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trend to try: the head scarf

{Editor’s Note: A big welcome back to our intrepid Trends Columnist, Ms. Kimberly Brandt! I have always wanted to be that girl that could effortlessly wear a head scarf, but have known in my heart it just wasn’t my look. Kim, as usual, is making me rethink that. Perhaps I’ll dust off one of my vintage silk scarves this weekend…}


Head scarves are all over the place right now.  There are about a million different ways to rock them, and I’m telling you, just about anyone can pull one off.  Seriously.  It’s really the perfect accessory to throw on while on vacation or after a yoga class.  They are fun, and a tiny bit flirty, but hide messy hair.  What more could a girl ask for?  Keep in mind this trend has been around off and on since the 30’s, so you’re not reinventing the wheel…just upping your style ante a bit.

Personally, my favorite way to wear a head scarf is like a super-wide headband with an off center bow or knot.  The trick to pulling this look off is to have a lot of hair.  Seriously.  The bigger and messier, the better.  I like to leave mine tousled and wavy (sometimes I don’t even brush it!), or piled on top of my head in a messy bun.  No fear if you don’t have a lot of hair!!  We have options for you too!

{Image credits: Valentine / Keiko / ban.do / molto}

If you’re more daring, the classic turban is a perfect way to hide away all of your hair.  This is a great option for those of you with a short ‘do.  Since I have just the opposite issue (too much hair!) I like to twist in the turban and then braid my hair loosely and pull it to the side.  100 Layer Cake and Framboise Fashion both have great tutorials on how to tie up one of these on your own!

{Image credits: Urban Outfitters / Hanneli/Karla’s Closet / Karen Walker}

Or maybe, if you’re like me, and a bit clumsy with all the twisting and knotting it takes to create a turban, you can cheat a little, and opt for one of these easy knitted pieces.

Free People/Late Afternoon/ASOS

A few final tips to get you on the road to this trend:

  • Keep the hair messy.  Pretty, but messy – looking too “done” kills the spontaneity of this style.
  • Keep the outfit easy and breezy.  Lots of attention is going straight to your head (err, literally) so keep everything else simple.
  • If you have bangs or shorter hair, pull a few pieces in front of the scarf.  If not, pull the scarf down low, so it hits just a bit above the brow line.
  • And above all, don’t overthink it!  A little imperfection never hurt anyone, and a too-perfect scarf just doesn’t work.

Happy scarf-tying!!  ~ Kim B.

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friday finds: my sale faves

today is a little crazy (i’m moving next week…agh!), but i couldn’t resist taking a second to share a few of the steals that came my way via my shop it to me’ newsletter this morning.  if you don’t already know about ‘shop it to me’, it’s an e-newsletter that comes out daily, letting you know when something by a brand or store you love goes on sale in your size.  dangerous!

anyway, today was an especially good day for markdowns, apparently.  a few of my faves:

i’ve been looking for new trouser jeans everywhere, and haven’t been able to find a single pair.  but i really like this version from tory burch, and they’re down to $136.

Picture 3

this is such a great skirt from DVF, and it’s marked down to $171.  i love that it’s a slightly girly alternative to all of the military khaki out this season.  it would be perfect paired with a print top for some contrast, or even just a simple tee to keep it classic.

Picture 4

as you’ve heard me whine, i’ve been hunting for a summer dress with a respectable hemline, and this super-flattering DKNY version is now just $70 at bloomingdales, so i’m thinking it’s a must-buy.

Picture 5

this little kate spade shoulder bag just feels like the perfect effortless summer tote.  i love the nautical stripe, and i love even more that it’s nylon (not stain-happy cotton), which also keeps it lightweight.  and it has the look of those tiny bags everyone’s sporting now, but you’ll actually be able to pack more than you think.  it’s by kate spade, and down to $197 at amazon.

i’ve been wanting a little something in druzy agate for months now, and $24.99 for these sweet stud earrings is just too good to pass up.

Picture 7

have a great weekend, everyone!  i’ll be spending mine packing and cleaning out my closets…pray for me.

(incidentally, for those of you keeping score, i switched around the order of pictures & text. what do you think? better, worse or indifferent?)

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valentines worth hearting: for him (slightly NSFW)

i have heard from so many of you this year, begging for help with what seems to be the hardest task of all:  finding a valentine’s day gift for the man in your life.  and i fully admit, it is tricky.  after all, a holiday built on pink hearts and flowers doesn’t exactly scream testosterone.  the key, i think, is to let go and admit that valentine’s day is largely a girl holiday.  with that in mind, stop taking your guy’s gift quite so seriously.  he’ll be much happier getting something that’s sweet, funny and somehow involves you being naked.

i asked my hubs what the perfect gift for a guy was for valentine’s day, and well, his response can’t safely be printed.  but, his point is well taken.  find a cheeky valentine’s day card (my absolute favorites this year are these pun-ny versions from etsy seller westmama, who also happens to be a dear friend!), tie it to a can of whipped cream or a box containing the lacy negligee of your choice (since lingerie gifts really are for him anyway), and make sure you include an explicit proposition or two.  trust me, he’ll never notice (or care) that his gift cost you less than $5.

