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a day in paris with ariel gordon

{Editor’s Note: While I’m off strolling down cobblestone streets, mainlining croissants and gelato, I’ve asked a few of my most stylish globetrotting friends to share what they’d be doing – and of course, what they’d be wearing – on a dream day abroad.} Paris style

Statement jewels have their place, but my heart belongs to those classic, delicate pieces of jewelry I can wear 24/7. And truly, I’m not sure anyone does delicate better than my superstar friend Ariel Gordon. Beloved by editors, celebs and even us ordinary people, Ariel is the reigning queen of California cool, but has some serious global style cred too. Paris is one of her favorite places to be, so she was happy to tell us how she’d spend a day in the City of Lights. Take it away, Ariel!

paris-style-ariel-gordon Read on

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the classics: saint james vs. petit bateau

{Yep, that’s me, c/o my latest social media experiment: Pose. You can have my Petit Bateau shirt, my Joe’s Jeans,
my DIY necklace and even my Top-Siders. But you can’t have the pup. She’s all mine.}

I forgot to tell you about one of my favorite souvenirs from a recent trip to Boston! (Come to think of it, I forgot to tell you about that trip at all. Note to self.)

Anyway. Stripes: they’re not going anywhere. Especially when it comes to a classic striped marinere tee, there are few more investment-worth pieces you could indulge in. I’ve been going back and forth between splurging on a classic Saint James shirt or a Petit Bateau for years, but could never decide. Saint James is the classic-est of classics, but they’ve never fit me quite right. No stretch, no shape, very boxy and the sleeves are a little short. But while I was in Boston, I popped into a Petit Bateau store…fully expecting to be appalled by how tiny everything was, and to quickly realize that I couldn’t fit into a single thing.

Luckily, I was wrong. The Petit Bateau has everything I love in the Saint James – classic (but ever so slightly lower) neckline, thick fabric – plus a fitted cut that does all sorts of good things for curves. And yes, even the sleeves are just right, don’t you think? But do go up a size…I wasn’t totally wrong about the tininess.

What do you say? Do you have a favorite?

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passing the buck


(image from mankind magazine)

dear readers, i’ve had a long, tiring weekend…and i need a bit of a break today.  but, you still deserve something pretty to look at, i think.  so, i thought i’d pass along a few links i’ve been meaning to share…and you can just imagine the editorializing i’d do on each one!

*  i’m obsessed with the fresh, parisian vibe at saint james – not a trendy piece to be found, but loads of classic, chic items i’d love to have in my closet.  the site’s a little hard to surf, but worth the effort – make sure you check out the classic collection and the seasonal stuff!

*  the new collection of brazilian products at the moma store is outstanding – so modern and unique.  check out the whole grouping, but don’t miss my favorite:  the city bangles.

*  and if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the first issue of mankind magazine – buy it online for $1.99 (it’s an e-mag).  positively beautiful photography, and impeccably edited by the woman behind designformankind.com, it’s the best $2 you’ll spend all week.

i hope you enjoy this little peek at my bookmarks folder, and i’ll be back tomorrow in a much better mood!

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