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vogue’s sneak peek: missoni for target

I’ve been chatting with a few of you on Facebook about the new photos in August’s Vogue of the Missoni for Target collaboration, and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s so excited about it! This has been one of the most secretive designer collabs for Target in ages, and after this exclusive peek, I can see why. I’m utterly in love with each and every item, from the outfit Margherita is wearing in the photos to the zigzag trays on her dining table. It’s all total Missoni nirvana, and I couldn’t resist sharing a few scans to whet your shopping appetites!

It’s all classic, vintage Missoni – and, while I haven’t seen pieces in person yet, it seems they’ve managed to take the best, most iconic images from the brand and reinterpret them without robbing them of their specialness. Even the clothing is spot-on – I’m not a miniskirt girl as a rule, but there is an exception ready to be made here. And speaking of exceptions, I haven’t ridden a bike in 15 years, but I’m going to be first in line for this one.

Scans by me; content and images © Vogue, August 2011; Photography by Pascal Chevallier

Obviously, you need to go buy this issue of Vogue to get a better look – but this should get us all started on our wishlists.

What do you think? Should we all have a Shopping’s My Cardio camp-out party at Target the night before the collection debuts on September 13?

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friday finds

I am so positively ready for this weekend, friends…it’s been one of those weeks.  And my mom’s coming to town tomorrow, so I’m especially looking forward to one of those fun weekends of shopping, eating out, and being just a little bit spoiled that we all look forward to when our parents come to town.  So, forgive me if this week’s list is a bit more succinct…I still have to clean the guest room.

Since we had such a serious beauty splurge this week, I thought I’d make it up to you with a steal.  These new spring treats from Sonia Kashuk for Target are just as sweet as can be.  I particularly love the Gold Mine brush set ($25) – the wooden handles give the brushes a luxe feel, and the holder could easily double as a minaudiere for outdoor summer parties.  And the Spring Awakenings makeup palette ($20) is packed with useful colors, and so complete, it could be the only thing you pack in your overnight bag.  Plus, it has that same adorable woven wicker on the outside.

I literally just received an email from Le Train Bleu, a favorite shop of mine, letting me know about a new arrival, and it’s too good not to share.  Every single thing I buy there garners oodles of compliments (in fact, my mom once stole a Le Train Bleu cardigan right off my back!), and I never see it being worn by someone else.  These enamel lockets are brand new in the shop, and I’m completely smitten.  If only I could figure out how to choose between coral and cobalt.

To say that I don’t need more plates in my life would be an understatement…in fact, I think I’d have to start storing them in the fireplace (hey, that’s an idea…).  But the new spring dishware at West Elm is so beautiful, I’m having a very hard time resisting.  They’re also on sale.  Quel torture!

That’s it, friends.  Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re doing. I hope there’s sun in your Sunday this week…my mom will never forgive me if Portland doesn’t see a bit of spring sunshine while she’s in town!

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friday finds: the bold and the beautiful

i’ve decided to ignore the constant drizzle (and, ahem, yesterday’s hail?!) in my rainy city.  i’m springing forward, darn it, and i don’t care what the weather has to say about it.  this week’s list of friday finds is nothing if not bold, bright and full of spring color.

if this “pretty in prints” compact from clinique doesn’t bring out the sunshine, i don’t know what will.  they teamed up with milly to design a palette that’s pitch-perfect for spring.  the compact is etched with a classic milly pattern, and inside, you’ll find nothing but classic, useful shades of eyeshadow and blush to see you through the entire summer.  plus, that pretty drawstring pouch makes this even more fun to throw into your beach bag.  i’ll be using each and every shade until it runs dry – a bold claim from a girl who has never finished an eyeshadow in her life.

shopbop is always just hellbent on taking my money, and they’ve launched a couple of new treats this week to do just that.  first up is their new “ONE by” boutique, which features one (and only one!) signature or special piece from designers off the beaten path.  i’ll admit, most of it is more fashion-forward than i am. but i do love the thrill of having something from a designer no one else has heard of.  and it makes for excellent window-shopping.

also, their spring collection of tucker by gaby basora arrived this week, and it’s all just so lovely, i’m speechless.  all i can say is that i want nothing more than to spend every single day of spring in these bold, bright silks.

