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friends & family bonanza!

It’s a good day, my friends! Welcome to the first day of Friends & Family at both Saks Fifth Ave. and Shopbop! Yep, you heard me. 20% off sitewide, with the obvious nagging designer exclusions.

Friends and family is wonderful, but remember, it’s the precursor to the fall sales, when things will start at 25-30% off. So, like everything else in life, it’s a gamble. Take the sure thing now? Or wait until next week, when prices start to drop? It’s a judgment call, but generally, I suggest using Friends & Family to splurge on pieces that are classic, and therefore won’t go on sale – like, say, a Burberry trench. It’s also a great time for denim, as those markdowns won’t happen until much later in the season (if at all). And pieces you’ll wear to death now, like boots.

Want some examples?

At Saks, use code FRNFAM2 through 10/21 (and combine it with code OCTBSFA for free shipping on $150+):

Twisted seam sweater, Vince, $176 from $220; Newbury ankle boots, Rag & Bone, $396 from $495; Grey flannel Marrakesh, MiH $169 from $211 (more on these amazing pants later)

At Shopbop, you’ll use code WEAREFAMILY, but it’s only good through tomorrow (10/17):


Colorblock pullover, Elizabeth & James, $292 from $365; Richley lace dress, DVF, $292 from $365; Ingrid lurex sweater, Velvet, $92 from $114

But what I really want to know is…what are you buying??

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my big fat birthday list

Friends, it’s my birthday week! (Yes, I get a whole week – I’m that girl, and I’m not even sorry.) This is a milestone birthday for me, and it’s the first one that’s made me squirm in my seat a little bit. Do I dare even tell you my age? Let’s just say I’m switching boxes on the ol’ “how old are you” survey question, and I am not at all happy about my new box.

Shoving aside the thoughts of impending age, a birthday is still big news in my house, and I’ll take any excuse to make a wishlist. Sure, it’s 90% pure fantasy, but you’ve got to dream big to win big, am I right?

For my bod: Printed pants are falling all over themselves to get into my closet, but I love that these Rag & Bone Raja jeans are a bit different than the standard-issue fare. I think they’ll last a bit longer, and be more wearable too. And it’s no big surprise that a Vince cardi would make its way onto my list, but this especially splurge-y, leather-trimmed version is making me so happy this fall. There are actually two styles floating around out there (here’s the second), and I’m torn. What’s your fave?

For my jewelry box: My earring collection has stagnated in a big way. I need some color in my life! Okay, these Pade Vavra druzy studs aren’t technically color, but I think sparkle should count, don’t you? If not, these sweet little gold-dipped studs from A Merry Mishap are an easy bargain and

For my arm: A major item on my list is a new bag for fall. Don’t get me wrong, I swoon for my Chanel. But she’s not exactly an everyday bag. I’m thinking either navy or grey for my fall addition. Dream version? Lanvin’s For Me, a navy/black combo I’ve been swooning over for months. Reality version? I’m still dreaming about Gryson’s Ruby satchel, and crossing my fingers a navy version will appear.

For my toes: Still stewing over the latest from Pied Juste (a new line by the ousted Sigerson & Morrison) – just can’t decide where to start. Oh-so-on-trend ankle strap oxblood flats, or a cutout suede mini-wedge? Decisions, decisions.

For my belly: What girl doesn’t want candy for her birthday? Vosges is so my jam when it comes to splurging on sweets – I’ll take a box of caramel marshmallows and one of their new Wink of the Rabbit caramels, please.

Happy (almost) birthday to me!

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fall boot covets, part one

I thought I’d just be honest right there in the title, since you know this is going to be a fearfully long list by October.

Fall boots…I can’t get enough. Since I fulfilled the “need” on my boot list (black riding boots) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s time to buckle down and pick a fun pair to get me through the bleak winter months ahead. I’ve been imagining myself with the Rag & Bone Durham for so long, I’m sort of surprised they haven’t magically appeared in my closet, a la The Secret-slash-Field of Dreams.

Durham in grey or brown, $525

But, since they haven’t, and since I’m going to have to hem and haw for another few months (most likely until they’re sold out) before I’m willing to shell out $525 for them, I’m trying to move on to a new love.

What do you all think about studded boots?

