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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! I’m feeling kind of thoughtfully, intentionally slow this spring morning, so I hope you’ll forgive a little brain wandering in today’s FF.

First things first: let’s talk deals. I happen to know that Kate SpadeVince and Cole Haan are all having their Friends & Family promos this weekend, and they’re doozies. I have all the details up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds…so much easier to keep you updated on all the best steals in real time. Read on

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vogue’s sneak peek: missoni for target

I’ve been chatting with a few of you on Facebook about the new photos in August’s Vogue of the Missoni for Target collaboration, and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s so excited about it! This has been one of the most secretive designer collabs for Target in ages, and after this exclusive peek, I can see why. I’m utterly in love with each and every item, from the outfit Margherita is wearing in the photos to the zigzag trays on her dining table. It’s all total Missoni nirvana, and I couldn’t resist sharing a few scans to whet your shopping appetites!

It’s all classic, vintage Missoni – and, while I haven’t seen pieces in person yet, it seems they’ve managed to take the best, most iconic images from the brand and reinterpret them without robbing them of their specialness. Even the clothing is spot-on – I’m not a miniskirt girl as a rule, but there is an exception ready to be made here. And speaking of exceptions, I haven’t ridden a bike in 15 years, but I’m going to be first in line for this one.

Scans by me; content and images © Vogue, August 2011; Photography by Pascal Chevallier

Obviously, you need to go buy this issue of Vogue to get a better look – but this should get us all started on our wishlists.

What do you think? Should we all have a Shopping’s My Cardio camp-out party at Target the night before the collection debuts on September 13?

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DIY, couture-style

i absolutely love the look of this dries van noten blazer from the august issue of vogue, but at $1,300, it’s unlikely i’ll ever even see it in person, let alone own it.  but ever since i spotted it, i can’t help wondering just how hard it would be to recreate on a budget.

dries blazer-aug 10 vogue

image from vogue, august 2010

i’m envisioning a thrifted (or otherwise cheaply obtained) camel or tweed blazer (i found dozens on etsy), maybe a size or two larger than you’d normally wear.  take it to your trusty tailor, along with this photo, and just ask for three exaggerated accordion pleats on either side, right above the pockets, to create that sharp definition at the narrowest part of your waist (you’ll want a larger size jacket to allow for space to create those pleats).

you’ll also probably want the shoulders taken in just a bit, and maybe even need the sleeves narrowed a bit – since the rest of the jacket was purposely too large, you’ll want those sleeves trimmed up to fit you properly.  and, assuming it’s an old-style, two-button blazer, feel free to have her add a third button and buttonhole to make it a perfect three-button blazer.

it’s major reconstructive surgery, i’ll grant you, but i think you could get it done for $50-75 (much cheaper if you don’t need the shoulder/sleeve work done).  add on the $25 you spent for the blazer in the first place, and you have a serious style fix for under $100 (original will set you back nearly $1,300).  not bad when you consider the thousand ways you’ll find to wear your creation.

now to nab that slouchy grey sweater underneath…

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vegan chic from olsen haus

ever since i saw cameron diaz wearing these lovely sandals in the april vogue, i’ve been pretty obsessed with them – well, with the whole perfectly summer look, really.  and, since it’s the first pair of vegan shoes i’ve ever really fallen for, i figured this was a great chance to prove i actually can be eco-conscious sometimes (apparently, as long as it involves absolutely no sacrifice on my part).

photo courtesy vogue magazine, april 2009

it’s taken me this long to finally track down these sweet goliath sandals, but designer olsen haus finally has a website!  at $99, these are such a great, reasonable option for a chic sandal (if not quite a ‘cheap thrill’).  i absolutely love the blend of black and tan leather stacked on the vamp, and the geometry of the ankle straps.  it’s definitely one of my favorite sandals of the season.

if you’re one of my eco-friendly readers, olsen haus is definitely a go-to for chic vegan styles.  they have a few great options ahead for fall too (though some are a bit over the top, i have to admit).  but i love this blue faux-suede pump and, naturally, this magenta flat.

