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friday finds: fall friends & family fun!

Wow, that was a seriously alliterative title. I’m skipping the usual Friday Finds extravaganza this week, because there are so many fantastic sales going on around the web this weekend, I thought you might rather hear about those. I know you all love a good bargain just as much as I do!

First up, nab this cute little Joie crossbody bag free with any $250 purchase at Saks – just use code WCONTEMP2 (you’ll also get free shipping on $200+ with code SFASHIP). Ordinarily, I’m not much for free gifts, as they never live up to the hype. But even though this one’s free (and faux suede), I actually love it, from the chain strap all the way down to the tassel detail on the closure.

Lots of Friends & Family love going on this weekend. Get 20% off all purchases with code FALLFRIENDS11 at Bloomingdale’s this weekend, plus free shipping (no code required)! It may be time to splurge on that DVF Mikhaila coat I’ve been eyeing all season…or maybe the Harrington vest. {It’s worth noting that Nordstrom will usually match this deal, especially if they carry the same item.}

And more Friends & Family excitement at Endless (thanks for the tip, M!) – again, take 20% off storewide (with the usual exceptions) through the weekend with code SEPEVENT. I’m thinking it’s an excellent excuse to get a little more Loeffler Randall in your life.

Remember when I told you about Matches Fashion a few weeks ago, but lamented their pricey US shipping? Well, today only, free worldwide shipping at Matches with code WWFREE. Some pieces are a little pricier than they would be stateside (damn conversion rates), but some are a steal…like this orange herringbone coat from Weekend MaxMara, which I’m pretty sure would be about $300 higher here.

Quite a weekend for indulging your inner compulsive shopper, no? Any other deals you know about? Share them in the comments, won’t you? Just think of it as retail karma.

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fall sneak peek: theyskens’ theory

Saks announced this morning that they have the first batch of beauties from Olivier Theyskens’ debut collection for Theory…and, well, it’s awfully close to perfection.

I’ll start with the relaxed cream scoop neck sweater, the plaid blazer, the leather shift dress and that fantastic chunky cabled knit sweater, please. And maybe the fur coat. Oh, who am I kidding? One of each, please! (Okay, except maybe that cream ruffly drop-waist dress. Not that.)

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utterly unenthused by the spring shoe selection

time for a little wednesday rant.  normally, i look forward to spring and summer not at all – i’m just a girl that likes to layer, and loves her scarves, and summer just does not allow for either of those.  and then, there’s the fact that i strongly dislike being above 70 degrees.

but even in the depths of my despair, i always know that even when spring fashion disappoints, i’ll have all of those lovely spring sandals to fall back on.  sadly, not this year.  this year, they’re just…yuck.  woven peep toe boots, *more* gladiators, prep school oxfords and clogs?!  (okay, the oxfords may not be all bad.)  normally, the unveiling of all of those warm weather shoes put a definite spring in my step, but this season’s “hot” shoes have left me pretty cold.

the source of this rant?  an email this morning from saks, telling me to check out all of their hot new contemporary shoes for spring.  to-wit:

Picture 3

those were the first four shoes that came up.  are you depressed yet?  seriously, am i expected to wear these messes?

Picture 7Picture 6

(okay, so maybe those elizabeth and james sandals on the right are actually kind of cute. but what exactly are those shoes on the left? they’re like keds…gone very, very wrong.)

personally, i’m rebelling…if this keeps up, i’ll spend the summer in my sperry topsiders (oh, and those luscious loeffler randalls i nabbed a few weeks back…), and not a single new shoe box will enter my closet until next fall.

what do you think of this season’s choices?   i’ll admit, there were a couple of styles mixed in that didn’t make me want to hurl (and don’t worry – i’ll be weeding them out for you)…but for now, i’m a little blue.

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gettin’ the blues

blue is always one of my absolute favorite colors, especially in fashion.  but this year, i have it particularly bad.  i’ve been feeling the itch for a new handbag, and while i’m sorely tempted to splurge on the anya hindmarch of my dreams, this marc by marc is oddly appealing to me.

it’s nothing new…in fact, this style has been around for years now.  but i’ve always sort of had my eye on it from afar, and lately, the siren call is getting louder.  that said, i’ve been “off” designer bags recently, and have found myself leaning more toward less-known brands.  but this MbyMJ faridah hobo just seems like the perfect addition to my bag collection.  i never seem to fall for black bags, but i’m long overdue for a new basic.  this ink blue would be a perfect alternative, and ideal with my near-constant wardrobe of jeans (plus, no annoying transfer color from my denim).  i used to have a phobia about mixing navy and black…but then i realized how often i wear black with denim, and realized i might have been onto something all along.

this bag is light as a feather (marc recently changed the leather he uses for all of his lines), the slight coating on the leather means it will resist at least some of the constant winter rain, and the style slouches beautifully when worn (slouch being a highly important factor in oversized bags).  it will be easy as pie to throw on my shoulder and forget about, which is key for me these days.

oh, and it’s 25% off (through today only) if you grab it at saks via their friends & family promotion.  use code FRIENDS2 to take this one down from $448 to $336, then tack on free shipping with code OCTSHIP9 (hint: nordstrom will also price-match this one for you!)

