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spring sales…let the games begin!

**editor’s note:  don’t forget our  fab lillybee shoe giveaway this week.  enter here!!


i sort of can’t believe i’m telling you about new spring markdowns when there was frost on my car this morning.  but hey, the deals don’t lie.  shopbop, saks and net-a-porter have all begun their spring markdowns, so if you’re jonesing for some color after months of drab grey, get out your amex.

but, because we’re being frugal this season, i wanted to stick to picks that were a really good value, either in terms of longevity or in terms of impact.

that tibi dress above scores high in both categories.  it’s marked down to $213 at NAP.  it’s silk jersey, and i just can’t get enough of that graphic yellow pattern – definitely hot for spring, but it’s not going to look dated in a year or two.  the buttons and ruffle detail keep it trendy and work-appropriate, but i’d love to see this one unbuttoned at the top with a sexy, lingerie-style cami underneath.  i might even experiment with leaving the whole piece unbuttoned, belting at the waist (with something other than the tie-belt it comes with), and adding a sexy rocker legging and gladiator heels.

i admit, the yellow suede tory burch jacket isn’t exactly a steal at $416.  but, it is suede…i’d be skeptical if it was too cheap.  and this one really does have endless potential for spring, without being overly trendy – this definitely falls in the “if you’re going to buy one piece this spring” category.  wear it now with jeans, or dark neutral slacks at the office (just stay away from black, please…no bumblebee ensembles).  in fact, i might even try pairing this with a plaid or windowpane pant from winter and a contrasting top underneath.  what i love about this piece is that the shaping and cut make it perfect for work or weekend, and it will even work as a topper for a summer dress you’re dying to break out now.  throw it on, add tights, presto!  (hmm. as long as we’re browsing, don’t miss this plaid steven alan shirt, please…doesn’t exactly scream spring, but it’s perfect enough i’m willing to overlook that.)

and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that mega-jewelry is still huge for spring (no pun intended) – particularly the statement necklace.  the great thing about this piece is that you can use it with anything from a work suit to a tee-and-jeans ensemble to instantly add some mod to your look without breaking the bank.  my pick is this archive bow necklace from the shopbop sale.  i’ve been just loving the multi-chain necklaces this season, but they’re a little more punk than i can pull off.  but this one is perfectly preppy, completely office-friendly, and will dress up anything from a suit to a tank with impeccable style.

and after you finish browsing (or buying), come back and tell me how you splurged…or what you’re dreaming of for spring.  i’d love to know what’s on your must-have list!


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what a stud!

i’ve been trying to hold off on featuring rebecca minkoff’s spring line until a certain wallet i’m craving hits the shelves.  but then i saw this fantastic studded version of her classic morning after bag, and i couldn’t wait.  sigh!  every season, a new crop of styles and colors of this now-iconic styles shows up, and i’m tempted to buy a new version, but i hold out.  something tells me i won’t be able to resist this time.  the studs give this such a hip edge, but the bag isn’t so downtown that it can’t be carried by a yuppie like me.  now that’s what i call the perfect dose of punk.  $685 at saks.

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bold bling from vera

speaking of chic chunky baubles, i admit, i had no idea at all that vera wang designed jewelry…i get the feeling these few pieces are a test-run. but if this is any indication of what’s to come, i can hardly wait to see a full line.

from vera’s lavender label collection:  jeweled and tulle necklace (left), $325.  gold sequin bead necklace (right), $175.

if you’re in the market for a cheaper version of her style, there are actually a couple of decent pieces at kohl’s right now.  i’m digging the braided mesh necklace and bracelet, both under $30.

