editor’s picks: nordstrom anniversary sale 2017

Well, friends – it’s that time! Early Access (ie, for Nordstrom cardholders) to the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts right now! And though I’m a rare bird around here these days, I couldn’t dream of shopping the #NSale without you. And so! My Photoshop skillz may have faded, but my notoriously picky eye for bargains has not. So, please forgive my snooze-worthy autobot collage and just dive right on into my picks. 

As usual, the jackets are fantastic – I went in looking for statement layers to up my jeans-and-tees game, and made out like a bandit (see below). Once again, bags are lackluster, but your perennial fave Longchamp expandable Le Pliage tote is back. No Burberry trench this year, but there are some much more fashion-forward options from Burberry in its place. A few new excellent bras were added to the #NSale roster, but none of my favorite undies made the cut (sob!). And shoes…there are boots galore, the usual staples from AGL and Aquatalia, and more than a few slip-on sneakers that are well worth snagging at #NSale prices. 

On top of these goodies, of course, I’ll be doing my annual stock-up on Smartwool socks, Hanky Panky thongs, Nordstrom’s awesome fragrance-free lingerie wash (and yeah, probably a new wash bag while I’m at it), and Zella yoga pants, which thankfully seem to be back to normal after last year’s icky fabric debacle.

What am I skipping? Shoes, for the most part – this one was a disappointment, as I really came to play this year. But other than those Blondo booties and a pair of Nike slip-ons, I mostly struck out on shoes this year. And, with the notable exception of that yummy Nordstrom Signature cashmere and the Vince elbow-sleeve tunic, no sweaters were really making my heart sing. I’m skipping denim this year due to a serious overstocking problem…well, except for a pair of those deep olive Rag & Bone Dre jeans, which are too perfect to pass up. 

What about you, friends? What couldn’t you resist? I’m dying to see what you’ve found so far


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3 comments on “editor’s picks: nordstrom anniversary sale 2017

  1. Kendra

    So far I haven’t even been able to sign in–I keep getting an error message.! GAH! I did take a quick peek via the app when I got up, I will admit, and was pleased to see the Munro Jolynn boots I’ve had my eye on are there.

    I’m really excited to check out your picks. That Halogen shell looks like a terrific workhorse, and the Helene Berman blazer looks very cute! I could use a pair of Friday work sneakers so I’ll be looking for those, too.

    Bummer about the lack of great shoe and sweater picks!

    More when I can see what I won’t be able to resist!

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    K: Yeah, I’m seeing some technical difficulties this morning too. It was running fine last night, but they must be on overload. I’ll keep checking on it!

  3. Kendra

    I am officially forgiving them for the website troubles since I got the 10x points offer! Nothing I want is sold out (yet), so I switched up my plans to shop in store this weekend and will make a quick stop tonight instead, plus I had some not-available-in-store stuff shipped.

    In addition to the Munro Jolynn boot, I’m trying these sneakers.

    I’ve gotten a lot of good wear out of a Vince top from last year’s sale, so I’m trying this one and this one this year.

    Curious to see what the Halogen cardigan is like this year. I don’t love the pockets but do like the shorter length compared to last year.

    I’ll see what jeans grab me in store, and whether any other sweaters stand out. Nothing else I’m dying to get my paws on, but you never know.

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