when in doubt, i tend to err on the side of corny when it comes to men’s valentines – pink champagne and scented candles just aren’t going to cut it.  urban outfitters has some fabulous guy-friendly ideas, but this box of candy hearts from urban outfitters ($8) is my absolute favorite.  it’s funny, just a little sentimental, and guaranteed to make you the coolest girlfriend/wife around.  especially if you pair it with a set of furry handcuffs.  (no, seriously.)

if you’re looking for something a little higher end, another favorite gift of mine for v-day is a really excellent bottle of his favorite liquor.  no, this does not mean champagne.  pick something he loves, and drinks when he’s celebrating.  a great single malt scotch, perhaps, or a fabulous tequila.  this works with nearly any price point – just get the best you can afford.

last but not least, i think guys sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to delivered gifts.  how much do you love seeing the florist show up at your office?  sending flowers isn’t the answer,  but try sending a batch of baked goods straight to his desk.  it’s creative, shows you care, and in almost every case, the way to your man’s heart really is through his stomach.  my absolute favorite for gifting are the round brownies from sugardaddy’s bakery in columbus…the flavor options are unbelievable, they’re gorgeous to look at, and they can be on his desk within 24 hours!

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now this is an urban outfitters i can get behind!

wow, i’m not sure what’s going on. normally i just don’t appreciate urban outfitters – going to the store feels a bit like coming home from college for the weekend and swinging by your old high school, only to realize you’re already hopelessly unhip and out of place.  but in the last few days, i’ve spotted several things that have made me swoon.

i’m a longtime fan of andrew holder, so i’m thrilled to see (thank you, cafe cartolina!) he has two brand new prints available at UO.  they’re both huge (one is nearly three feet tall), and such great examples of his work.  in fact, i coveted his original edition of the jellyfish print (which i promise you will be on my wall soon) for ages, and nearly cried when i realized it was sold out (not that i could have afforded it).  so, as you’d imagine, this new edition is making me extremely happy.

and, from fish to birds:  i’m apparently strangely attracted to both this week.  after owning my iphone for more than six months, i’ve still been unable to find a cover i didn’t hate.  these are actually skins, not true covers, but they’re lovely, aren’t they?  and isn’t that penguin just the cutest thing?  as soon as i spied it, i knew it was by joanna mendicino – she can just do no wrong in my eyes.

and then there are the shoes.  i’m still bitter that the rachel comey diffusion line wasn’t available in my size.  but now they’re carrying some very stunning marais suede gladiator sandals – also not in my size, and equally fabulous.  sigh.

the one low point:  i was going to point out these blue stacked heel sandals, but the color in the catalog (left – sorry it’s horribly blurry) was this fabulous, bold shade, and on the website (right), it’s, well, more blah than bold, don’t you think?  the whole thing has left me feeling sort of iffy about these.

but the rest is good, don’t you think?

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a little cameo…

picture-231this morning, i’ve taken my style scouting over to author a brand-spankin’ new “designer imposters” column for the oh-so-chic folks at luxaholics.   head over to check out my awesome $60 chloe (ish) find, and a few styling tips!

would love to see you over there today…and, of course, we’ll have more goodies here for you tomorrow!  xo

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cheap thrills: birds in paris!

as soon as i spied this pretty scarf over at dooce, i knew i had to share.  this is such a great way to embrace the trendy square scarf/bandana thing that’s going on right now!  first, it’s a great, black-based print that will help you pair it with any number of neutral ensembles.  second, the huge size (42″ square) means you can pull off the bandana tie but slouch the scarf in a way that keeps it from looking too cowboy chic (to accomplish this, see below).  and third, it’s a bargain-basement $24…so even if you call the whole thing off and use it as a sarong this summer, it’s still no serious loss.

grab it at urban outfitters, but do it quick…once it’s up on dooce, it’s bound to be gone in a flash.

tying instructions:  this is pretty easy, but if i botch it, you can also see video instructions here.  start by folding the scarf in half, on the diagonal.  hold the scarf in front of you, holding the two farthest points in either hand.  pull the ends behind your neck, and loop around, bring them to the front, and tie in a knot.  i like to do this using the very ends, so that you have a lot of loose fabric to work with.  then, just play around with it until it slouches the way you like it!  there’s really no wrong way to do this, though i do tend to try to fold the fabric in the center over the knot, to hide it a bit. completely up to you, though!

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luxe or less: sporty cardigans

i’ve been obsessing over this cricket cardigan from vince for months now, ever since i spied it on the linesheets for fall.  i love the overly preppy vibe, and the potential to turn the styling completely on its head.  i’d pair it with a plaid trouser for fun, or layer a long tee underneath and accessorize with chunky jewelry or a bold scarf to keep it from being too j.crew circa 1994.  

but then, i spied this rugby cardigan over at urban outfitters…for less than $50.  look familiar?  true, the color is slightly less fabulous, and the styling is definitely less finessed.  but the price is almost $200 lower.  it begs a very frustrating question:  how much love will i really give this fun little cardi?  

and so, i turn to you, dear readers – would you spring for the luxe, or save with the less-expensive, and slightly less lovely version?

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