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all in the details: kate spade cassy tassel loafer

Kate M.W. ~ While last week was all about industrial chic, this week is about a way to tackle autumn in a ladylike way. Loafers are a dime a dozen in the fall, but there’s something about a bright patent purple paired with tassels that gives a lovely feminine touch to the trend. Purple is an excellent alternative to the deep wine reds that we’ve been seeing everywhere, and yet doesn’t compete with a classic fall palette.

Cassy Patent Leather Tassel Loafer, Kate Spade, $225

Because this is about playing up the ladylike nature of the loafers, I’d begin the foundations with a dress. Olive green pairs nicely with the amethyst tone, and the black pattern ensures that the colour isn’t too saturated. Adding a grey wool blazer keeps things from being too predictable, and I couldn’t resist this version that boasts purple piping and a collar to match. The foundations don’t stop here though. Given the length of the dress and the fact that it is quite definitively autumn, black tights (or if you’re a little adventurous, black thigh-high socks) are necessary to keep this properly pulled together and appropriate.

Contrast Trim Blazer, Juicy Couture, $248 / Sartorial Splendor Cutout Dress, Ruche, $49 /
Opaque Matte Tights, Commando, $34 / Thigh-Highs, J.Crew, $19

The cutout neckline on the dress and purple collar of the blazer play into the decision of how the bring together the rest of the outfit. Skip the necklace and opt for amethyst studs, letting the colour play out against a beaded bracelet of the same hue and staying subtle with a black band watch. For fear of things becoming too boring, add a little whimsy with this gold elephant bangle, and a personal touch with a monogrammed ring. If you’re so inclined, play up the whimsical nature by opting for a book clutch (Gatsby’s a classic, and the yellow plays off the gold adding an unexpected contrasting pop of colour), or go for understated function with a basic black tote. Finally, because fall tends to get brisk, logic recommends a scarf and I’d recommend black.

The Great Gatsby Book Clutch, Kate Spade, $325 / Amethys Button Earrings, Brooks Brothers, $118 / Amethyst Boheme Bracelet Anzie, $175 / Reese Elephant Bangle, Jennifer Zeuner, $187 / Metro Watch, Kate Spade, $195 / Black Silk-Cashmere Wrap, J.Crew, $75 / Swirly 3 Initial Monogram Ring, Jennifer Zeuner, $198 / Grove Court Lainey Handbag, Kate Spade, $428

Flirty and fun don’t have to be adjectives reserved for spring and summer. Finding a way to bring a touch of whimsy and ladylike elegance into your fall ensembles is all in the details.

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