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foodie finds: meet quin

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For those of you that haven’t guessed, I have a pretty serious sweet tooth. In fact, one of my fantasy careers has always been to own a candy shop. I’d be like Dylan Lauren…but probably about 50 lbs heavier from being around all that Cadbury (and, sadly, without the billion-dollar family legacy and a private yurt).

But I’m also a food snob. So, while I’ll certainly dig into an Oreo from time to time, it’s really the handmade goodies that make my heart sing. I’m what you’d charitably call a decent baker, but I’ve always dreamed of mastering the art of candymaking. Candy is as much chemistry as culinary art, and since even my college chem professor agreed I was a disaster in that particular field, I’ve always been openly in awe of those who do it well.

All this to say that when I got word Jami Curl (she of massive local fame for perfecting what is, quite simply, the best cupcake in Portland) had opened a chic new candy shop in town, my ears perked up. And when she told me that, instead of stocking the usual pre-produced fare, she was making her wares from scratch? I went from interested to obsessed in a hurry.

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