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on the cheap: peplum potential

{Editor’s Note: I’m the first to admit, I’m a serious skeptic on this one. But Kristina’s making a pretty convincing argument for the peplum. Read what she has to say, and see if you aren’t at least a little bit tempted to try this trend by the time she’s done…especially since every one of her finds is under $75!}

Kristina ~ Before I even start (and before you start telling me that I’m crazy), please hear me out. It can be a wonderful thing to bring attention your hips. Yes it can! And the latest peplum trend does just that.

I’ll admit that peplums can be scary to attempt, especially with the array of options out there. Peplum skirts and dresses are everywhere, but I’ve found that a peplum top is the easiest and most flattering for a range of body types. Worn correctly, a peplum top will give you that coveted hourglass figure by adding volume to your hips and thus narrowing the waist in comparison. Relativity, ladies! For girls with boyish figures, a peplum top creates a fantastic illusion; and for curvy girls, a peplum can balance out your proportions and enhance the curves that are already there. A peplum is also a great way to conceal a bit of a tummy.

If you’re willing to give it a try, start with black. It’s always slimming, but paired with a pencil skirt, you’ll have a seriously sleek silhouette. If you want to toughen up the look, choose a skirt with a bit of leather detailing and some studded heels!

Rib Peplum Top, Topshop, $48 / Faux-Leather Pencil Skirt, Kohls, $35 / Black Studded Sandals, Sears, $25

To keep your look on the playful and girly side, pair your peplum with skinny jeans and a pair of fun polka dot flats. As for the skinnies, I have a secret: the Love Jeans from Victoria’s Secret are hands-down my favorite jeans! They come in multiple hem lengths, are true to size, and fit like a glove for a pear-shaped girl like me. (Word of warning: they’ll shrink almost two inches when you wash them, so definitely opt for a longer length!)

To style these, add a bold statement necklace, some simple gold bangles, and a bag in a perfect-for-fall color. Peplum perfection!

Sidewalk Skimmer, Madewell, $98 / VS Love Skinny Jean, Victoria’s Secret, $69 / Anna & Ava Neon Geo Frontal Necklace, Dillards, $35 / Gold Bangle Set, J. Crew, $29 / Liquorish Doctor Bag, ASOS, $61

What do you think? Will you be trying the peplum trend?

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fall boot covets, part one

I thought I’d just be honest right there in the title, since you know this is going to be a fearfully long list by October.

Fall boots…I can’t get enough. Since I fulfilled the “need” on my boot list (black riding boots) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s time to buckle down and pick a fun pair to get me through the bleak winter months ahead. I’ve been imagining myself with the Rag & Bone Durham for so long, I’m sort of surprised they haven’t magically appeared in my closet, a la The Secret-slash-Field of Dreams.

Durham in grey or brown, $525

But, since they haven’t, and since I’m going to have to hem and haw for another few months (most likely until they’re sold out) before I’m willing to shell out $525 for them, I’m trying to move on to a new love.

What do you all think about studded boots?

I know, I’m a skeptic. I’m the least edgy girl I know, for starters. I’m also over 30. Both of these facts should immediately disqualify me from owning studded anything. But I have such a bizarre fascination with these Chloe Susanna boots…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Give them a minute. They’ll grow on you…like those hidden-picture posters from the ’80s (which I never could master). Which they’ll need to do if you’re going to spend $1,300 on them. Anyway, they’re hands-down the “boot of the season” if you ask a fashion editor (or if you check Zara and Topshop for knockoffs, which is the surest sign of “it” status). Ahem:

Alvin, Topshop, $180 / Ankle boot, Zara, $189 / Pete, Laurence Dacade, $397 (not really knockoffs, but still good.)

I could find more, but I’m lazy. They’re all cute, but honestly…am I going to wear those to bop over to Target? Probs not. But! I’m thinking I may have found the perfect middle ground. What do you think of these?