I know, I’m a skeptic. I’m the least edgy girl I know, for starters. I’m also over 30. Both of these facts should immediately disqualify me from owning studded anything. But I have such a bizarre fascination with these Chloe Susanna boots…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Give them a minute. They’ll grow on you…like those hidden-picture posters from the ’80s (which I never could master). Which they’ll need to do if you’re going to spend $1,300 on them. Anyway, they’re hands-down the “boot of the season” if you ask a fashion editor (or if you check Zara and Topshop for knockoffs, which is the surest sign of “it” status). Ahem:

Alvin, Topshop, $180 / Ankle boot, Zara, $189 / Pete, Laurence Dacade, $397 (not really knockoffs, but still good.)

I could find more, but I’m lazy. They’re all cute, but honestly…am I going to wear those to bop over to Target? Probs not. But! I’m thinking I may have found the perfect middle ground. What do you think of these?

Amplify studded boots, Topshop, $160

It’s like the Chloe boots and the Rag & Bone boots had a little drunken-prom-night romp in the dressing room at Topshop. Still a little edgy for me, but I’m thinking maybe these are subtle enough to try. Hey, even Hermes puts studs on things…there must be a way to make them classy.

What do you think? Can a preppy girl ever pull off studs?

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white denim: the how-to

Every so often, I find myself on a fashion mission. This year, it’s been all about white. Finding the most flattering, versatile pieces, and – most importantly – figuring out how to wear it. Especially for those of us who aren’t impossibly tall, thin and tan, white is a tricky thing. It’s sheer, so it makes underpinnings tricky, and it highlights every curve, which isn’t something we always want. But it’s time to embrace the white, friends…we can do it!

I’ve already tracked down the perfect white tee for you, and some fantastic white trousers. But really, the holy grail of summer whites is the perfect white jean. And they are tricky! Skinny styles are all but impossible to pull off, but if you go too loose, you veer into bum sag territory, which isn’t good.

Let me introduce you to Molly. She’s from Mavi Jeans (a new favorite of mine), and friends…she is perfect.

Molly straight-leg jeans, Mavi, $80

Straight-cut leg and a mid-rise, both of which are a must to keep the look tailored. A touch of stretch to make them comfortable, but plenty of structure to keep you sucked in. The denim is sturdy enough to avoid divulging bulges, without veering into thick, mom-grade territory. And they’re impossibly well-priced at $80, so you won’t blow a gasket when you inevitably stain them.

Once I’d tracked down the perfect pair, of course, the next matter was styling. First things first: you want nude, seamless boyshorts underneath. Even so, in general, I’m a fan of treating white denim a bit like leggings: keep the bum covered. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but it’s a great place to start from, especially if you’re white-phobic like me.

From there, you have a dozen places you can go. But a couple of my favorites:

{Classic kurta, Roberta Roller Rabbit, $69 / Cyrus sandal, K.Jacques, $224 / Kyna Wise sandal, Clarks, $90)

It’s the easiest outfit you’ll put together all summer. Of course, if you want to take it up a notch:

{Diane Burnout Tunic, Alternative Apparel, $40 (size up for that slouchy fit!)}

You can stop right there – add the K.Jacques sandals from above, and you’re easy weekend perfection. But I happen to be pretty crazy for dressing up the whites. So, my favorite look?

Top: Sliver blazer, Rag & Bone, $495 / Happy crossbody bag, Dooney & Bourke, $199 / Seville espadrille, J.Crew, $98; Bottom: Trim blazer, Woodford & Co, $326 / Rope necklace, kikinyc, $195 / Sperry Top-Sider, $98

Oh, there are so many great blazers this season! I could have gone on for days picking favorites. But these two will give you such different looks, and they’re pitch-perfect for this time of year. Plus, ditch the blazer after work and you’re still stylish enough for happy hour with friends.

So, talk to me…have you already taken the white denim plunge, or are you still standing by the side of the pool?

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nordstrom anniversary sale preview 2012!

It’s time, friends! Our annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale rundown…are you excited? I have to tell you, it’s given me all sorts of warm fuzzies this week to get all of your emails and tweets asking when I’d be running this post. I love that you look forward to it as much as I do!

