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friday finds

Oh, I am so ready for the weekend! True, working from home (and I use that “working” word oh so loosely) means I have a fair bit of bumming around time, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like a weekend until the hubs is home, bumming around right along with me. What kicks off the weekend for you?

I spent a little time playing over at EmersonMade this week, and managed to fall in love – just as I do every time I check their site. They have the perfect summer look down to a science – every piece makes me want to be sitting on a bench in a park somewhere (maybe Paris?), or playing tourist, wandering the streets of a faraway town. This simple red bicycle dress just screams summer, doesn’t it?

And speaking of dresses, I just saw that a new crop from Modaspia made their way to one of my favorite Portland shops: Una. Put this shop on your must-do-in-Portland list, ladies…it’s a good one. And don’t these simple linen dresses just make you want a vacation? If you can’t get here to buy in person, the lovely Giovanna owns the shop, and would be more than happy to ship one of these pretties to you.

Of course, to go with all these lovely dresses, I’m going to need some jewelry. I spotted this Ben-Amun enamel bangle in a magazine recently, and something about its chic simplicity is really calling to me. Also, the fact that it’s $80, but looks infinitely pricier doesn’t hurt.

And then there are these resin bangles from Marc by Marc Jacobs, which give me visions of vintage Bakelite jewelry, without the pricetag or the thrift-store hunts. Wouldn’t they be amazing stacked on your wrist to adorn that yellow Modaspia dress, above?

In case you haven’t found them yet, Topshop has a fabulous line of cosmetics. I got to try a few out recently, and they’re pretty wonderful, in fact. They’re fun-grade, so they’re not overly saturated, just light, easy to apply, and fun to wear. I’m oddly smitten with their new pale yellow “Bee’s Knees” nail polish (which you can only buy in-store…heartbreaking!), and this silvery eye crayon in Equinox from their new, limited edition Sandstorm collection, which has a barely-there shimmer you can wear all summer long. Plus, eyeshadow on a stick…what took so long? Application takes about 3 seconds, which even my lazy self can handle.

To go with all this summer color, I’m feeling the need for a very summery, easy-as-pie clutch to hold it all together. I’m sure I have mentioned these soft-as-silk leather pouches from Sammy before, but now they’re on sale, and every bit as lovely. I may finally need to take the plunge.

Wow, that is a list packed with summery goodness if ever I saw one. And with that, I’m off! I have promised the husband that I’d make him some caramels this weekend…what are you up to?

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local love: jewelry by shelli markee

i completely forgot to tell you all about the beautiful earrings i found a few weeks back at una, one of my favorite portland shops.  i fell for them instantly – the simplicity, delicacy, and hand-forged details – and something told me i was going to love everything the designer had to offer.

i was right.  i ran right home, checked out shelli markee‘s website, and fell hard for her style.  it’s all very simple but striking, architectural and line-based – as if she took the most elaborate designs out there, and reduced them to their simplest elements.  oh, and the prices are excellent (nearly everything is under $100)

i chose the simplest style, her drop earring (left).  i love that it feels like i took a teensy step toward hip with these, but it’s not a scary step.  i wear them all the time, and am already plotting my next pick from her collection (i’m thinking it will be the silver studs below).

if you love them too, you can order any style from the very sweet owner of una, miss giovanna, at unashop at yahoo dot com, who has assured me she’ll be glad to take any and all orders for shelli markee’s designs.  i’m sure you could also order from shelli herself (who, by the way is wonderful, and was happy to take the time to refinish my earrings for free after i foolishly doused them in tarn-x).

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what i want today: corset top from una

there’s nothing i love quite so much as comfort masquerading as couture.  so, when i spied this fantastic faux corset top from una (courtesy of daily candy), i could hardly be expected to keep it to myself.  this stunning top is actually made of french terry.  the corset details, like the intricate lace-inspired pattern, are all embroidered – so it will wear like your favorite tank top. 

structured detail pieces like these will be everywhere this fall – so get ahead of the trend now and pick up this piece for $78 from una.  it’s a great solo option for summer, and when the weather turns, you can pair it with a pencil skirt for a classic 1960s bombshell look, or layer an oxford shirt underneath for a dose of preppy chic.  not a bad multitasker for under $80.


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