Amplify studded boots, Topshop, $160

It’s like the Chloe boots and the Rag & Bone boots had a little drunken-prom-night romp in the dressing room at Topshop. Still a little edgy for me, but I’m thinking maybe these are subtle enough to try. Hey, even Hermes puts studs on things…there must be a way to make them classy.

What do you think? Can a preppy girl ever pull off studs?

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Is it 100 degrees where you are too? Terrifying. So, you’ll forgive my brevity today if you picture me blogging on the couch with a hot laptop sitting on my legs. Let’s get straight to business!

Net-a-Porter got a new fall delivery today, and I’m choosing to ignore the heat by coveting a few fall goodies.

Cashmere two-tone sweater, Clu, $305 / Leather-trimmed cardi coat, Vince, $485 / Wool peacoat, Burberry Brit, $1195

Of course, in reality, that Vince coat might make me look a little like an off-duty judge. And the Burberry peacoat is completely the wrong color for a pale girl like me. But I still think they’re gorgeous.

But then I have to ask about this: are we really doing dickies again? Granted, this one is pretty hip. And it’s by Miu Miu. But still…dickies?

Sigh. I hope not. In the category of great sale finds today, if you happen to be a student, know a student or want to be unscrupulous and exploit the completely illegitimate code I happen to have in my possession (email me), you can take 20% off at Topshop this weekend. Just sayin’.

Koko ballet flats, Topshop, $80 / Rhinestone triangle set, Topshop, $18 / Epaulette silk tee (also in white), Topshop, $110

Our intrepid Details columnist, Kate, alerted me to serious fashion news: the lovely ladies behind Sigerson Morrison have finally re-emerged with a new line! Enter Pied Juste, being sold exclusively at Anthropologie right now. Get a peek and buy early – their prices are pretty well guaranteed to go up in future seasons.

Last but not least, it’s Pinterest time. I’m always looking for a new way to tie a silk scarf…I find them uniquely challenging. But the Duchess has it nailed here. I’m assuming she has staff to follow her around and ensure it doesn’t budge, as whenever I try this, it’s a constant struggle to keep it from slipping off my neck and into my cappuccino. Still, the result is impeccable. And if you want your own “official Olympic scarf”, you can find hers right here.

Have a wonderful weekend, all! Stay cool, and I’ll see you back here Monday, when you’ll get to meet the first of our new guest writers. Can’t wait to make the introductions!

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all in the details: turquoise!

{Editor’s Note: Welcome back, Kate! This column is turning into such a guilty pleasure for me…every week, I spot at least three things I have to have. This time, it’s the earrings, the wedges and…oh, who am I kidding? I want it all!}

Summer always brings about a season of excellent accessories, and amongst them always manages to emerge a plethora of dangling earrings. Perhaps it’s because they’re an excellent balance to an otherwise simple wardrobe of solid coloured t-shirts and shorts, or maybe an inclination to avoid heavy arms of bracelets and statement necklaces, to accent ponytails or messy top-knots. Whatever the case, from eye-catching chandeliers to tribal inspired stunners, fun shapes and colours always seem to be hanging from fish-hook posts through the lobes of my ears.

This particular pair from Anthropologie, going by the name Clustered Curves is a new favorite of mine. The minty-blue turquoise pearly beads backed by light-catching crystals are excellent. Physically light and striking a balance between bold and dainty, these earrings pack punch without draining dollars from your wallet.

Clustered Curves Earrings, Anthropologie, $28

The colour is what instantly drew me in. Offset by a very light and delicate gold, they’re an easy way to hop on the mint/turquoise bandwagon without investing in skinny jeans or a flirty skirt that also bears that particular hue. What I also find attractive about these is that the crystals are just enough to catch the sunlight…without looking ostentatious.

I quietly live in a state of just-beneath-the-surface fear of wearing inappropriately loud earrings, thus I’m usually inclined to steer clear of the chandelier shape, but these truly pose no cause for concern.

Given the polished feminine nature of the earrings, they yearn to be styled one of two ways. On one hand I’d opt for a navy maxi-dress (there’s amazing rope detailing on the back of this particular selection) and white denim jacket – and yet on the other a navy blazer, white tee, and (if you’re a little daring) mint shorts would be lovely.

