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trend to try: the head scarf

{Editor’s Note: A big welcome back to our intrepid Trends Columnist, Ms. Kimberly Brandt! I have always wanted to be that girl that could effortlessly wear a head scarf, but have known in my heart it just wasn’t my look. Kim, as usual, is making me rethink that. Perhaps I’ll dust off one of my vintage silk scarves this weekend…}


Head scarves are all over the place right now.  There are about a million different ways to rock them, and I’m telling you, just about anyone can pull one off.  Seriously.  It’s really the perfect accessory to throw on while on vacation or after a yoga class.  They are fun, and a tiny bit flirty, but hide messy hair.  What more could a girl ask for?  Keep in mind this trend has been around off and on since the 30’s, so you’re not reinventing the wheel…just upping your style ante a bit.

Personally, my favorite way to wear a head scarf is like a super-wide headband with an off center bow or knot.  The trick to pulling this look off is to have a lot of hair.  Seriously.  The bigger and messier, the better.  I like to leave mine tousled and wavy (sometimes I don’t even brush it!), or piled on top of my head in a messy bun.  No fear if you don’t have a lot of hair!!  We have options for you too!

{Image credits: Valentine / Keiko / ban.do / molto}

If you’re more daring, the classic turban is a perfect way to hide away all of your hair.  This is a great option for those of you with a short ‘do.  Since I have just the opposite issue (too much hair!) I like to twist in the turban and then braid my hair loosely and pull it to the side.  100 Layer Cake and Framboise Fashion both have great tutorials on how to tie up one of these on your own!

{Image credits: Urban Outfitters / Hanneli/Karla’s Closet / Karen Walker}

Or maybe, if you’re like me, and a bit clumsy with all the twisting and knotting it takes to create a turban, you can cheat a little, and opt for one of these easy knitted pieces.

Free People/Late Afternoon/ASOS

A few final tips to get you on the road to this trend:

  • Keep the hair messy.  Pretty, but messy – looking too “done” kills the spontaneity of this style.
  • Keep the outfit easy and breezy.  Lots of attention is going straight to your head (err, literally) so keep everything else simple.
  • If you have bangs or shorter hair, pull a few pieces in front of the scarf.  If not, pull the scarf down low, so it hits just a bit above the brow line.
  • And above all, don’t overthink it!  A little imperfection never hurt anyone, and a too-perfect scarf just doesn’t work.

Happy scarf-tying!!  ~ Kim B.

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buyer’s buys: basic boutique (and an exclusive discount!)

wow, that is some serious title alliteration…but i digress.  we’re test-driving a new feature here at SMC, in which we ask buyers at our favorite shops to tell us what they’re lusting after this season.  i love getting a new perspective from time to time, and there’s no better source than the people that get to see absolutely everything out there, and are then forced to narrow their picks to a very select few.

today’s “buyer’s buys” is with the lovely andrea denes of basic boutique.  basic is one of my favorite stops to check out established favorites like madison marcus and loeffler randall, as well as new faces like lorick and castle starr.  the online-only boutique has recently gotten loads of fab press, but i love being able to say i knew them when!  anyway, without further adieu, these are a few of andrea’s fave picks for fall:

Ulla Johnson Edith Blouse – This blouse is absolutely gorgeous and super lightweight so you can start wearing it now! The print is unique yet subtle, and will be the perfect compliment under a cardigan or vest this fall!

Velvet Sarill – Using a Rachel Zoeism…”I’d die”. Yep, that basically sums up this little number by Velvet. The fit, color, and need I mention price are all just dead on!

Vena Cava Casio Tank – Vena Cava is known for their unique prints, and this one doesn’t miss the mark. The cut of this tank is flirty and feminine, but the zipper front gives it just the right amount of edge. Perfect for layering under fall jackets.

Dorothy Lee Cardigan – Well, we obviously know sweaters and fall go hand in hand, but this one is actually making me look forward to cold weather! I plan to make this sweater my fall uniform, along with my skinny jeans and brown high boots.

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag Mini – We’re no strangers to this staple bag by Rebecca Minkoff, but I’m obsessing over the neutral hued color of this season’s MAB mini!  The perfect compliment to those fall jackets and sweaters!

Loeffler Randall Ruffle Collar Jacket – If you’re looking for a statement piece to invest in this season, then you’ve found it.  This gorgeous jacket by Loeffler Randall can be dressed up OR down, the color goes with everything, and it looks amazing on.  Can we say “necessary!”?!

no big shock that we’re in love with every one of andrea’s picks.  if you are too, she’d like to help you score some of these fab digs. just use code CardioTop5 to save 20% sitewide (that includes sale items, folks!).  work those credit cards now…the code expires sunday.  and of course, let us know what you end up bringing home!

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