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double-take: clare vivier leopard wallet

Yeah, I’m thinking I need this Clare Vivier wallet. Immediately, if possible. Could someone at Steven Alan hop on their impossibly cool bicycle and messenger it right over? (Hoo boy, can you imagine if this were possible? Instant gratification: it’s what’s for dinner.)

Clare Vivier half-zip wallet in leopard, exclusive to Steven Alan, $185

I know I should have moved on to lizard or stingray or something, but this leopard obsession of mine doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Thank goodness I know it’s best indulged in (very) small doses.

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friday finds: updated classics

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so glad you enjoyed my Bobbi Brown outing as much as I did…what a treat to see all of your responses! I’m getting the feeling you’d like a little more beauty news here, so I promise to do my best to deliver.

In the meantime, though, it’s Friday…and I am pretty in love with my list of finds this week. They’re all simple classics, just slightly updated…in other words, precisely my cup of tea. I could buy each and every one, and they’d feel perfectly at home in my closet.

Speaking of beauty buys, this pale gold Giorgio Armani eye pencil (brand spanking new for spring) has risen to the top of my favorite products of late. The subtle shimmer is perfect for day, and the color is light enough that absolutely no precision is required. In fact, I’ve been just drawing a thick-ish line and foregoing shadow altogether. It also does amazing things for green/hazel eyes.

I know, I know…more striped tees. I’m nearing total saturation too. But I’m kind of feeling the jolt of pink in this J.Crew colorblock stripe tee, and I’m envisioning it being every bit as useful as the traditional version, but certainly more interesting. The neon yellow version could be fun too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Linen tees are an old favorite of mine. If you can find one that’s sufficiently nubby, they’re more breathable (and no more wrinkle-prone) than your favorite cotton version, but somehow totally office-appropriate. Madewell just launched a few new solids and this Cloudbreak print, with which I’m smitten.

I made a fatal wardrobe error last year, and purchased a “steal” when I should have gone for the “splurge”. My French Connection trench just isn’t pulling its weight, no matter how hard I try. Burberry was the obvious upgrade…until I spotted this Kate Spade Topliner Trench, from their Florence Broadhurst collection. Check out that lining! Who needs plaid? Most coveted item of spring, my friends.

Sometimes, I think people are shocked when they meet me on the street and hear I’m a fashion writer. My style is far less ambitious in real life than you might hope. These Anniel ballerina flats, for example, are as simple and unassuming as they come, but I have not a doubt I’d wear them to death.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I’ll be playing around with some Bobbi Brown goodies, indulging in the Sunday New York Times subscription my hubs surprised me with recently, and house-hunting (my least favorite kind of cardio). I hope you have something fun in store.

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friday finds: my kind of easter egg hunt

What a fun, utterly exhausting week!  I hope yours has been good as well, and that you’re ready for chocolate eggs, Easter brunch, and lots of leftover ham.  Mostly, though, I hope you have today off from work.

I was going to take Good Friday off (because, you know, I’m so religious…), but couldn’t resist “hopping” in to tell you about a few steals that have hit my in-box.

First up, J.Crew is doing one of those things that never happens:  free shipping at any price with code WARMUP (good through Sunday only).  So, now’s the time to check out a few of my favorite new pieces for spring:

From top left: Tomboy tunic, $74; Pier stripe sweatshirt, $68; Silk layering tank, $75; Iris suede sandals, $118; Watson suede sandals, $198.

Another “thing that never happens” is going on at Steven Alan, where you can take 25% off any one item this weekend with code HIPHOP25.  I was a little too excited about this one, until I saw it’s only good on Steven Alan merch (ie, those Rachel Comey boots are still full price).  But, it’s still a deal, especially if you’re in the market for a breezy plaid shirt to throw on over your summer cutoffs.  And really, who isn’t?

From top left (all prices before 25% discount): Tyler skirt, on sale for $115; Spring reverse-seam shirt, $158; Georgiana bag, $475; Carmen tank, on sale for $139.

And last, but most definitely not least, these cutie pie stripe-and-polka-dot sweaters from Cardigan NY (a personal favorite of mine) are a whopping 50% off, plus free shipping, through Sunday.  The magic code for this one is dotdotdot.  I’m sorely, sorely tempted to up the style quotient of my now-standard mariner with one of these cuties.

By the way, is anyone else way more smitten with cutoff denim shorts this year than they ever have been, or is it just me?  Something about the styling this season is just…working.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone – and remember, once Lent and Passover end, it’s totally expected that you reward yourself with a little treat for all of your good works.

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the gap: suspiciously inspired by…

maybe it’s just because i went from looking at steven alan’s new spring arrivals to checking out the latest at the gap, but i couldn’t help noticing some pretty striking ‘inspired by’ pieces in the gap’s spring line:

are you seeing it too?  not that i’m complaining…i actually love that breezy plaid/floral thing, especially if you put them together – and layering contrasting patterns is going to be huge for spring.  i can rarely afford to splurge on the real deal at steven alan, but most of the gap pieces are under $60.  even better, this week you can score 25% off all new arrivals with code GAPNEW25 through sunday (2/21).

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random friday finds: the happy edition

i’m in a fantabulous mood this friday, dear readers – my parents are headed to town, and i have so many goodies planned!  wine tasting, loads of good food, and a couple of shopping stops i know my mom will adore.  should be a great weekend.

plus, it happens to be the birthday of one of my very dear friends and my first official shoppingsmycardio devotee.  that deserves some celebration, don’t you agree?  since this particular dear friend is the ultimate “eternal optimist” (and since her card is late), i thought i’d throw together a few of my favorite “happy” finds i’ve come across on the web this week in her honor.  i hope they bring a smile to your face…and to hers!


yep, that’s right, there’s a new man in town on the tea towel circuit, and since no one does graphics quite like the talented mr. adler, i’m all aflutter!  could i have one of each, please?  hey, at $12 each, they’re by far the most affordable JA splurge you’ll encounter.  wait…oh lordie, he has a new penguin too.  and a dachsund….oh my!


i know, socks in the summer seem a little off.  but these appropriately-dubbed “happy socks” just launched over at steven alan are just that. hey, we all need something to let the moisturizer soak into our tortured, flip-flop-wearin’ feet, right?  plus, in the evening, when my hubs turns the a/c up, i feel a little silly wearing uggs in july. 


and, how’s this for happy?  i got the most exciting note last night from the gals at the bright side project that i’d won that gorgeous initial necklace from designer ariel gordon!  the internet is so, so awesome.  seriously, if you haven’t entered any of the giveaways at the bright side, why on earth not?

have a wonderful, happy weekend, everyone!

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liberty love at steven alan

joanne goddard pointed out the lovely and colorful spring collection from steven alan this year, and i had to share.  normally, i expect the same old (beautifully tailored) button-down shirts, slouched “just so”.  but this year, everything is so fresh and relaxed.  lots of pieces worth checking out, but i’m such a sucker for liberty prints (and orange) that my heart went right for this tuxafari liberty shirt.  it’s a wonderful, girly take on a tuxedo shirt.  brace yourselves, it’s a steep $265.  but i’m picturing this with everything from a blazer at work to a floaty skirt on the weekend – and, when money’s tight, i’m always in favor of buying one really special piece for the season instead of blowing the same wad at H&M on a wardrobe you’ll despise by july.

check out the entire collection here (including a perfect slouched tee that screams french chic), and revel in all that lovely liberty fabric!

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