Navy Rope Cowl Maxi Dress, Bloomingdales, $98 / Lindsay Optic White Jacket, True Religion, $196 /
Navy Linen Schoolboy Blazer, J.Crew, $175 / Mint Chino Shorts, TopShop, $50

With either ensemble, I’d keep the details the same: a bold ring or a fun stack of bracelets, a tan cross-body bag, and simple strappy wedge sandals. Pull your hair up and back into a messy-yet-pulled-together bun and don a lovely pink hue on your lips.

Bridgewalk Sandals, Madewell, $175 / Kiss Me Deadly Bracelets, Vanessa Mooney, $42 / Wixon Purse, J.Crew, $198 / Turquoise Slice Ring, Michael Kors, $85

The point is to let the earrings (and your equally sparkling personality) do the talking for the outfit. Minimalist but dazzling, poised yet playful – these are the duos of adjectives that people should be using…both with regards to the earrings and the darling dame wearing them.  ~ Kate

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sunshine on my soles: the best spring sandals so far

I’m jumping the gun, I know, but the sun is finally out today in Portland! Who can say how long it’ll last, but for today, I’m dreaming of a closet filled with pretty new spring sandals. Since I am generally loathe to spend big bucks on summer shoes, you’ll find some pretty fantastic cheap thrills mixed in here (along with one splurge so lovely, it’s the exception that proves the rule).

1. ASOS Field Trip, $29 / 2. Topshop Hunt, $50 / 3. Zara strappy sandal, $50 /
4. ASOS Fearne, $36 / 5. Loeffler Randall Fawn, $295

I think I’ve let all this sunshine go to my head…would you look at all that color?! Truly, though, if you’re going to go bold with color, footwear (and, for that matter, toe polish) is the perfect place to start.

On a related note, an open letter to Zara and ASOS: start offering your pretty, pretty shoes in size 11. Please. You’re killing me!

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Are you relishing these last few summer weekends? I’ve been woefully neglectful of my barbecue, which I’m hoping to remedy this weekend. Also, we finally have a backyard that’s habitable, and I can hardly wait to bust out our patio set. Here’s hoping we get a few more rain-free weekends to put them to good use.

And, with that, on to this week’s Finds!

First, I have to tell you about the two beauty products that have been saving me this summer. I didn’t quite realize their collective power until I spent a weekend at the beach, and had not even a trace of a sunburn on my alabaster (well, pale, at any rate) skin. Honestly. No sunglasses tan lines, no new freckles…nothing. Considering how much my hair bleached out over those two days, I think that’s pretty impressive. So, first, props to DDF Weightless Defense UV Moisturizer SPF 45 (wow, that’s a mouthful).

Yes, it smells like sunscreen – but only for a second when you first put it on. No, it didn’t make me break out, not even a little. Not even when I first switched over. That, friends, is impressive. If you have sun in your future, switch to this immediately.

Second, Sue Devitt’s SpaComplexion tinted moisturizer with “hydrating marine minerals”. I’ve actually had this on hand to try for a few months, but my skin was still too pasty pale from the winter. (Yes, their lightest shade was still too dark for me. Don’t judge.) But my skin finally colored just enough for me to start using this about a month ago (before I’d switched to the mighty DDF sunscreen, mind you), and I’m completely infatuated. It looks and feels like there’s nothing there at all (so you can claim that “no makeup” look), and does a masterful job of glossing over the bad, and generally evening out my skin tone. And again, no breakouts…unlike the 4 other tinted moisturizers I tested.

But enough about my trip, right? This has been a huge jewelry week for me – possibly because I’ve had samples from some of my favorite designers lying around my house all week. Sadly, they have to go back. But in their place, I’m thinking very seriously about some new little bauble for myself. This stunner of a statement necklace from DANNIJO is unbelievable. Cocktail dress? Sure. But just picture this with a grey tee and cutoff shorts. The design is exclusive to my friends at Charm & Chain, which makes me want it even more! I do love a little exclusivity.

