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friends & family: shopbop and saks

Friends, I know. It’s temptation central around here this week. But Shopbop Friends & Family and Saks Friends & Family? You’d never have forgiven me if I didn’t tell you about it. Both are offering 25% off SITEWIDE (with the usual exclusions), and my guess is you either (a) hadn’t heard but really needed to know, or (b) had heard, and have frantically been clicking back and forth between the two sites, figuring out what to buy and where to buy it. Or is that just me?

What to do? Buy the piece that won’t go on sale in 3 weeks. That Vince cardigan you’ve been eyeing. The Rachel Comey boots you’ve wanted since last fall. Denim. You get the idea. Oh, and buy things that are already on sale…an extra 25% off is always a good incentive. Need a few suggestions? Read on

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off the rack: bb dakota hazel leopard coat

It’s not often these days that I have a bona fide wardrobe regret. You know the ones I mean – those “missed connections”, where you hem and haw, debate and justify, and by the time you make up your mind, the piece is long gone. At which point, you become convinced it was The One – the only thing that would ever, could ever, make your closet complete.

Yes, I don’t have those moments often these days, being a founding member of the “Buy Now, Return Later Foundation for the Chronically Indecisive”. But one I can’t let go is that beautiful linen leopard print coat from Emerson Fry a few seasons back. Remember that?

Read on

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summer sale season! (and my picks)

All of those Memorial Day deals in your inbox felt crazy, I know. Too good to resist. But if you did, if you were patient, your virtue is about to be rewarded. Shopbop, Barneys, Saks and Net-A-Porter all launched their summer sales today, and there are goodies aplenty. Read on

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best bets from the fall sales

I had other plans for today, friends, but the sales this morning…they’re just too, too good (for all of the codes, from Shopbop to J.Crew, check out my Facebook feed and its never-ending stream o’ deals). I thought I’d share a few of the many, many items lurking in my shopping cart this AM.

Read on

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giving thanks (for sales)

I was going to wait. Really I was. I had this big plan to post a nice, holiday-appropriate Norman Rockwell painting, take the next couple of days off, and come back with a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday compendium for you (that’s still coming, by the way, so be here bright and early Friday morning).

But then, these two things landed in my inbox, and well…they were too good. I couldn’t not tell you.

Read on

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friends & family bonanza!

It’s a good day, my friends! Welcome to the first day of Friends & Family at both Saks Fifth Ave. and Shopbop! Yep, you heard me. 20% off sitewide, with the obvious nagging designer exclusions.

Friends and family is wonderful, but remember, it’s the precursor to the fall sales, when things will start at 25-30% off. So, like everything else in life, it’s a gamble. Take the sure thing now? Or wait until next week, when prices start to drop? It’s a judgment call, but generally, I suggest using Friends & Family to splurge on pieces that are classic, and therefore won’t go on sale – like, say, a Burberry trench. It’s also a great time for denim, as those markdowns won’t happen until much later in the season (if at all). And pieces you’ll wear to death now, like boots.

Want some examples?

At Saks, use code FRNFAM2 through 10/21 (and combine it with code OCTBSFA for free shipping on $150+):

Twisted seam sweater, Vince, $176 from $220; Newbury ankle boots, Rag & Bone, $396 from $495; Grey flannel Marrakesh, MiH $169 from $211 (more on these amazing pants later)

At Shopbop, you’ll use code WEAREFAMILY, but it’s only good through tomorrow (10/17):


Colorblock pullover, Elizabeth & James, $292 from $365; Richley lace dress, DVF, $292 from $365; Ingrid lurex sweater, Velvet, $92 from $114

But what I really want to know is…what are you buying??

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summer sales make me feel fine

Everyone talks about Memorial Day sales, but not me…I wait until the day after, when the fun really starts. Today: Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. Tomorrow: Barney’s. Let the games begin!

A few ideas to get you started at Net-a-Porter…remember, they only hold sales twice a year, so this is an event! Anything that doesn’t sell now will head over to The Outnet, but the best pieces are definitely snagged this week.

Rag & Bone blazer, $225 / Day Birger et Mikkelsen linen dress, $100 / Etoilé Isabel Marant jacket, $247 / Alice by Temperley dress, $182

MiH Marrakesh shorts, $56 / Tory Burch Camelia espadrilles, $129 / 10 Crosby Derek Lam printed pants, $167 / Equipment silk blouse, $145

On the other hand, can we all collectively agree that no one will ever buy these frightening pants? Terrifying, even on a model!

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designer 101: katie ermilio

I recently came across the delicious designs of Katie Ermilio, and knew immediately she was something special. If nothing else, she has some serious street cred when it comes to style, as she’s the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier. Not a bad pedigree for a designer.

Katie’s designs are fun, bright and incredibly wearable, with a great mix of street-ready contemporary looks and party/formal styles (that would also make the most amazing bridesmaid dresses in history). Want to take a peek at some of her genius?

{CLICK THROUGH to see all of my favorites from her Spring ’12 line…as well as a little sneak peek at Fall 2012 at the end}

Aren’t those amazing? She’s only 26 years old, friends. I can hardly imagine what awaits this talented woman. She has such a rich appreciation for color, and a serious skill for making fabric do exactly what she wants it to do. Best of all, she knows the value of adding a special detail or two to a piece that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

As of now, most of her pieces are made-to-order only, which means a steep pricetag (though not as bad as you might expect). You can, however, find a few of her pieces on Shopbop, and I’m told more are on the way. So, keep your eyes peeled…and your mitts off that black and white coat from her Fall line. Dibs!

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