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get gifting: for the boys

Why is it that men are so much trickier to buy for than women? I can’t explain it, but I can try to make the process a bit easier. Whether he’s metro or manly, there’s a gift here he’ll be stoked to see under the tree (or menorah, inĀ  my case).

  1. They might not always say it, but guys need a little luxury in their grooming too. Cade shaving cream and travel shaving brush, L’Occitane, $28 & $30
  2. Really, aren’t you tired of those threadbare socks he’s wearing? Richer Poorer men’s socks, any 3 styles for $30 with code HOHOHO, including gift box and shipping.
  3. A warm, weatherproof boot that looks good enough for going out. Ellesmere weather-resistant boot, Sorel, $160
  4. Captain Scott is the male equivalent of Amelia Earhart – his trek through the South Pole is the stuff of legends. This book of photos from the infamous trip are guaranteed to indulge his inner explorer. Lost Photographs of Captain Scott, by David M. Wilson, $21
  5. These natural leather belts are hand-crafted, and weather over time to a rugged patina. I’m so in love with them that the hubs and I both have one. Leather “Project Belt”, Wood and Faulk, $55
  6. Get him to ditch his drugstore shades – these aviators will give him instant street cred, and the classic shape will work on absolutely anyone. Oliver aviator sunglasses, Guess, $65
  7. Getting a tie for Christmas might not top his wishlist…until he sees this hip version from Pendleton. Just don’t mention your plans to borrow it. Grey mix Umatilla tie, Pendleton Portland Collection, $68
  8. This is a pick straight from the hubs, who tells me this matte, paper-style dial is “super cool.” Phosphor E-Ink digital watch, $195
  9. So, so many iPhone cases out there, but I love that this one’s made of wood and looks like a retro Leica camera. “Made From Raw Wood” iPhone case, $42
  10. If there’s a bachelor on your list, I’m pretty confident his house could benefit from a candle that isn’t at all girly, but still masks the smell of whatever’s rotting in his fridge. Silver skull candle, DL & Company, $88
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for the dads: richer poorer

I generally steer away from Father’s Day gift guides, if only because…YAWN. Ties, barbecue accessories, maybe a retro-inspired radio…it just never changes. But, a friend dropped me a line to let me know she’s launched a new venture, and the timing was so perfect, I had to pass it on.

Richer Poorer is a new line of men’s socks. That sounds dull, I realize, but hear me out. Best men’s socks ever! They’re not cheesy or metro, just hip – and a vast deal more stylish than your dad’s old argyle versions (which probably have holes in them anyway). Plus, they’re extremely well-made, with a fine-weave cotton blend that feels soft but sturdy, nicely reinforced toes, and enough elastic that I didn’t have to pull these up once all day when I tried them out. What else could you ask for?

From left: the Bread Winner in navy, Poindexter in black, Sleepwalker in teal, Hunter in blue

Oh, I know…a discount! How about 25% off your order with code PAPA2011, and free shipping on 2 or more pairs? Really, could you ask for an easier Father’s Day gift?

The sad thing is that they only come in men’s sizes…but since my feet are gigantic, that suits me just fine. I have a feeling, if you’re at least a 9 or higher, you’ll be stealing these from your dad’s dresser every chance you get.

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