’t help but love them.

but back then, you could only buy them in the EU, and it just seemed cruel to torture you with the cuteness and then tell you they weren’t available.  fortunately, aimee emailed last week to let me know that they’re finally available in the US at brooklyn 5+10!

these are such a perfect little gift because they come ready to address and ship – there’s virtually no effort required on your part.  i love the idea of sending these to your favorite gardener, or someone you love who’s living in an apartment with no outdoor space whatsoever.  each one comes boxed into a postcard-sized set, complete with pop-up garden and seeds, and sprouts to create the prettiest little garden. at $12.95 each, this is a perfect “just thinking of you” gift for someone far away.

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