i know we just talked shoes yesterday, but i can’t resist showing you these stunning suede loafers by kubyan.  they caught my eye in the march marie claire, and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about them.  i’ve been wanting a pair of driving loafers that successfully walked the line between classic and tongue-in-cheek, and suddenly, here they are. now to come up with the $300 i’d need to make them mine.  fortunately, they’re made by hand, by single mothers in colombia who need work.  so really, it would be wrong of me not to buy them, right?

while i was in seattle last week, i took a moment to check out the go international designer collective reprise happening at target.  they did a great job of bringing back the best styles, and the timing couldn’t be better, what with wedding season on the horizon.  after trying on every several styles, and crying a bit over how short the black floral tucker dress was (it’s so lovely!), i left with this colorblocked shift from thakoon.  colorblocking will be everywhere for summer, and this is an easy style with infinite potential.

that’s it for this week, friends. i hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!  i’ll be celebrating a little engagement-versary with the hubs, so hopefully some wining and dining will be involved, as well as a considerable amount of R&R.  i hope you have something equally lovely planned.

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friday finds

i’m really starting to look forward to these friday finds lists, if only because it gives me a chance to get out all of the random “hey, that’s cool” thoughts i have during the week.  i hope you’re liking them too!

i keep meaning to tell you all about my new facial serum of choice.  it’s clinique’s repairwear laser focus, and i admit, my love for it sort of snuck up on me.  when you test products day in and day out, you get lazy, and start to expect resusts fast, or you move on.  fortunately, i didn’t have any other serums around, so i kept using the clinique version.  and after a month, i started to notice that some of those nagging lines from constantly sleeping on my side were starting to vanish.  plus, it’s only $44.50, a nice change from some of my $100+ serum obsessions.  well done, clinique!

i’m feeling pretty smitten with kirakira, a new line of jewelry i came across this week.  the designs are so diverse, the shop feels like you’ve stumbled into a vintage jewelry shop in your favorite foreign destination – yet they’re all brand spanking new.  prices run the gamut, but those silver marrakesh earrings are $125…definitely attainable luxe.

as usual, best to follow a splurge with a steal.  on one of my target wanders the other day, i came upon the william rast collaboration.  the denim actually looked promising, so i gave it a try.  and lo, it was highly impressive, readers.  i was more impressed with the boot cut than the straight, but that’s okay, since straight is on its way out anyway.  for $50, these jeans had great fit, the right amount of stretch, and enough quality that i think you’d get well over your $50 worth of wear from them.  you could even try holding out until they go on sale…not a bad gamble, i think.

and last but not least, this wallet caught my eye a while back, and i keep forgetting to show it to you!  i’m a sucker for a bright wallet, i’ll admit, and this striking blue/green hue is no exception.  the leaves might be a little much for me, but i haven’t totally decided yet (and they could always be removed, i’m thinking).  plus, it’s called the “fiscal ficus“, and i do so love some nice alliterative word play.  it’s $98, which isn’t out of the realm for a well-made wallet (which this is).  and, bonus, some kind anthro shopper has bothered to take photos of the interior and post them in the reviews section…so, kudos to her.

have a great weekend, everyone!

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happy thanksgiving!

well, i’ve made an executive decision, readers:  i’m giving myself the week off.  it’s been an insane few days, and i’m now preparing to host my very first thanksgiving ever.  terrifying, no?  and so, i’m going to bid you farewell for a few days as i dice, chop and roast myself into oblivion.  but i know i won’t be able to resist sharing the black friday goodness, so you should definitely keep an eye on my twitter page for updates on all the deals i hear about.  and of course, i’ll be sure you’re kept in the loop all day on cyber monday!

but before i sign off, i have to show off the one thing i’m feeling pretty good about for my thanksgiving hosting duties.  i’ve been agonizing over the table setting for weeks (perfectionism has its price, my friends).  but when i spotted this marimekko tablecloth over at the amazing alwaysmod.com, i just knew it was the answer.  and so, here’s a little sneak peek at my thanksgiving table:


what do you think, readers?  in case you can’t tell, i’m nervous…but i hope it has plenty of thanksgiving cheer, all while being deceptively low-maintenance.  in fact, if i’m being honest, i can take almost no credit.  i paired that lovely tablecloth (thank you to alwaysmod.com for sending it over and saving my hide!) with some napkins from dwell for target, a few new dishes from west elm, a few colorful pears in a bowl, some fresh herbs bundled with twine, and…well, that’s about as martha as i get, dear readers.  i hope my family is at least minimally impressed.  (and, well, sometime i’ll tell you the story about those napkin rings…but the statute of limitations hasn’t quite run out.)

