sneak peek: 2017 nordstrom anniversary sale catalog + early access!

It’s been absolutely ages, friends – I’ve missed the bejeezus out of you! But I couldn’t let our favorite time of year – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – go by without notice, now could I?

So! Here’s what I know so far about the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

Presale begins July 13 for all Nordstrom cardholders (if you’re a fancy Level 4 cardholder, you can shop July 12, in store only). Typically, that means that you can shop online as of 12:01 AM, PDT, on July 13.

The Sale opens to the general public on July 21, again at 12:01 AM. And the Sale ends (meaning prices go back up to regular retail!) on August 6. For more deets on the hows and whys, I’ve spelled it all out right here.

The goods: If you’re itching for an early peek at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog (direct links to the catalog are in teeny tiny print on the left sidebar of that page), you know I’ve got your back! And PS: when you take a look through and start to worry that you haven’t found enough goods to thoroughly burn through your retirement savings, don’t fret: for the last few years, the catalog has been lackluster, but the goods that weren’t in the catalog end up being the highlights. So, have faith!

I haven’t quite worked out whether I’ll do my usual “Editor’s Picks” story this year, or whether I’ll share my faves on social media instead. The mystery! The intrigue! The indecision! Just watch this space…I solemnly swear you’ll be the first to know just as soon as I have favorites to report. In the meantime, what are you hoping to find in your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale stocking this year? New denim? Boots? Or are you excited to stock up on old faves, like Hanky Panky thongs and Zella leggings? Tell me all your hopes and dreams (you know, shopping-wise), and I’ll be on the lookout! Me? I’m hoping for a super-chic statement jacket to up my tired tee-and-jeans game. And though I have more ankle boots than any person needs, I’d dearly love to find a pair I can actually walk in.

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13 comments on “sneak peek: 2017 nordstrom anniversary sale catalog + early access!

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  11. Katherine

    YAY! Glad to see you back. You have never steered me wrong on Anniversary picks. I hope you’ll be doing a round up this year! I miss your blog.

  12. Kendra

    Hah, glad to know I wasn’t the only one watching this space and hoping for an update on this year’s sale! I’ve love the round up in past years too, and always find things I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.

    Wishlist: my ankle boots from last year have all held up really well, which either means I should continue buying Franco Sarto…or that I’m set for this year. Harrumph. Denim, as usual, since it’s my corporate uniform. Tops to break up the denim monotony! And something else for fun, just not sure what….

    Looking forward to seeing your faves, whether here or elsewhere!

  13. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Katherine, you completely made my day just now. Thank you so much for those sweet words – I miss you all too! I’ll keep you posted on my Sale finds…and just in case my Photoshop skillz are too rusty, you’re following me on social, right?

    Kendra, you’re awfully good for my ego 🙂 I’m with you – I’m still amazed at how well my Sam Edelman boots have held up! But putting a new pair into rotation will just help ensure your current faves last another year. And I’m crossing my fingers we’ll see some good denim and a few fun tops to throw into the mix!

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