A brazenly co-opted line from a favorite show (if you remember it, we’re going to get along swimmingly), Shopping’s My Cardio is the grown-up girl’s guide to life with style. Sometimes that means the stuff money can buy, but more often we’re talking about the big picture: work, travel, design, relationships, the highs and lows of the real world. Whatever your life looks like, wrinkles and all, SMC is here to help you live it with style and substance. Come on in, kick your shoes off and have a glass of wine.

So, why listen to me? Fair question.

I’ve been writing about style, design and life in general for going on 20 years now – for magazines, newspapers, websites… anyone who would listen, really. I’ve also had a pretty unorthodox career path that’s taken me from journalism through politics, law, public relations and beyond. If a JD even marginally qualifies you to do it, chances are I’ve given it a go.

These days, in addition to being a wife, crazy dog lady and professional strategist, I’m also that person you call when you’re utterly flummoxed and need someone to take you by the hand, point you in the right direction, and maybe even give you a swift kick down the path. Ask my friends: I’m their personal Judge Judy, but my advice usually comes with cocktails.

Got a question about life, style or anything in between? Hit me up – I promise to write back, as long as you’re nice.

About Me: Since you asked. I’m Becki J. Singer. I’m a recovering attorney, writer and bossypants advice-giver who started out in rainy Portland before moving to sunny San Francisco. I launched SMC in June 2006 (at the urging of my husband, who was probably just tired of hearing me expound on the virtues of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).

In addition to SMC, I’ve written for numerous online and print publications. I’m the shopping editor for Zagat Portland, an erstwhile lifestyle expert at iVillage, and a contributor at places like Trulia, Design*SpongeAbout FaceDiabloOregon HomeThe Daily Obsession and Mankind, to name a few.

When I’m not watching Downton Abbey, I provide copywriting and marketing strategies, helping businesses I love find and keep their dream customers. I also do a bit of personal styling and gift-buying for a well-heeled cadre of clients across the country. Want my help? Knew it! Drop me a line, why don’t you?

Editorial Policy: I take my opinions seriously, and I take your time and money seriously too. So while I do sometimes get freebies for review at SMC, trust me when I tell you that I’m a picky, picky girl, and you cannot buy my stamp of approval for the price of a free lip gloss (not even the really fancy kind).

Disclaimer: In case it’s not clear, SMC is chock full of strong opinions. Things I love, things I hate, things I love to hate…. But all of those opinions are just that: opinions. While I do some pretty obsessive research, and try to present things as accurately as possible, you shouldn’t take a single word I say as gospel truth. You should always have opinions of your own.

Privacy: We, the editorial board of SMC (cough…), hereby solemnly swear to never, ever, ever sell or give your email address, name, or cup size to anyone. Ever. We also promise not to spam you…nothing irks like innocently giving someone your email, only to be deluged with ads for weight loss pills. We’d never do that to you. If we ever do use your email address, it will be SMC, not some third-party bot. We might drop you a line to respond to a question or comment you left, let you know if you won some sort of prize (yahoo!) or possibly, someday, let you know about something very major going on at the blog. (Trust me, we’ll have to get much more organized before anything like that happens.)

Advertising: Absolutely! If you think your brand would be a great fit for SMC readers, we should talk.

Get In Touch: You know you want to. editor [at] shoppingsmycardio [dot] com