And speaking of jewels, Lulu Frost’s collection for J.Crew just debuted. Isn’t it pretty?

It’s possible I’ve been reading too much of The American Heiress (fantastic guilty summer read, by the way), as I’m clearly craving an awful lot of sparkle these days. Speaking of, have you seen all the gorgeous mirrored and sparkly shoes at Topshop right now? They remind me of a grown-up version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I’m envisioning them with jewel-toned tights and a great 1940s-inspired dress…unbelievable!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend in store, friends – as for me, I have a huge pile of SEPTEMBER ISSUES staring me down. Best time of the year! I can’t wait to curl up at Peets with my trusty cappuccino and dig in. What do you have planned?

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styling your summer frock: the how-to

i’ve been meaning to show you all this dress since i fell for it a month or so ago at anthropologie.  this might just be the most flattering, most versatile summer dress i’ve come across this season – though the photos on the website just don’t do it justice.  well worth your $98 for the accessorizing options alone, but the fact that this manages to simultaneously enhance the decollette, hide tummy troubles, provide a miniscule waist (even if you don’t normally have one) and be ultra-comfy makes this a definite must-do for summer.

if you stop by the store, they also have the dress in a stunning, universally-flattering shade of cobalt – my personal favorite.  but the gold and periwinkle are really lovely too.

sadly, i actually ended up returning mine…it’s best on ladies 5’7″ or shorter, unless you either have a super-long torso or are riskier with your hemlines than i am.  but if the growth chart fits, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

i loved it paired with that fab leafy necklace i showed you recently and some studded gladiators, but i was also planning to pair with…

a loose, unstructured vest (left open, please) and the biggest, baddest chain necklace i can find, and perhaps even…

a boyfriend blazer and booties, come fall.  ooh, or a leather moto jacket (as long as the length worked…keep it at least a couple of inches below the waistband on this one!).

of course, most of these styling ideas will work with whatever your favorite summer dress is this year…after all, it’s nearly time to start thinking about those summer-to-fall styling options.

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chic on the cheap: weekend casual

* editor’s note:  last day to enter that amazing mother’s day giveaway!  don’t miss this one…i’m so loving hearing your mom stories (though i promise not to tell if you keep the prize for yourself!).

i’m tiptoeing through my bookmarks this morning, and lo and behold, i came up with a bargain-full ensemble that i’m pretty excited about.  


i’ve been searching high and low for a blazer i liked that (a) wasn’t too expensive, (b) was a little bit unexpected, and (c) was the right cut for my body type.  the reality is most boyfriend blazers are just not that flattering unless you’re very petite.  they eliminate any hint of a waist or hips, and bulk up your shoulders considerably – resulting in a look popular with linebackers the world over. but this three-button twill blazer from old navy is just $25, and i think it might be perfect.  the buttons are high enough that the lapel won’t bulge if you’re well-endowed up top.  the waist is nipped in, and the length is great for layering.  plus, it’s $25.  roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned to get the boyfriend blazer look without the disfiguring side effects.

i’d pair it with a classic, liberty-style floral print top – this topshop version is a great option for $50.  the floral is a great balance against the more structured jacket, and the colors blend without being sickeningly matchy.  you could also try this top from forever 21, though i’d probably go with a floral that doesn’t include yellow if you pick the yellow blazer (the seersucker would be fun, though).  

picture-112   picture-122   picture-132

pair it with one of these beautiful floral tin necklaces from the little black rabbit, which i’ve been coveting something fierce. the dogwood (right) is perfect if you’re nervous about the mix-and-match, but i love mixing florals, and this is a great, safe way to give it a try!

add all of this to your favorite denim, or an a-line or pencil skirt (royal blue would be great, as would black or white), or even a slouchy cuffed short that’s already in your closet, and you have a pretty fantastic outfit for right around $100.  not a bad shopping trip at all, i’d say!

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