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friday finds: the zigzag edition (apparently)

Happy Friday, friends! As always, I hope you have fantastic weekend plans. Me, I’m going to an ice cream churn-a-ment this afternoon, and then I have a hot date to see “Bad Teacher.” So, we’re starting it off right!

Before we get going with this week’s list, can I ask you a quick favor? My little Shopping’s My Cardio Facebook page needs you…come on over and be my friend, won’t you? We can, like, throw a kegger or something.

And now, business aside…time for our usual Friday eye candy!

What do you think of clogs? I can’t quite make up my mind…but there is something about this particular style of Swedish Hasbeens that I love. The strappy-ness (yes, I just made up a word) does a lot to balance out the heft of the sole, and they look mighty comfy. The balance of that is that they’re not cheap…but I’m told these things last forever.

This print by Julien Pacaud has been open on my desktop all week. I can’t explain the love, but it’s there…it’s like some fictional land I’d very much like to visit. I should really just buy it already.

I am trying so hard to convince myself I could pull off these Rachel Comey zigzag pants. Think you could do it?

Speaking of zigzag (I’m a little more than obsessed these days), I got a little tip this morning that John Robshaw is having a 40% off sale for the next week. I’m annoyed that my quilt from them has rapidly deteriorated (I really need to email them about that), but that doesn’t stop me from wanting this delicious robe. On sale, it’s $57, and Robshaw’s cotton is definitely something I want to be swathed in for as long as possible.

And, okay, one (two) more zigzags…I can’t resist. You won’t be able to either when you see this stunning wallet and crossbody bag (originally spotted by the beautiful Joy) from Deep Dark Africa. I’m so head over heels, there are no words. While you’re there, check out the rest of the site…there are a bevy of world-traveled beauties you won’t be able to live without.

Are you feeling the zigzag love like I am this year?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone…see you back here next week!

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styled alternatives: the fancy skirt

i have a family wedding to attend this spring, and i’m dreading dropping serious change on a dress that i’ll wear once and will then wither at the back of my closet.  instead, i’ve been thinking about the value of separates.  picking up a formal skirt that can be repurposed in any number of ways feels fresh, but it also feels smart.  i’m thinking that this skirt from the rodarte/opening ceremony collaboration might be an absolute necessity.

sure, at first blush (sorry, i had to…), this looks a little formal for anything but an evening event.  but bear with me:

on the left, we have the wedding-guest ensemble…pitch perfect for any non-black-tie wedding, i think.  but i’ll have endless options to restyle that skirt and use it all year long.  that stunning blush shade, tinted with gold metallic, is pitch-perfect for warmer weather, and the semi-sheer, floaty crepe gives this a beautiful shape. it’s a little short, particularly for a knee-showing-phobe like me, but i’m thinking if i size up, it might just work.  and the pricetag ($325) doesn’t feel that out of the budget realm for a special event…after all, i’d pay that much for a dress, i’m sure, and the skirt is endlessly more versatile.  it could so easily be paired with a sleek black top and nude pumps (and maybe that sweet little bow belt?) to make it event-worthy, or a simple nude tank for cocktails, but it will also be amazing for day.  the trick is to keep the rest of the look simple and ultra-casual – let the skirt steal the spotlight.  add a white tee, denim jacket and perhaps some rachel comey booties, and you’re set!

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how i spent my christmas vacation

am i the only one that remembers writing those “how i spent my vacation” essays in grade school?  i thought not.

welcome back, all!  i hope you had a fabulous holiday…i know i did.  i thought i’d share a few little highlights with you from my week(s) away.

i had a wonderful christmas, full of cozy time with my hubs and the rest of my family, and packed with treats and goodies i didn’t even know i couldn’t live without.  my sweet hubs hooked me up with a gargantuan tub of my favorite cadbury heroes (a british mix of bite-sized cadbury delights), and also made me – from scratch, dear readers – chocolate and graham-covered marshmallows.  i have asked him never to make them again, as they disappeared at a frightening rate.  fortunately, i think he knows i didn’t mean a word of it.

