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gift guide: woonwinkel’s finds for the modern family

{Editor’s Note: This gift guide was sponsored by my friends at Woonwinkel, but the picks are entirely mine. Thank you so much for supporting the businesses that support SMC!} family gifts

You remember Woonwinkel, right? That gorgeously modern home and accessories store in Portland (and online), filled with treasures I don’t see anywhere else – which, in my line of work, is really saying something. Every year, they’re one of my first stops for gifts, and one of the first places I look to fill out my own wish list. So, when they asked if I’d like to come up with a few gift picks from their store and share them with you? You can imagine how long it took me to agree.

The thing that always surprises me about Woonwinkel is how affordable most of their pieces are. Sure, you can splurge, but if you check out this list, you’ll see that nearly everything I’ve picked is under $60 – definitely a steal in gifting parlance. Plus, they really do have something for the whole family, so you can get your shopping done in one spot – and support a home-grown business while you’re at it! And PS: if anyone’s looking for a gift for me, that iPhone case and the brass paperweights are just my size. Ooh, and the ostrich pillow…

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phoned-in friday

Friends, I have literally shopped until I dropped. Two separate trips to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and a third one on the way (I like to take the Hubs in separately, lest he see the full extent of the damage I do solo). On trip #2, I managed to throw my back out while wrestling myself into a silk shirt that was mislabeled as a M (it was an XS, I swear it was). Talk about cardio!

{Why do I do this to myself? The thing is, while the Sale’s not packed with pieces that are particularly “exciting”, it is chock full of workhorses. Truly, the pieces I buy this week are the ones I wear nonstop all fall and winter. Are you the same way?} 

So, as I sit here with a heating pad on my back until my painkillers kick in, I’ll leave you with a few links worth investigating.

  • Janna Conner, one of my very favorite jewelry ladies, is offering 40% off sitewide through 7/17 with code SU13 (only 20% off the fine jewelry). I just got her beautiful lapis coin earrings, and it was all I could do not to order these ones too. Her quality is outstanding, and her prices are amazing – especially now.
  • My sweet friends at Woonwinkel in Portland are having their annual summer sale, and it starts today. If you’re into modern design, you’ll most definitely want to take a look. I really, so badly, want this knitted basket. And remember that gorgeous clock from my house redo? Half off, baby! 
  • I don’t care what anyone says, I think these gladiator sandal/boot things are just terrible. Am I alone?
  • Really feeling all of the relaxed, easy weekend wear in this post. If only the rest of us could make rumpled look so chic. 
  • I’ve been Insta-crazy this week – you should definitely check it out. If nothing else, you’ll get a peek at my newly-revamped shoe closet (also known as: proof that I may need to buy something other than ballet flats) and the cutest dog on the planet

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I’ll see you back here on Monday, with an exciting new collaboration to tell you about. You’re going to love it!

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get gifting: mother’s day

I was lucky enough to end up with one of the very best moms (no, don’t even try to argue!). So, I really look forward to scouring the WWWs each year for the best Mother’s Day gifts my fictional fortune can buy. Some of these are splurges I only dream of treating my mom to, but others are so inexpensive ($4!) and so thoughtful (flowers!), it’s a snap to show her how fantastic I think she is. Read on

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! This week’s finds are a little (okay, entirely) home-slanted…perhaps because I’m in the midst of redecorating! I’ll be sharing the whole process with you next month, but for now, here’s a little taste:

My design guru at Manor (hi, Shannon!) is helping me stretch my style boundaries a bit, and it’s working. This lighted ampersand (from a vintage carousel sign) is so not in the design plan, but I still think it’s fantastic. At 2 feet tall, it makes an insane impact in a room, making it a total steal at $205.

I’m suddenly finding myself drawn to bold, modern pieces that still have that crisp, clean vibe I’m after. This bowl from woonwinkel (another amazing local design store) is made of neoprene! It’s so sculptural and fun (and would be the perfect place to stash remote controls).

But then, I can’t resist going back to my heart of hearts, which always lies in France. Serena & Lily just launched a gorgeous new outdoor collection, and my hands-down favorite pieces are these Parisian bistro chairs. Oh, how I long to put a set of these on my new deck!

I’ve had kind of an inexplicable craving for wind chimes ever since we moved…specifically these gorgeous ones from Pigeon Toe Ceramics (right here in Portland!). If you’re looking for a housewarming gift for me, I’ll take the aqua, please.

And then, of course, there’s my weekly Pinterest pick. Isn’t this the most divine home office you’ve ever seen? Sigh…someday.

{Photo by François Halard for Vogue, via this is glamorous}

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! And if anyone spots a non-hideous recliner out in the world, please pass a link along to me, won’t you? Desperate times over here, friends.

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