Background: If you don’t know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is this wonderful occurrence every July, in which Nordstrom strikes deals with dozens of designers to pre-release a few special pieces from their fall collections (occasionally exclusives), and marks them down by 40%. Prices do go back up (though they then predictably drop back down a few weeks later), and things do sell out. Today is the first day of pre-sale, which you can participate in if you have a Nordstrom card. If not, hold out until 7/20, when the fun officially begins.

But enough chatter, let’s get down to business! Am I just getting old and slow, or did the sheer volume of the sale increase dramatically this year? Overall, this year is amazing for shoes, especially boots. It was hard to pick favorites, but a girl’s got to prioritize.

Nadine riding boot, Tory Burch, $299 / Gillian flat boot in midnight suede, Via Spiga, $259 / Laguna boot, Coach, $260

Now on to the real fun, the ankle boots! Hands down, my favorite shoe in the sale is the Rag & Bone Newbury, which isn’t suede, as I’d feared, but is nubuck. Mincing hairs, I know, but I’ll take any justification for these babies!

Veronica in crinkled leather, Frye, $192 / Fastrost bootie, ALDO, $87 / Jane Trapunto bootie, Frye, $190 /
Newbury boot
, Rag & Bone, $299 / Folly bootie, DV by Dolce Vita, $67 (awesome, but they’ll be everywhere)

And, of course, a couple of fun flats…some of you asked specifically about Tory Burch, so I’m including hers, even though they’re a bit of a snooze.

Noel flat, Tory Burch, $170 / Adaptable flat in grey snake (also in leopard), Stuart Weitzman, $170

Note I specifically excluded the pieces I think will be oversaturated (Sam Edelman leopard booties and Steve Madden tasseled loafers, I’m looking at you).

Moving on to bags and accessories! The bags are hit and miss this season, though there are some goodies. I hesitate to buy bags during the Sale as a rule, since I hate seeing every girl on the street carrying my bag. But every rule is made to be broken, and there are some rule-breakers here!


Prado tote, Pour La Victoire, $263 / Drew-Dia bucket bag, DVF, $297 / Zip around wallet, DVF, $150

DVF makes a fantastic wallet, so if you’re in the market, that one’s a no-brainer. There are some fun accessories this season as well – Michael Kors has his usual menswear watch contribution. It’s available in every possible metal color this time, but the rose gold continues to be my favorite.

Cameron watch, Michael Kors, $184 / Barriewood bangles, Natasha Couture, $36 / Mollie sunglasses, Kate Spade, $85

Oh, I love those bangles! And the Kate Spade sunnies are pretty fantastic, even if they are a Tom Ford look-a-like.

Now, on to the clothes! As always, loads of great coats. I’ve been on the hunt for a black leather jacket that doesn’t make me look like I’m trying too hard, and this version from Yigal Azrouel may just be it! Also, I know at least a few of you are in the market for a Burberry trench…that one on the far right is a steal you should not miss.

Drape front leather jacket, Yigal Azrouel, $699 / Asymmetrical jacket, Burberry London, $589 /
Wool wrap coat
, Trina Turk, $366 /Double-breasted trench, Burberry Brit, $695

Silks and stripes are everywhere, of course, but they’re great picks this season. Well worth stocking up on a few of these!

Star print shirt, L’Agence, $169 / Dolman silk top, Vince, $164 / Brett silk top, Equipment, $139

Striped boatneck top, Vince, $89 / Stripe crewneck sweater, A.L.C., $179 /
Colorblock crewneck sweater
, Halogen, $49 /  Drape neck sweater, Caslon, $46

And last but not least, a few special pieces worth your attention:

Leather trim tuxedo jacket, Rag & Bone, $379 / Etiara dress, Theory, $197 /
Alice skinny coated stretch jeans, Habitual, $149

If you’ve been dying to get in on the leather pants trend, those Habitual jeans are the best way to do it on a budget. From pics, they’re almost indistinguishable from leather (but undoubtedly more comfortable). I’m pretty obsessed with that Rag & Bone tuxedo jacket, and that Theory dress…well, it’s a staple if ever I saw one.

Outside of these picks, there are plenty of fantastic basics: solid and striped knits from Vince, as well as a few sweater coats (all styles they’ve released before), and loads of denim (though nothing I’m over the moon about). You’ll all probably want to know about that Mcginn tweed jacket, since last year’s version sold out in a flash. I think it’s a much less universal style this time – that peplum waist is trouble, friends. Definitely a try-before-buy situation.