(image borrowed from life’s ambrosia, as i sadly forgot to take a photo. but you get the idea.)

i also got a fancy new camera memory card that automatically transfers photos from my camera to flickr, without my having to do a thing.  it’s like magic. what this means for you is that i might actually be posting photos i didn’t borrow elsewhere!  like, say, a photo of the beautiful new earrings i got for christmas:

i also got a second pair of what may have been my favorite purchase all year:  my rachel comey mars boots.  i bought them first in stamped nougat (the very last pair in the universe, i think), and was wearing them so faithfully, i decided i had to nab a second pair in black before they were gone.  it was a major feat of shopping to find them (curse these giant feet of mine!), but thanks to mick margo (and my sweet mom), they’re all mine!

next, we headed to northern california for a few days of rest and relaxation with my family.  but i did manage to make the world’s quickest detour into san francisco…had to make a little stop at my beloved barneys, have lunch at the neiman marcus rotunda, and nab some macarons at miette.  missions accomplished…

…and then some!  i managed to track down a scarf i’ve been wanting for months…and on sale, no less!  it’s like barneys knew i was coming.

those little greyhounds in their cute coats…how could i resist?!

while i was in cali, i also got to debut my new elm cardigan from le train bleu. it was love at first sight with this one – that fair isle/native american pattern is so striking, and the striped lapel just makes me swoon!  apparently i wasn’t alone…my stylish mom literally stole it off my back, and i was forced to order a replacement.  thankfully, the brilliant bria at le train bleu managed to get a few more in stock. i’m counting the minutes until my replacement arrives!

now i’m home, and ever so slowly getting back into the swing of things….though i admit, i’m moving like molasses.  it’s just too cold here in portland to focus on anything, really.  except maybe a piping hot cappuccino.

what about you, dear readers?  how were your holidays?  i’d love to hear all about them!

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currently coveting: fall at creatures of comfort

look at all of this lovely fall cardigan-y goodness over at creatures of comfort!  i blame jenn at a merry mishap, for sending me over there in the first place.

is it possible to obsess about camel any more than i am? probably not.

clockwise from top left:  pam verse cardi in tan, $240; apc leopard cardi, $195; a detacher claudeta cardi, $435; apc chic cardi in beige, $238.

and some non-cardigan goodness that i also can’t help but adore…especially those shoes, even if i’d be a tiny bit scared to wear them with a heel that staggeringly high.

clockwise from top left: rachel comey foxglove heels, $368; dream collective braille necklace, $335 (also a pretty fabulous ring for a mere $35!); apc trench coat, camel, $445; rick owens scrunch top, $315.

i’ve literally had to stop myself from making this post three pages long.  sigh…  give yourself a little thursday treat, and take a stroll through their new arrivals.  i am definitely, definitely a fall fashion kind of girl.

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a little spring for your step

ah, spring.  i’m so not a fan of warm-weather attire, but the shoes?  they’re another story entirely.  i get absolutely giddy when my favorite shops start to break out the sandals in january, and i start counting the days until i get to wear my peep toes for the first time each spring.  truth be told, i end up a little overwhelmed by my choices…in the best possible way, of course.

but i think i’ve finally narrowed it down to my favorites of the season.  i’ve tried (so very hard) to minimize the splurge factor, so most of these are under $100, and each and every one will bring some serious spring style to your closet.  this list is far from exhaustive (it’s a great year for sandals), but there isn’t a pair here that wouldn’t be extremely welcome at my house.

Picture 30

if you’re the type to pick one classic shoe to get you through the season, this cole haan ($108) is it.  sleek and simple, these will blend with any style you’ve got going.  but look closely, and you’ll see just a touch of inspiration from those oxford brogues we’ve been seeing everywhere.  add the nike air technology, and your long summer strolls will be utterly effortless.

Picture 29

these sweet mini-wedge espadrilles from marais ($92) just remind me of childhood…in the best possible way.  i’d love to see these paired with skirts and dresses, sure, but they’d be equally cute with cutoff denim.

Picture 31

for something a little edgier, i fell hard for these bright blue gladiators from aldo ($60) when i first spotted them.  i got the chance to test them out (yes, my job is awesome), and i can tell you they’re one of the most comfy sandals i own, and the construction is really impressive for the price.  i’ve developed a whole new affection for aldos after trying these.  rock them with your spring shorts, and release your inner badass.

Picture 28

i hardly know where to start with these studded snakeskin flat gladiators from modern vintage ($225).  they’re a bit of a splurge, i know, but look at them!  the snakeskin straps, the studded vamp…it was too much for me to resist.  these might just top my list this year.  (you can, incidentally, get a similar look for less here…not as wonderful, but under $100 is always nice.)

sigh…these rachel comey margot sandals had me at hello.  again with the mini-wedge and the bright, cheery color…i have a feeling these wouldn’t leave my feet all summer!  i’m sorry to tell you they’re a definite spluge at $275, but nab 20% off with code SPRING10 for the time being.