FREE Overnight Shipping from Endless.com

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last-minute valentines…for everyone!


for those dear readers who didn’t win the contest, i hope you’ll still be my valentine.  and if you’re still struggling for gifts, here are a few last-minute ideas that i personally guarantee will be a universal hit.

for her:  if you’re feeling splurge-y, head over to saks and grab this pink prada wallet.  it’s the perfect way to say “i love you, and want you to have somewhere amazingly luxe to stash your credit cards.”  trust me…i have the same one in cobalt (courtesy of a hawaii souvenir budget).  words cannot express the sheer awesomeness of this wallet.  or, if you’re not rolling in the dough (like most of us), i swear to the fashion gods that nothing will make her happier than if you walk in the door bearing a handful of pink peonies and a sweet card that didn’t come from a drugstore.  true story.

for him:  guys are so hard to buy for on this sentiment-filled holiday…but i’m pretty sure this is as near flawless as it gets.  head to your local apple store.  pick up these super cool headphones from v-moda – i know we’re not usually into the tech here, but they’re called the vibe II and they’re amazing.  i get annoyed by headphones, headsets, and all their progeny as a rule, but these are fantastic.  they look cool, they don’t tangle, and even i can tell how much better the sound is.  plus, they double as a surprisingly excellent phone headset.  so, tack on an itunes gift card, and you can say you wanted him to be able to listen to his tom petty collection and your sweet voice in style.  his inner gadget geek will come out of the woodwork.  oh, and they work with just about any phone or MP3 player, so no worries there.  (ahem…you may want to pick up a set for yourself while you’re at it…they’re that fab.)

for you:  last, but most important…let’s not forget a valentine for you!  i have a v-day deal that’s guaranteed to steal your heart:


this fantastic blazer is cashmere…and it’s actually a cardigan.  so no tailoring, and no uncomfortable gaping.  these pieces are as close as i get to blazers – i just can’t ever get the right fit, so i cheat.  comes in charcoal, navy and black – all great, classic staples.

at any rate.  $188, down to $75.20 at bloomingdales right now…oh yeah, plus an extra 40% off this weekend.  so, it’s about $40. 

now that’s love.  happy valentine’s day!

Sale at Tobi

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fug or fab: jimmy choo saba patchwork hobo

i’m curious – what do you all think of this new bag from jimmy choo?  it’s a patchwork pattern comprised of two different varieties of snakeskin, topped off with some truly unique hardware accents.  i can’t seem to stop staring, but i can’t decide if that’s because it’s utterly fabulous or a complete train wreck. 

i do think i love those little mini-bangles on the strap, though we know how bracelet-obsessed i’ve been this year.  perhaps the non-snakeskin-patchwork version would be a more subtle approach…

so, readers, what do you say:  fug or fab??

(in other news, this new release from the house of choo is most definitely fab, with not a drop of fug to be found.  i’m calling it right now:  kelly green will be THE color next year.)

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deal of the day: friends & family at saks

happy weekend, everyone – the friends & family event at saks has been cooking online since earlier this week, but it hits stores this weekend, and is good through sunday.  use code SAKSFF2 if you’re shopping online, but if you’re heading to the store, email me and i’ll send you the coupon to print for in-store use.

this is an amazing opportunity to pick up a classic at a sale price…don’t pass it up!  you could, for example, use it as a lovely excuse to splurge on these chloe booties…which are, literally, the first booties i’ve seen that i not only tolerate, but actually quite adore.  a high bar indeed!

only good through sunday, so get shopping!

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deal of the day: saks labor day markdowns

shopping truth:  after a promotional discount code shall quickly follow massive markdowns.  case in point:  both shopbop and saks have cut prices on all of their pre-fall pieces just days after their respective “shop and save” events.  typical.  the shopbop sale wasn’t thrilling me, but saks has me all aflutter.

hurry over now to score this morning’s 40%+ markdowns on early fall pieces i’ve been dying to own, like this vince boyfriend cardigan i mentioned a few weeks ago, and this gorgeous quilted tory burch leather jacket.  and the dresses…my god, the dresses.  this robert rodriguez is an amazing classic, and a piece you can wear year-round.  or this lovely DVF that’s making me oh-so-happy right now.  i even love this elizabeth & james wilde vest jacket – so preppy, but so cool…and about 60% off, so it’s actually reasonably priced now!  but move fast…the good pieces are going to be gone the moment i find my american express card! 

Sale at Tobi

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