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think(ing) pink

I’ve been thinking pink in a big way this season…it’s always a favorite color of mine, and though pink for spring is a little predictable, all that talk about winter pastels put me over the edge. But not just any pink will do – no cotton candy or fuchsia here. I’m after a more subtle shade – a pale, whisper of a pink that you’d find on the inside of a seashell, the one that’s like a nude but infinitely warmer and universally flattering. A little something like this:

pink spring 2014, pink spring, how to wear pink, styling pink, pink shirt, pink shoes, spring trend pink Read on

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weekend forecast: friends & family bonanza

**UPDATE: Turns out, there’s even more F&F fun to be had this weekend at Joie and Equipment – keep reading for codes and deets!**

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend, I’ll be avoiding an unavoidable trip to IKEA like the plague, trying desperately not to bring home a puppy from the Bay Area Pet Fair, and getting in a much-needed mani/pedi/taco date with a dear friend. Not a bad weekend at all, I think.

Also, I suspect I’ll spend an abnormal amount of time obsessively perusing everything Tory BurchDiane von Furstenberg, Joie and Equipment have to sell me, as they’re all having their Friends & Family sales this weekend! Obviously, I have all of the codes for you, plus plenty of picks to get your engines revved. Read on

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worthy splurge: oscar de la renta at the outnet

Oscar de la Renta for The Outnet, $995

In the event I’m ever invited to a glamorous, black-tie affair – one at which I can wear the most delicious, glowy, gossamer confection of a gown I can find – there’s only one man I’ll trust: Oscar de la Renta. Watch any of his shows, and you’ll catch the magic. Or better yet, take a look at the faces of any of his celebs on the red carpet. They’re positively glowing, triumphant in the knowledge that if nothing else, they’ve nailed the gown.

Alas, most of Oscar’s gowns are hilariously, impossibly beyond both my budget and my lifestyle. But lo! As is much too often the case, The Outnet has come to my rescue, concocting an exclusive collaboration with the man himself. It’s a bit more youthful, and a lot more cost-approachable than his standard ultra-luxe fare. The result is a mini-collection of pieces so wearable, so beautiful, and so perfectly Oscar, it’s hard to imagine they top out at $995. Still a splurge, I’ll grant you. But it’s one that’s actually possible (mortgage one of the kids, sell a bit of plasma, and you’re there). Read on

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am i blue?

Most of you probably don’t know this, but one of the reasons I started SMC back in my wee baby blogging days was that I’m a chronic overshopper. Give me a task, a specific piece to search for, and I’m like an obsessive-compulsive dog with a bone – I simply cannot stop until I’ve unearthed every possible option, in every possible shape and at every possible price. With a blog as an outlet, that pesky little personality flaw just turns into “content research.” This is why we all need jobs doing what we love.

Case in point: now that blue is the bag color this season, I’m finally ready to take the plunge. Mind you, I’m no fair weather convert to cobalt. I’ve been eyeing those baby blues for at least three years now. But this year, I think I’ve finally got it. My elusive white whale (well, it’s a blue whale I suppose, really) is right here:

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