if you’re anything like me, the highlight is that beautiful marimekko tablecloth. here’s a detail shot of the pattern:

gorgeous, right?  in person, it has so much depth of color, and just a little bit of shine…it’s unbelievably perfect for this time of year.  i love that it will work for any winter holiday, with any color scheme or pattern.  most table linens that are “fancy” just feel old-fashioned to me.  but this one feels so special, without being at all precious.  of course, if this one isn’t your style, you can choose from what must be 100 different marimekko fabrics at alwaysmod.com, and they’ll custom make your tablecloth for you!  but if you want that, you’d better hustle…the holidays are, after all, looming.

i hope you all have equally fun (if slightly more restful) turkey plans for yourselves.  and i hope you’re getting a few days off too!   i’ll see you back here next week for our traditional cyber monday madness, and then the gift guides begin!  they’re pretty fabulous this year, if i do say so myself…so i’ll see you all back here monday.   in the meantime, i’m wishing each and every wonderful one of you a great holiday weekend!

happy thanksgiving!!!

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beauty buzz: target’s best beauty steals

these days, bargain beauty thrills seem increasingly hard to find…everything you see now is full of rare algae extracts, gold leaf, or some other exotic ingredient that translates to a huge pricetag.  so, in the spirit of saving for the holidays, i thought i’d check out a few thrifty finds from my friendly neighborhood target.*

first up, i’ve been desperate for a more moisturizing hair care regime ever since the weather turned chilly.  every year, when the heater’s finally on for the season, and the wind and rain kick into high gear, my hair frizzes up, and i’m generally a mess until my system adjusts.  but since i haven’t found salvation in any high-end products, i thought it couldn’t hurt to check out a few target finds.  and sure enough, i fell for organix instant repair cocoa butter shampoo and conditioner.  i’m not a huge fan of the smell (more cocoa than butter, if you like that sort of thing), but i like that there are no sulfates and no animal testing (why i fear for the safety of animals testing shampoo is beyond me, but there it is). they’re packed with cocoa butter and sesame seed oil to provide some serious conditioning punch, and at $6.99 each, they will save me some serious coin versus my normal phyto splurges.

but the real saving grace has been umberto’s roman oil serum, which i can tell you works some serious magic on my fried locks.  as the old ad says, “just a dab will do you”…in fact, more than that and your hair turns from dry to grease-ridden in the blink of an eye, so do have some dry shampoo on hand when you first try this, just in case.  but if you’re stingy, you’ll be repaid with some seriously amazing, shiny, happy hair, thanks to all of the olive oil and coconut oil packed inside.  i’ve been using a dab before i blow dry, and a dab at the end to smooth flyaways, and it’s utterly perfect.  it’s a steal at $9.99, and will probably last me a year.

while i’m still sticking with my higher end goods for face cleansing and moisturizing, i have to say that some of the new makeup gurus making products for target definitely have my vote.  for example, i love the new catwalk i-kit from jk jemma kidd.  normally, i sort of hate the big combo kits, as i end up loving only a couple of things, and am forced to lug around/deal with all of the extra stuff i don’t love.  but this kit going to save me all sorts of effort the next time i’m packing for a trip, since i love absolutely everything inside.  for $26, you get primer/concealer (it’s no laura mercier, but it does the work), base shadows, liner shadow and five gorgeous colored shadows in totally wearable earth tones.  i can’t remember the last time i tried a kit when i liked every color in the box, but here you are.  and honestly, when it comes to powder eyeshadow, i think most are about the same, so this is a great place to save if you can find colors you love.