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this or that: the ruffled flat sandal

picture-23     picture-54

i’ll admit, $225 isn’t cheap for a sandal.  but it’s a lot better than $1,300, don’t you agree?  the question is, which is which?

the version on the left features snake-embossed leather, and the ruffled top is accented with zipper trim, which gives it a bit of edge.  very biker-chic.

on the right, i do love the two-tone metallic, but the frills on this one seem so much taller…i could see these turning into a case of the shoe wearing you, rather than the other way around.  still, they’re definitely more bold than the black, and the right person could definitely rock these the right way.

so, without knowing the prices, which would you pick??  (click the links to check your work!)  and when you’re done with that, go buy the steve madden version for $79.

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spring sales, part X

picture-14   picture-21   picture-31

wow, this is a seriously damaged economy – lucky us!  

saks just announced a friends & family discount online for today & tomorrow only (in stores apr 16-19) – use code SFAFAM10 to score 25% off (20% off jewelry and 10% off cosmetics).  their site is so clogged, i had a hard time getting on – but now that i have, the completely irresponsible side of me is dying with cute overload from these sweet prada flip flops – yes, it’s $150 for flip flops, but it comes with a matching case! what, that doesn’t make it reasonable?

tobi is running 25% off sitewide too, including on sale items – use code 25EMAIL through friday.  some awesome deals to be found in the sale section, particularly if you happen to be a 25″ waist or a size small.  i’m thinking hard about these sweet nude heels from sigerson morrison – down to $206, plus another 25% off…so, about $150.  on paper, i realize i should hate these – but i’m oddly attracted to them.  i can never come up with heels i like to see with spring dresses, and these would work so perfectly!  loads of great tops from velvet, too – they’re getting a little pricey for me these days, but the sale is making them cuter.

and shopbop is running its annual tax day promo, in that annoying, staggered-spending way that tricks us into spending more than we meant to.  save $25 on $200, $75 on $400…and so on, with code TAXBREAK09, through thursday.  this rebecca taylor dress was literally the first thing i saw on the site, but i was so excited by the non-crotch-skimming hemline that i nearly keeled over.  and what a great all-purpose summer sundress, provided you’re not overly endowed in the chest department.  other than that (and the usual adoration of all shoes, bags and jewelry), this elizabeth and james plaid shirt is exactly the look i want this spring – i’ve had enough of the 80s revival and the endless shoulder pads.  pair this with faded jeans now, a cuffed blazer and shorts later in the spring, and leave it open over a lacy cami and maybe an eyelet skirt in the summer – talk about a multitasker.  of course, you’ll have to find a way to spend another $5 to get the deal.  see what i mean?  they’re tricky, those shopbop marketing people.

so, what do you think – is all of this discount madness going to shock us out of our spending hiatuses (what is the plural of hiatus, anyway?…hmm).  ahem.  anyway, will you be partaking?


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signs of spring: tory burch jan skirt


this ladylike skirt from tory burch is exactly what i’m in the mood for today.  i love the crisp, tailored styling, the perfect at-the-knee length, and the flattering pressed box pleats and a-line silhouette (which i vastly prefer to the almost-never-flattering shape of the tulip skirt that’s so hot this season).  i love the light cotton/linen blend.  and i love that the bold, ethnic print is balanced by sweet spring shades of navy and pink.  in all, this might just be the perfect skirt for dressier spring occasions.  

grab it on sale at saks for $195.

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what i want today: a resurrected classic

the marc jacobs stella bag is a definite classic.  during its original release, it reached near-cult status with its devotees, and with good reason – the bag is stylish, timeless, and a perfect everyday tote.

so, i was thrilled to see the old become new again – jacobs has re-released the cult classic for fall, complete with a gorgeous, crinkly calfskin and a messenger-length strap (which can be detached using the subtle gold rivets on the sides – a detail i love).  now you truly have the best of both worlds.

it’s available in more classic shades, but i love this dark plum color, above.  it’s a nod to the trendy jewel tones of fall, but you’ll be amazed by how neutral the color really is.  great with denin, greys, blacks, and even other deep, fall colors – there’s a reason this bag has been a staple of stylish women everywhere for years.  this lovely new version is sure to become a staple in your closet too.  pick it up at saks before history repeats itself, and the stella is just a faint fashion memory.


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