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random rant: stella mccartney for net-a-porter


important disclaimer:  i happen to adore this t-shirt.  i’ve been obsessed with cloud prints, patterns, paintings…anything cloud-ish for as long as i can remember, and i did a little “ooh, pretty!” gasp when i saw this.  

but it’s $495.

really, stella? are we doing $500 tees now?  i guess the real question is whether we were ever doing $500 tees, but especially now, when people are being even more frugal and cautious…is anyone out there buying a $500 t-shirt?  i mean, i’m sure it’s a completely wonderful t-shirt.  i’m sure the cut is phenomenal, the cotton is organic, and the dye is made from some sort of extremely rare vegetable that stella is personally growing in her backyard, and can only be harvested using the feathers of a dodo bird or something.  so maybe, assuming that’s the case, it’s “worth” $500.  but does that mean you’d buy it?

for those of us living in the real world, i did find a few alternatives.  bop basics makes a really gorgeous burnout tee that looks amazing up close, and comes in a very appropriate sky blue color.  for the graphic element, check out this considerably more mod cloud print tee at threads for thought.  and, of course, there’s always that sweet air tee by terra which, i have to admit, i think looks more like a $500 tee than stella’s version.

my question to you is this:  is there any scenario in which you’d consider buying a $500 t-shirt?

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lazy green for earth day

(photo by blissful images – the perfect earth day purchase, don’t you think?)

i think most people that know me would agree i’m not the most green person you’ll ever meet.  i refuse to cancel my catalog subscriptions, i can’t be bothered to sort my glass from my plastics, and it’s maybe one time out of ten that i remember to bring those reuseable bags into the market.

but i’m never one to ignore a holiday, especially when there are deals to be had!  so, here are a few of my favorite ways for you to go green with minimal effort this earth day:

terra collection:  our much-loved sponsor’s decadent organic cotton tees are 50% off for the rest of the week, in celebration of earth day.  use code “earthlove” at checkout, and stock up!  every one is beautifully embroidered, pro-planet, and each purchase means a 15% discount to an earth-loving charity.  

suki hair:  i was browsing the aisles of my neighborhood whole foods the other day and saw that my favorite green beauty line, suki, has released a shampoo and conditioner!  naturally, i had to try them immediately.  if you’re not afraid of low-lather shampoo (it’s never bothered me…), this stuff is fantastic!  it smells as wonderful as their lemongrass cleanser that i can’t get enough of, it left my hair so much more moisturized than it normally is, and just generally is making me happy.  plus, it’s vegan – so my northwest cred is intact.

rume bags:  i get a reuseable tote maybe once a week these days…it seems almost impossible to avoid.  but the ones that actually make it into the store are my rume bags, every time.  and when they do, customers and baggers alike compliment them.  they’re huge, have a flat bottom, hold an unbelievable amount of stuff, and are actually pretty cute for grocery bags.  plus, i do love the velcro fold-up thing…very handy.  get 20% off sitewide today with code EARTH.

so, happy earth day, readers – how will you be celebrating?  i hope you’ll recycle a glass bottle for me!

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sponsor welcome: terra collection!


remember those gorgeous eco-friendly tees we gave away for valentine’s day?  well, the wonderful owner of the company – terra collection – is our newest shoppingsmycardio sponsor!  very exciting…and i hope you’ll all give her the love and appreciation she deserves.

terra collection tees are some of my absolute favorite for quality and design, even when you don’t consider their eco cred.  each tee is partially screened, partially embroidered, to give a fantastic multi-dimensional effect to the design.  and they’re made of super soft organic cotton, my latest obsession.  plus, choose from a long list of charities to score 15% of the purchase price – i so love charitable excuses to shop!

check out all of the designs – my favorite changes every time i look, but today it’s the air tee.  best of all, to celebrate the onset of spring, score 25% off any style with code spring at checkout.  so go on, give our fabulous new sponsor a very warm welcome, and show her some retail love!

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be mine! a valentine’s giveaway

happy valentine’s week, everyone – whether you’re celebrating solo or duo, i hope you have some fun things plannned (or are at least enjoying some of that delish v-day candy that’s available only once a year!).

since valentine’s is about celebrating with, and giving to, the ones you love, i thought it only appropriate that i take advantage of the opportunity to make all of you dear readers my valentine!  so, i’m thrilled to announce our valentine’s giveaway of couture and chocolate.  dream come true, no?

so, we’ll have TWO winners of this giveaway!  one of you will be taking home that gorgeous heart “life” tee, above, from terra collection.  these tees retail for around $60, and are really extraordinary in person:  uber-soft organic cotton, beautifully designed with screening and gorgeous stitching to add texture.  plus, 15% of each purchase goes to fund various environmental charities…and you know how i love reasons to justify spending.  the winner can choose any of terra’s fab tees (life, air, earth and water), but in honor of the season, i had to suggest the heart!

our second winner will be gorging on a truly decadent box of bonbons from ballotin chocolates.  with flavor concoctions like citrus caramel, ceylon cinnamon, and strawberry balsamic…well, it’s probably just as well these won’t arrive until after valentine’s day, as i’m pretty confident your significant other would have a tough time competing.  hmm…maybe i should re-think giving these away…

as usual, enter by leaving a comment on this post…and you’ll get a bonus entry if you share this anywhere you choose (facebook, your blog, stumble, digg…let your imagination run wild), and then come back and leave a second comment telling me where you shared.

i’ll pick winners friday morning, so entries close thursday night.  good luck, dear readers!!


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