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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! This week’s finds are a little (okay, entirely) home-slanted…perhaps because I’m in the midst of redecorating! I’ll be sharing the whole process with you next month, but for now, here’s a little taste:

My design guru at Manor (hi, Shannon!) is helping me stretch my style boundaries a bit, and it’s working. This lighted ampersand (from a vintage carousel sign) is so not in the design plan, but I still think it’s fantastic. At 2 feet tall, it makes an insane impact in a room, making it a total steal at $205.

I’m suddenly finding myself drawn to bold, modern pieces that still have that crisp, clean vibe I’m after. This bowl from woonwinkel (another amazing local design store) is made of neoprene! It’s so sculptural and fun (and would be the perfect place to stash remote controls).

But then, I can’t resist going back to my heart of hearts, which always lies in France. Serena & Lily just launched a gorgeous new outdoor collection, and my hands-down favorite pieces are these Parisian bistro chairs. Oh, how I long to put a set of these on my new deck!

I’ve had kind of an inexplicable craving for wind chimes ever since we moved…specifically these gorgeous ones from Pigeon Toe Ceramics (right here in Portland!). If you’re looking for a housewarming gift for me, I’ll take the aqua, please.

And then, of course, there’s my weekly Pinterest pick. Isn’t this the most divine home office you’ve ever seen? Sigh…someday.

{Photo by Fran├žois Halard for Vogue, via this is glamorous}

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! And if anyone spots a non-hideous recliner out in the world, please pass a link along to me, won’t you? Desperate times over here, friends.

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introducing: one kings lane

the myriad sample sale sites out there have become something of an addiction. i love to check the emails every day, and see what’s up for grabs…but lately, only gilt has been causing me to grab my credit card.

until, that is, i met one kings lane. for lack of a better explanation, think gilt for the home. dwell studio table linens, serena & lily bedding (oh my, the bedding…so lovely!), atticus pottery…and on and on. think the same lovely high-end brands you get from gilt, but exclusively for home decor.

to sign up and check out the goodies, just head to their website and enter my email address – editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com, and presto – you’re in! just like all the other sites, they’ll email you when the new sale starts. but unlike the other sites, one kings lane hasn’t quite been “discovered” yet…so you have a shot at actually being able to buy the thing you love best before it sells out! speaking of, serena & lilly and dwell studio end tomorrow, so get to shopping!

(ps…once you’re in, try scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the main page…there are a few extra goodies up for grabs every day that don’t fit into the regular sales!)

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