TOMS Yellow Newport Cordones

and last but not least, we all need a little something to kick around in when our pedicure’s lagging.  these striped yellow cordones from TOMS ($69) are an adorable alternative to those little leather oxfords we’re seeing everywhere, and a nice change from the keds of yore.  plus, you get do-gooder bonus points, as TOMS still buys a pair of shoes for someone in need for every pair they sell.  (update: the powers that be just emailed to let me know they’re discontinuing this color, so act fast if you love the yellow. if you miss out, the red version is sticking around, and it’s just as cute!)

happy friday, everyone…i hope there’s some shoe shopping in your future this weekend!

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enamored with enamel (and a tale of a bad hair day)

editor’s note: today’s the very last day to enter this month’s amazing giveaway.  click here and enter now to win that beautiful cashmere scarf by TDM!

dear readers, i have to be honest:  i’m having a wretched day.  last night, i got maybe the worst haircut i’ve had since perms were in style (layers, lots and lots of layers…it’s not pretty).  and so today, my heart’s just not with the world of fashion and style.

in the hopes that it will cheer me, i am powering through.  i thought i’d show off some sweet enameled jewelry i came across recently by designer rachel comey, at the always-wonderful refinery 29.  for those that aren’t familiar, comey is the darling of the most hip and happening in the style world – her shoes in particular are coveted far and wide, and can be impossible to track down.

her shoes are fabulous, but personally, i’m flipping for her jewelry this season.  these gold and enamel pieces feel somehow retro and modern at the same time, and i love that they’re lighthearted without being too young.  i can see any of the women on mad men wearing those darling clip earrings, but i can also see the hippest girl i know adding that long locket necklace to a pile of chains for a perfect focal point.

the earrings in particular are a pretty cool concept, actually.  they’re $15 each (on sale, thank you!) – that’s per earring.  so, you can mix, match, or use them for any manner of purposes – clipped to a small hair barrette (the kind that will be holding my hair back from sight for the foreseeable future), the button hole of a cardigan, or even onto a thick chain as a pendant.  if you’re opposed to the clip earring, of course, these could easily be converted to posts by your friendly neighborhood jeweler.

i pictured the simpler of the two necklaces available – the long locket ($80, also on sale) – because, well, it’s just more my style. it’s so simple and classic, and would be beautiful with virtually anything. it feels like something you scored in a vintage shop, but better.  of course, if you want something a little crazier (ie, the type of person my hair stylist apparently thought i was), the multi-charm necklace has six of these enamel charms strung on a leather cord, and would be just the thing to add some serious style to a crewneck tee for the weekend.

so, what do you think: will you be indulging in a little enamel this fall?

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now this is an urban outfitters i can get behind!

wow, i’m not sure what’s going on. normally i just don’t appreciate urban outfitters – going to the store feels a bit like coming home from college for the weekend and swinging by your old high school, only to realize you’re already hopelessly unhip and out of place.  but in the last few days, i’ve spotted several things that have made me swoon.

i’m a longtime fan of andrew holder, so i’m thrilled to see (thank you, cafe cartolina!) he has two brand new prints available at UO.  they’re both huge (one is nearly three feet tall), and such great examples of his work.  in fact, i coveted his original edition of the jellyfish print (which i promise you will be on my wall soon) for ages, and nearly cried when i realized it was sold out (not that i could have afforded it).  so, as you’d imagine, this new edition is making me extremely happy.

and, from fish to birds:  i’m apparently strangely attracted to both this week.  after owning my iphone for more than six months, i’ve still been unable to find a cover i didn’t hate.  these are actually skins, not true covers, but they’re lovely, aren’t they?  and isn’t that penguin just the cutest thing?  as soon as i spied it, i knew it was by joanna mendicino – she can just do no wrong in my eyes.

and then there are the shoes.  i’m still bitter that the rachel comey diffusion line wasn’t available in my size.  but now they’re carrying some very stunning marais suede gladiator sandals – also not in my size, and equally fabulous.  sigh.

the one low point:  i was going to point out these blue stacked heel sandals, but the color in the catalog (left – sorry it’s horribly blurry) was this fabulous, bold shade, and on the website (right), it’s, well, more blah than bold, don’t you think?  the whole thing has left me feeling sort of iffy about these.

but the rest is good, don’t you think?

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