And, of course, I’ll be stocking up on my favorite thongs (Hanky Panky), hipsters (DKNY) and yoga pants (Zella)…it’s the best time of the year for that!

Now comes the fun part: tell me what you’re buying!!

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summer sales make me feel fine

Everyone talks about Memorial Day sales, but not me…I wait until the day after, when the fun really starts. Today: Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. Tomorrow: Barney’s. Let the games begin!

A few ideas to get you started at Net-a-Porter…remember, they only hold sales twice a year, so this is an event! Anything that doesn’t sell now will head over to The Outnet, but the best pieces are definitely snagged this week.

Rag & Bone blazer, $225 / Day Birger et Mikkelsen linen dress, $100 / Etoilé Isabel Marant jacket, $247 / Alice by Temperley dress, $182

MiH Marrakesh shorts, $56 / Tory Burch Camelia espadrilles, $129 / 10 Crosby Derek Lam printed pants, $167 / Equipment silk blouse, $145

On the other hand, can we all collectively agree that no one will ever buy these frightening pants? Terrifying, even on a model!

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styled alternatives: cardigan fall 2011

Have you seen all of the goodness going on at CARDIGAN this fall?

Sigh…I’m pretty sure it’s love. But, truthfully, I’ve always been smitten. Designer Lynne Hiriak has a way with creating the most covetable, classic cardis and striped sweaters – her styles have become a staple in my closet. But this season seems especially wonderful – all of those cozy, chunky knits and bold colors have me ready to curl up by a fire with a hot cup of cider.

While I’d happily snatch up absolutely anything from this collection, a couple of favorites may have made their way to my closet recently. This pretty polka dot Stella crew ($198) is the perfect step forward now that I’m feeling a bit stripe-weary. Wearing it feels just like pulling on your favorite menswear sweater – thick, warm and comfy – but this packs an infinitely superior style punch. Wearing it with jeans and a tee (you’ll want to layer, since it’s wool) is a no-brainer, but I love the idea of taking this up a notch with some warm fall colors.

Paired with: Rachel Comey Mars boot, $385; Rag & Bone Malin pant, $290; Old Navy chambray shirt, $29;
Botkier Brinks shoulder bag (again, I know- it’s just so good!), $425

As is always the case with this brand, the cardigans steal the show. I’ve gotten a compliment (or three) literally every time I’ve left the house in this beautiful Daphne cardigan ($298) – the fair isle knit is so perfect for cold weather, and oh, is it warm! I’ve paired it with everything from summery silk dresses to an all-denim look (it works, I swear!) with my Frye Engineer boots. Since casual is a cinch with a piece this classic, I thought I’d show you how to dress it up a bit.

Paired with: Linea Pelle clutch, $195; Oasis leather skirt, $160 (loving the leather skirts this season!);
Proenza Schouler silk tee
, $187; Scout & Catalogue scarf, $118; Frye Naiya platform moc, $173.

You’re feeling warmer already, right? One little tip: these are built for a very oversized look, so if (like me) that doesn’t work for you, you’ll want to size down. (Always a nice ego boost as well, right?)

Do yourself a favor and peruse CARDIGAN’s fall lookbook…if nothing else, the pictures are transportingly lovely, and it will give you oh-so-many styling ideas for the season.

Mostly, though, it’ll make you crave sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters.

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falling for: rag & bone

I have this problem in which as soon as I buy a piece from a new designer, I become obsessed, and can’t get enough of any of their designs….for at least a few weeks.

Such is the case with Rag & Bone. While I was in San Francisco, I nabbed myself one of their delicious nubby tweed cardigans (this one, in fact, though it’s now half off!), which I can hardly wait to wear all winter long. Not two days later, Shopbop released their fall Rag & Bone lookbook, and it was official: I’m hooked.

I’ll take pretty much every jacket in this story, the skinny cobalt pants, and the leather skirt for good measure. It’s the first I’ve seen that manages to look sophisticated without being dowdy. Fortunately, the price points, while a bit splurge-y, aren’t prohibitively so. You could absolutely treat yourself to a piece or two from their fall collection without an ounce of guilt.

Check out the full Fall Rag & Bone collection at Shopbop, and let me know what’s on your fantasy wishlist!

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