last but not least, ever since neutrogena discontinued my all-time favorite mascara, i’m on the hunt for a new love.  and let me tell you, it’s right up there with finding the perfect jeans.  but np set by napoleon perdis has a pretty impressive contender in its new glamorista mascara ($15).  the thin plastic bristles keep lashes from clumping together, and they also provide a nice, thin coat of mascara (oh, how i hate cakey applications).  once it’s on, this stuff doesn’t budge…in fact, i tested by applying some to the back of my hand and trying to wipe it off with a tissue.  no smudging whatsoever, friends.  but it comes off relatively easily once you apply water…the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

next time around, i’m hoping to test drive a few of boots’ best target finds…they have a lipstick i’ve been addicted to since the dark ages, so who knows what other goodies i’ll find.

have you had any great beauty scores at target lately?  tell us all about it in the comments…i’m always anxious to hear about someone else’s beauty steals!

*the ftc blather: samples were provided by the nice people at target, so a big thanks to them.  but, as usual, i only told you about the best stuff!

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friday finds

i have to say, i love these ‘friday finds’ posts…they really do turn out as random as my week typically seems.

these beautiful new chocolate bars from vosges chocolate showed up on my doorstep this week (i love my job!), and wow.  a belt notch later, i can tell you they’re positively amazing.  vosges makes some of my favorite chocolates – they do an amazing job of creating seriously unique, unbelievably delicious flavors.  the pink peppercorns in the white chocolate/lemon zest bar might have been a tad strong, but utterly unlike anything i’ve tried. and there’s nothing at all wrong with blood orange caramel!  count me in.  next on my list to try is their new bacon chocolate chip pancake mixyum!

Picture 5Picture 6 Picture 7

i ran into this skirt from the tucker for target collection during a target outing this week, and dear readers, it is utterly fantastic in person!  i am now scouring my local targets to find my size, as it’s totally sold out online (reviewers have said it runs small, so beware).  this gold and navy brocade looks so, so much more luxe in person than it gets credit for being online.  it reminds me of something j.crew or kate spade would have produced, but the $39 pricetag is no lie.  wear it now with a drapey silk top and navy belted blazer, or a sleek cream cardi…and just try to imagine the holiday potential here!

Picture 2Picture 1

speaking of j.crew, i was actively coveting one of the chunky bracelets from their fenton/fallon collaboration, but it sold out before i could justify the expense.  lucky for me their sister brand, madewell, has come up with a style i might even love more…and at half the price!  at $58, i’m having a very hard time finding the willpower to stop myself.

and last but not least, couldn’t resist sharing the friends & family action going on at hayden+harnett.  now through october 15, take 20% off any online order (including sale items, and pieces from other designers!) with code FALL10FRIENDS.  i checked with their designer, toni hacker, before i shared, and she assured me that she thinks of all you shoppingsmycardio readers as dear friends of hayden+harnett, so spend away!  i’d splurge on these tomtom pyramid stud earrings ($80) and the mystery scarf ($160), but i haven’t even gotten to the bags yet…

Picture 8

have a great weekend, everyone!

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friday finds: my summer closet

this week’s finds are as random as they come, but they’re all things i’ve fallen hard for in the last few days.  fortunately, there’s only one budget-busting splurge in the mix, and i’ve included a pretty serious steal to make up for it!

at first, i wasn’t enthralled with the fenton/fallon collection for j.crew…once again, i’m just not cool enough.  but the more i see of this bracelet (it’s been circling blogland something fierce this week), the more i want it.  i love the idea of pairing it with a grey burnout tank, the perfect cutoff shorts, and flip flops…a single decadent accent to the ultimate lazy summer outfit.

i spent the week debating exactly how many things i had to have from madewell’s new site.  their striped espadrilles didn’t make the cut…straw shoes fade and die so quickly, i couldn’t bear to spend $50. fortunately, anne at city sage and the stylish ladies at blue moss both noticed these chic stand-ins from target – for $16, thank you very much.  i snapped them up instantly.

(incidentally, speaking of cheap summer shoes, i’m digging these retro huraches too…and at $15, i may even be able to justify reliving that trend.)

of course, for every steal, there must be a contrasting splurge, or my superficial little shopping world would just implode.  smythe’s linen military jacket would blow my entire summer wardrobe budget at $650, but i also think i’d wear it just about every day, and well into fall, as this military trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

sigh.  heartbreakingly perfect, isn’t it?

with that, happy weekend everyone!

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