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valentines worth hearting: for him (slightly NSFW)

i have heard from so many of you this year, begging for help with what seems to be the hardest task of all:  finding a valentine’s day gift for the man in your life.  and i fully admit, it is tricky.  after all, a holiday built on pink hearts and flowers doesn’t exactly scream testosterone.  the key, i think, is to let go and admit that valentine’s day is largely a girl holiday.  with that in mind, stop taking your guy’s gift quite so seriously.  he’ll be much happier getting something that’s sweet, funny and somehow involves you being naked.

i asked my hubs what the perfect gift for a guy was for valentine’s day, and well, his response can’t safely be printed.  but, his point is well taken.  find a cheeky valentine’s day card (my absolute favorites this year are these pun-ny versions from etsy seller westmama, who also happens to be a dear friend!), tie it to a can of whipped cream or a box containing the lacy negligee of your choice (since lingerie gifts really are for him anyway), and make sure you include an explicit proposition or two.  trust me, he’ll never notice (or care) that his gift cost you less than $5.

when in doubt, i tend to err on the side of corny when it comes to men’s valentines – pink champagne and scented candles just aren’t going to cut it.  urban outfitters has some fabulous guy-friendly ideas, but this box of candy hearts from urban outfitters ($8) is my absolute favorite.  it’s funny, just a little sentimental, and guaranteed to make you the coolest girlfriend/wife around.  especially if you pair it with a set of furry handcuffs.  (no, seriously.)

if you’re looking for something a little higher end, another favorite gift of mine for v-day is a really excellent bottle of his favorite liquor.  no, this does not mean champagne.  pick something he loves, and drinks when he’s celebrating.  a great single malt scotch, perhaps, or a fabulous tequila.  this works with nearly any price point – just get the best you can afford.

last but not least, i think guys sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to delivered gifts.  how much do you love seeing the florist show up at your office?  sending flowers isn’t the answer,  but try sending a batch of baked goods straight to his desk.  it’s creative, shows you care, and in almost every case, the way to your man’s heart really is through his stomach.  my absolute favorite for gifting are the round brownies from sugardaddy’s bakery in columbus…the flavor options are unbelievable, they’re gorgeous to look at, and they can be on his desk within 24 hours!

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