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random friday frills

it’s going to be a lazy friday, i can already tell (this could be because it’s 10:30, and i’ve only just gotten around to throwing on my yoga pants).  with the three-day weekend looming, something tells me you’re all feeling a little lazy today too…am i right?  

as a countermeasure, i thought i’d put together a few of the ultra girly things i’ve been craving this week – nothing makes me sit up straight and cross my ankles faster than a few ruffles and frills.  and hey, if you can’t live it, at least you can love it from a distance.


shopjake.com is one of my favorite fashion browsing destinations – i’m practically a groupie for their buyer.  don’t all of these frills and ruffles just make you feel warm and fuzzy?  i love the idea of wearing any of these with some distressed denim and a flat metallic sandal – just the thing for flawless summer chic, don’t you agree?


speaking of girly goodness, artist jen corace has just released a few new prints at art star.  i tweeted my favorite yesterday, but here it is again, just because i’m so, so, so in love with it.  sigh!

and last but not least, if you haven’t yet caught the anna wintour interview from 60 minutes, it’s well worth your 12 minutes.  i don’t care what the haters say, i heart vogue, and i heart anna wintour.  if you do too, i suspect you’re also going to love in vogue.  it’s a pretty fascinating look at the magazine’s history, and includes reprints of all of their best photo shoots and covers.  really stunning, and worth it for the annie leibowitz alice in wonderland shoot alone.

sigh…mission accomplished.  all of this girly-ness has me wanting to go paint my nails.  happy weekend, everyone!  i hope there is a barbecue, a beach and/or a picnic in your immediate future.

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the scoop on fashion week: fall ’09

(photo from feb ’09 vogue, taken with my less-than-perfect iphone camera)

for those that aren’t aware, fashion week for fall ’09 officially began yesterday.  but rather than completely exhaust myself trying to keep you all up to date on every show happening this week, i’m going to direct you to a couple of sources i love for up-to-the-moment coverage of the shows, the trends, and the gossip:  new york magazine’s “the cut” blog and fashion week daily.  

along the way, if really wonderful things cross my path, i’ll be sure to share…and you can definitely count on a fall trends roundup from me early next week, to save you the hours of combing through fashion show stills. plus, if you subscribe to my ‘shared posts’ over on google readeri’ll be linking to my favorite bryant park posts all week.

but for this week, i’m going to spend more time on spring trends – hopefully, you’ll find that a little more helpful while the weather’s just finally getting warm enough that i can imagine a day when my boots will go back into storage.

i’ve been meaning to share this gorgeous photo from february’s vogue (page 146, if you’re following along in your hymnal).  for me, this shot embodies everything i’m looking for in spring fashions this year.  mismatched but still polished, and very pattern-heavy, but in a unique way.  look for unusual florals (dark or bright backgrounds instead of pastels, abstracts, and a resurgence of liberty prints), light and airy plaids, ikat, ruffles, and more of that fabulous bold, chunky jewelry that was so hot last fall.  also, the waist is back, in a big way – great news for those of you with hourglass figures.  the hats are optional, but the message is clear:  the more accessories, the better.

stay tuned for more hot spring trends, as always…and we’ll chat fall once bryant park has had its say.

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item of the day: vintage ‘vogue’ covers


a friend (thanks, M) has alerted me to the coolest thing i’ve seen in a while. apparently conde nast has discovered yet another way to make money…but i’m more than willing to contribute, because i think it’s a fabulous idea. they’re letting you order prints of vintage magazine covers – they have several to choose from, but my favorite (of course) are the vintage vogue covers. they’re just gorgeous! they remind me of the days when magazine covers really were like a work of art, and weren’t crammed with headlines like “100 brand new sex tips” and “how to sculpt your abs in 6 easy steps”. ah, they were simpler times….LOL.

my personal faves are the covers from the 1920s – to me, that’s when fashion really turned into an ‘art form,’ and design ruled. the cover above is from 1924. but i also love this one from 1919, and this one from 1931 just screams henri matisse, one of my favorite artists of all time – i adore it!

you can buy 20 notecards for $30, a 7×10 print for $125 and a 16×22 print for $250, including matting. a frame will run you another $100. but they’ll look just amazing on your wall…seriously, i want at least 5 of them.

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