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styled alternatives: the fancy skirt

i have a family wedding to attend this spring, and i’m dreading dropping serious change on a dress that i’ll wear once and will then wither at the back of my closet.  instead, i’ve been thinking about the value of separates.  picking up a formal skirt that can be repurposed in any number of ways feels fresh, but it also feels smart.  i’m thinking that this skirt from the rodarte/opening ceremony collaboration might be an absolute necessity.

sure, at first blush (sorry, i had to…), this looks a little formal for anything but an evening event.  but bear with me:

on the left, we have the wedding-guest ensemble…pitch perfect for any non-black-tie wedding, i think.  but i’ll have endless options to restyle that skirt and use it all year long.  that stunning blush shade, tinted with gold metallic, is pitch-perfect for warmer weather, and the semi-sheer, floaty crepe gives this a beautiful shape. it’s a little short, particularly for a knee-showing-phobe like me, but i’m thinking if i size up, it might just work.  and the pricetag ($325) doesn’t feel that out of the budget realm for a special event…after all, i’d pay that much for a dress, i’m sure, and the skirt is endlessly more versatile.  it could so easily be paired with a sleek black top and nude pumps (and maybe that sweet little bow belt?) to make it event-worthy, or a simple nude tank for cocktails, but it will also be amazing for day.  the trick is to keep the rest of the look simple and ultra-casual – let the skirt steal the spotlight.  add a white tee, denim jacket and perhaps some rachel comey booties, and you’re set!

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the “worthy splurge” how-to

in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve toned down the exorbitantly expensive features of late.  not that we shouldn’t all be supporting the economy, but well, i know i’ve been spending more time at gap than nordstrom lately, so i assume the same is true of most of you.

that said, i’m always a fan of the occasional, well-placed splurge.  but how do you decide whether something really is a “worthy splurge”?  today, i’m going to share my cardinal splurge rules with you (exciting, i know).  


at $246, this bold “lollipop skirt” from tibi certainly qualifies as a potential splurge.  plus it’s bold, colorful, and definitely unique.  i spied it over at chick downtown, and decided it was the perfect test case.    

before you even start, make sure you love it.  really and truly.  not just that it’s “fun” or “pretty” or “useful.”  if it’s truly worthy, it makes you smile when you wear it – plain and simple.  once that’s decided, i use a pretty straightforward “3-2-1” formula to weigh a splurge, as i find that pure logic sometimes helps in the face of unrelenting temptation:

wearability:  can i think of at least 3 completely different ways to wear the item?  

longevity:  can i envision it being worn in at least 2 different decades (other than this one)? 

uniqueness:  is it unique?  or, put another way, do i have even 1 other item in my closet that could do what this item does?  

in the case of this lovely tibi:  wearability options seem pretty endless.  make it classic with a sleeveless white shell and sandals, turn it tomboy with a ribbed tank and boyfriend blazer or leather jacket, or add a cardigan and a scarf to wear it to the office.  as for longevity, i can definitely see this in the 60s and the 80s, and even the early 90s – can’t you see your mom wearing something like this when she was in high school?  and as for being unique, i certainly don’t have anything like it in my closet.

on my 3-2-1 scale, the tibi skirt measures up pretty perfectly.  of course, all of this hinges on fit:  the one rule that trumps all of the others.  a splurge simply has to make you look and feel amazing…or really, what’s the point?

so, what do you think?  is this tibi a worthy splurge to you?

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spring sales…let the games begin!

**editor’s note:  don’t forget our  fab lillybee shoe giveaway this week.  enter here!!


i sort of can’t believe i’m telling you about new spring markdowns when there was frost on my car this morning.  but hey, the deals don’t lie.  shopbop, saks and net-a-porter have all begun their spring markdowns, so if you’re jonesing for some color after months of drab grey, get out your amex.

but, because we’re being frugal this season, i wanted to stick to picks that were a really good value, either in terms of longevity or in terms of impact.

that tibi dress above scores high in both categories.  it’s marked down to $213 at NAP.  it’s silk jersey, and i just can’t get enough of that graphic yellow pattern – definitely hot for spring, but it’s not going to look dated in a year or two.  the buttons and ruffle detail keep it trendy and work-appropriate, but i’d love to see this one unbuttoned at the top with a sexy, lingerie-style cami underneath.  i might even experiment with leaving the whole piece unbuttoned, belting at the waist (with something other than the tie-belt it comes with), and adding a sexy rocker legging and gladiator heels.

i admit, the yellow suede tory burch jacket isn’t exactly a steal at $416.  but, it is suede…i’d be skeptical if it was too cheap.  and this one really does have endless potential for spring, without being overly trendy – this definitely falls in the “if you’re going to buy one piece this spring” category.  wear it now with jeans, or dark neutral slacks at the office (just stay away from black, please…no bumblebee ensembles).  in fact, i might even try pairing this with a plaid or windowpane pant from winter and a contrasting top underneath.  what i love about this piece is that the shaping and cut make it perfect for work or weekend, and it will even work as a topper for a summer dress you’re dying to break out now.  throw it on, add tights, presto!  (hmm. as long as we’re browsing, don’t miss this plaid steven alan shirt, please…doesn’t exactly scream spring, but it’s perfect enough i’m willing to overlook that.)

and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that mega-jewelry is still huge for spring (no pun intended) – particularly the statement necklace.  the great thing about this piece is that you can use it with anything from a work suit to a tee-and-jeans ensemble to instantly add some mod to your look without breaking the bank.  my pick is this archive bow necklace from the shopbop sale.  i’ve been just loving the multi-chain necklaces this season, but they’re a little more punk than i can pull off.  but this one is perfectly preppy, completely office-friendly, and will dress up anything from a suit to a tank with impeccable style.

and after you finish browsing (or buying), come back and tell me how you splurged…or what you’re dreaming of for spring.  i’d love to know what’s on your must-have list!


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